Monday, November 19, 2007

Harmless Prankster

Guys take a "Good Look" at our butts

Orgasm Ringtone Prank

These guys keep changing their friends’ ringtone to a woman having an orgasm then call him in socially awkward situations. Dude put it on vibrate!

An elephant playing darts In Thailand.

Try this Thanksgiving quiz.


Halloween year around


It's Alive


Having kittens: Rabbit adopts new feline family
When veterinary nurse Melanie Humble took home a litter of kittens, she expected her cat Ellie to show some interest.
Instead it was her rabbit Summer who quickly developed a bond with the baby felines. Although only five-months-old, Summer has shown remarkable patience with the frisky five-week-old kittens, and lets them snuggle close to her.

Summer the rabbit is mobbed by her new brood of kittens
"I brought Summer inside on bonfire night because I was worried about her being scared by fireworks," Melanie said.
"I did wonder how she would get on with the kittens tearing around the house, but she has been really great.
"I think they think she's their mum. She's a big, fat rabbit and she just sits there quite happily and lets them climb all over her. It is lovely to see them all together."
The kittens had been abandoned by their mother and were brought into the veterinary branch in Aberdeen where Melanie works. Melanie agreed to foster them until they reached eight-weeks-old. They were too small to feed themselves so Melanie has been giving them a special formula through a syringe every two to three hours.
"It's a bit of a full-time job," said Melanie.
"Wherever I go, the kittens have to go, too, but they're lots of fun."



French man cooks up world's largest barbecue

A French cook has prepared the world's largest barbecue -- spit-roasting a 550-kilo (1,213-pound) camel for 15 hours at a seaside Moroccan town south of Rabat.

Two dudes fight during rush hour on highway

It wasn't caused by roadrage

'Mad Rooster' Disease Linked To Tainted Chinese Feed

DES MOINES, IA - The recent outbreak of 'Mad Rooster' disease that is ravaging the Midwest has been linked to tainted feed from China. Traces of sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Viagra®, has been found in 90% of the chicken feed tested. Officials say the finding may explain many of the symptoms displayed by the infected birds.
"Farmers first noticed that the roosters crow ceaselessly through the night." said Lloyd Gristmueller, Extension Agent from the Iowa Department of Agriculture. "As the disease progresses, the roosters will break into the henhouses and terrorize the other chickens. Some of the reports have gotten pretty ugly."
'Mad Rooster' disease first appeared in Iowa three months ago, and has since spread to sixteen states. Farmers say the bands of infected chickens wreak such havoc in the barnyard that their livelihoods are being threatened. "I've tried everything, but I just can't keep them out [of the henhouse]." said Francis Hurst, local chicken farmer. "They tore down an iron gate I had locked with a chain. And now the hens are tired all the time and losing weight. They won't lay eggs; they just lie around and sleep all day. Some of them can't even walk."
Officials are uncertain if the tainted feed causes 'Mad Rooster' disease or just aggravates the rooster's condition. Also unclear is whether the sildenafil citrate occurs naturally in the Chinese feed or if it is added intentionally. "I don't think the Chinese would have anything to gain by drugging our chickens." said Gristmueller. "But I can see why they might want to get that stuff out of their country; they've got a billion people already."

There's a trap ahead

This is in Eastern Europe, where the truckers have been warned there's a checkpoint ahead.
So they take whatever action was necessary to avoid going that way.

Ouch - Don't try this @ home

Small Bits of News

Man drinks 5.5 ounces of Tabasco sauce in 30 seconds
A Tea man may be the owner of new world record. Levi Johnson drank 5.5 ounces of Tabasco sauce in 30 seconds at the Sports Page bar and grill tonight in Tea in an attempt to break a record in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Johnson, an employee of the Sports Page, bested the current record of 5.07 ounces by drinking nearly three bottles of the chili sauce. Johnson was one of three competitors tonight. An attempt to break a jalapeño chili-eating record on Tuesday failed, but an attempt to break the continuous karaoke singing record is in its fifth day. Naatjes plans to keep the singers going for 240 strait hours.
The bar will attempt to break the world record for most custard pies thrown in one minute at 7 p.m. Thursday. That record is currently held by talk show host Kelly Ripa. » Article here

Pain Relief
Doctors are testing the possibility of using hot sauce for pain relief in surgery.
You know you are in trouble when the anesthesiologist shows up in a Taco Bell uniform.