Thursday, September 13, 2007

For when women can't keep their mouth shut when riding a bike

What else do you expect from a Blonde Female?

Going for a Walk

When you are good at Photoshop

Ferrari Stretch Limo

Now here’s something very much out of the ordinary.

This unique black Ferrari 360 Modena carbon fiber stretch limousine will undoubtedly spin heads when it’s unveiled at the European Limousine and Chauffeur Show in the UK this month.
This is the fastest limo in the world according to owner Dan Cawley, the 23 feet long and the 400bhp vehicle achieves 0-60mph in less than six seconds and has a top speed of 170mph.
World’s first Ferrari stretch limousine

Small Bits of News

Toilet Museum's Unwanted Donation
A Ukrainian man has been arrested after making use of one of the exhibits at a new museum dedicated to the history of the toilet.
The museum, which opened only last week in the capital Kiev and claims to be the first of its kind in the world, has now added "Not for use" signs on all its exhibits.
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S.C. Woman Steals Car To Go Pay Ticket
A South Carolina woman may be rethinking her decision-making process after being arrested for stealing the car she drove to the courthouse to pay a ticket.
Authorities arrested Amber Helton, 21, of Manning, and another person Tuesday outside the Clarendon County judicial complex where she went to pay a traffic ticket she had received Aug. 29, the day after the car was reported stolen in Tennessee.
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Phone Screensaver Leads To Pot Bust
An Italian university student's cellphone screensaver photo got him busted on marijuana charges.
The student allegedly made the mistake of taking a picture of himself standing among a patch of marijuana plants and using it as his screensaver photo, ANSA reported Tuesday.
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Knut faking his sore paw to get attention

Berlin Zoo's polar bear superstar Knut is so lonely that he has been deliberately limping to get attention, says his keeper Thomas Dörflein, who knows the shaggy cub better than anyone.
The ruse is working: Visitors have been cooing over him and fans have been writing in from as far away as Brazil and Hawaii.
Dörflein said he had spotted Knut trotting around quite normally the previous morning when he thought he wasn't being watched. Zoo vets have x-rayed Knut's paw and found no broken bones.
They prescribed a painkiller to be mixed in with his meals in case he had just sprained it.

Arboursculpture-Giving Shapes to Trees

At first glance, they seem like fine work of some Photoshop genius, but these are for real.
The trees are not naturally like that but modified into interesting shapes, kind of reminds me of a book, Aragon, where the furniture and houses were tree's grown in to shapes

Some Disagree this is an International Bridge.

The World’s Shortest International Bridge
The island on the left is in Canada, the one on the right is in the United States.
The smaller island contains the ‘backyard’ of the house on the larger island.
The result is the shortest international bridge in the world.
That island can't belong to the US; there's not a Wal-Mart and Starbucks on it!

When Changes Are Not Good

Just For Laughs - Death

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10 Things You Better Off Not Knowing About Your Body

1. The average human body comprises enough fat to make seven bars of soap, enough iron to make a medium sized nail, enough potassium to explode a toy cannon, enough lime to whitewash a small chicken coop, enough sugar to fill a jam jar, and enough sulfur to rid a dog of fleas.
2. A complete skeleton is worth between $5,000 and $7,500 to a medical student; your skull alone would fetch only about $450.
3. Your mouth produces about one quart of saliva per day.
4. Demodex folliculorum has eight stumpy legs and a tail, is about a third of a millimeter long, and loves nothing more than to recline in the warm, oily pits of your hair follicles. Most adults have this mite, usually on the head, but especially in eyelashes. And often, they’re in nipples.
5. You have approximately 4,000 wax glands in each ear.
6. The average adult stool weighs about 4 ounces. And half of the bulk of your feces comprises the dead bodies of bacteria that live inside your intestines.
7. The average male foot exudes half a pint of sweat each day.
8. If it weren’t for the slimy mucous that clings to and lines the walls of your gut, your stomach would readily digest itself.
9. The average person will pass about 11,000 gallons of urine in a lifetime.
10. A man weighing 200 lbs. would provide enough meat to feed 100 cannibals in one sitting.

The NoPoPo Battery

Pee-Powered Battery Unveiled
Batteries that can be recharged with pee

In 45 years this man has broken every finger and both thumbs

David Morrison is anything but a safe pair of hands.
In 45 years of wicket keeping, the amateur league cricketer has broken every finger and both his thumbs. Reluctant to seek medical attention for fear of losing his place in the team, he would simply apply a bag of frozen peas and carry on playing.
Mr Morrison, a taxi driver from Scruton, suffered most of his injuries in his younger days wearing flimsy chamois leather gloves.