Thursday, July 12, 2007

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July 12, 2007

13 Hospitalized After Running With the Bulls in Spain
MADRID, Spain — Charging bulls gored seven people and seriously injured several others Thursday as this year's San Fermin festival in Pamplona served up its longest and most dangerous run yet.
Thirteen people in total were hospitalized, seven for goring and six for treatment of head injuries and other injuries, the local government said in a statement. Three were reported to be in very serious condition after undergoing operations
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Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo Reveals Alleged Blackmail Photos.,2933,289066,00.html
July 12, 2007

Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo released the photos allegedly used to blackmail her on Thursday, the day on which directors of the pageant were to decide if she can continue to wear her crown.
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Polumbo told NBC's "Today" show that the photos show her "not in a ladylike manner" and that she "felt sick to her stomach."
"I want to end this," Amy Polumbo said hours before she was to meet with pageant officials who will decide whether she will represent the Garden State in the Miss America pageant.

The pictures include one showing what Polumbo said was her boyfriend apparently biting her breast through her shirt, another of Polumbo in a limousine wearing jeans with her legs spread in the air, and another of her in what appears to be a Halloween costume dress holding two small pumpkins up to her breasts.
"It's not in a ladylike manner. I'm not a robot. I'm a human being," Polumbo said.
There were also photos of Polumbo drinking, but the 22-year-old college student said she was of legal age when they were taken.
Polumbo said she didn't think the pictures should lead to the loss of her crown but said other people might interpret them differently.
"What I think is OK, someone else's eyebrows could be raised," she said.

I Must Feel Your Boobies

What ever Prince Charles is about to do, she agrees with a smile.

All New Meaning of “BEWARE of DOG”

At 6ft 5ins (1.96m) on his hind legs, Samson must be the perfect guard dog. But to his owners, Julie and Ray Woods, of Boston, Lincolnshire, the three-year-old Great Dane-Newfoundland cross is simply a much-loved pet.
Samson - who weighs in at 125 kilograms = 275.6 pounds is being billed as "Britain's biggest dog" after scrap merchant staff who weighed him contacted the media.
Mrs. Woods says Samson has been "very unsettled" by the media interest and so she and her husband have ruled out any more photographs or filming.
She added: "He's a very placid, laid-back dog and I don't think he liked being ordered about - he just likes the quiet life." With video.

Racer Quits at Start Line