Sunday, March 30, 2008

Girls with Guns

Baby for sale on Craig's list

PORTLAND, OR. - This story will make almost any parent sick. An Oregon couple tries to sell their child on Craig's list for one thousand dollars, so they can buy meth. The picture shows the baby in a diaper, covered in food or mud.

Curve: The loveliest distance between two points

Wine + Snake = Medicine

Pair of kittens chases 200-pound bear up a tree

A 6-foot, 200-pound bear has been perched high above a Central Florida neighborhood for hours on Friday after it was chased up a tree by 6-month-old kittens.
"(The bear) was out looking for a place to live and got startled and took refuge in the tree," Florida Fish and Wildlife worker Tom Shupe said.

"(The kittens) had the bear just cornered at the fence and it saw the tree and just ran up the tree and has been there ever since," homeowner Jason Daniels said.
Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have been called to the scene to determine what to do with the bear, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Six pack Abs

Bus shelters with built in Star Wars LightSabers

TV Network Spike have installed these great bus shelters around NYC complete with 4 sabers sandwiched between the glass with instructions to “Use only in case of Sith” or bad tempered bus drivers. This one was shot at West 34th Street and Eighth Avenue.
Whether its still there today is anyone’s guess…

Picking up an impossible 2 lane split in bowling

Small Bits of News

What’s for dinner? “DRUGS”
CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - A drug deal became dinner for one Port Charlotte man. The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office arrested 22-year-old Gregory Pascal after he allegedly sold drugs to officials, then chewed up the evidence. "We searched the vehicle and both persons and found nothing, so we assumed that he tried to make lunch out of his drug buying money," says Bob Carpenter of the Sheriff's Office. Detectives found the drug money, about a hundred dollars, mixed with marijuana in Pascal's mouth. He and a woman driving his car were both charged and transported to the Charlotte County Jail.
Kevin said...
Oh my GOD!
You'd better lock that dangerous criminal up right away.
"Don't worry. This is my science project."
NEW YORK (AP) - A college student has apologized for causing a scare on a subway train when his science project short-circuited and started smoking in his backpack. Gregory Kats, 29, said the device was just a model of an elevator's inner workings. But it frightened riders. Kats said he tried to reassure his fellow passengers that it was a school project - not a bomb - but people scrambled for the exits. The box he was holding had a small battery, wires and a motor. "They were panicking, and I realized their fear," an apologetic Kats said. He said he tried to disassemble the contraption on the platform even as he reassured riders, "Don't worry. This is my science project." Kats was questioned by police and later released. Kats is a computer engineering student at the New York City College of Technology. "I'm very sorry for what happened."
Town Put Itself Up for Sale 5 Years Ago, Still Hasn't Found Buyer
MONSE, Wash. — Juli Doty had big plans for the little ghost town of Monse, just north of Brewster.
A Wenatchee Realtor, Doty listed the entire town for sale five years ago.
She knew the town's owners Donna and Fritz Van Doren and they asked her to sell it for them when they moved from Monse to East Wenatchee.
It was a sweet deal: $575,000 for 60 acres that included seven houses, an old schoolhouse, a general store and post office, all platted into 100 parcels for anyone who wanted to remake their own little town.
School Security Officer Tasers 11-Year-Old Girl
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida elementary school student was tasered Thursday after punching a school security officer during a fight.
The incident began when teachers at the Moss Elementary School in Orange County confronted an 11-year-old girl for allegedly attempting to push another student into ongoing traffic outside the campus.
Authorities say the young female ignored the teacher and walked inside the homeroom, where she was again approached by teachers over her behavior. The student responded by throwing a desk and chair and attempting to spit on the instructor.
Donna Hudepohl, a school resource officer called to remove the troubled girl from the classroom, was allegedly pushed and punched in the face during a struggle to restrain her.
Hudepohl responded by tasering the girl.
The student was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, disrupting a school function as well as resisting with violence and is being held at the juvenile detention center.
Anonymous said...
It sounds like she earned it. She was out of control, a danger to hrself and others. What else should the officer have done?