Monday, February 18, 2008

Girls just having fun

I want to be in the middle



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Phil Babb Cracks His Nuts

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Church says: Take the 30 day sex challenge!

Enjoy a Bikini Car Wash collection.... NSFW

Believe me, you don't want to miss a thing when Britney is working out; and it’s not Britney Spears.... NSFW
OUCH - A Slam Dunk Gone Wrong - Video
Marriage Proposal Gone Bad. - Video
You can do puzzles -- it times you and compares your time with the times of others. Click here for the puzzles.
How Many Orange Slices in an orange without unpeeling it.
Teenager wants to become organ donor
Chair that keeps its feet on ground
A cat tries to catch a fish in a frozen pond - Video

"A Tasty Burger"

Very Funny

Maury Povich Home Pregnancy Test (NSFW)

From the makers of Jerry Springer's Home Therapy Kit....

The bowl that talks to your pet......Update

The bowl that talks to your pet while you're not home
A firm has come up with a novel way to put your mind at rest: a talking food bowl that will reassure your pet with the sound of your voice.

The bowl has a built-in sensor that detects when the pet is within six inches and triggers a pre-recorded ten-second message. The makers of the product - called the ChatterBowl - claim that once animals become used to the sensor, they will deliberately set it off just to hear their master's voice.
The bowl is made by Canadian-firm Contech Electronics, which is now selling it to British pet owners for £14, plus postage. Company spokeswoman Karen Ross said: "The basic concept is to reassure your pet when it is home alone. The message should encourage your pet to eat or just make them feel comfortable. It can be anything from 'Good boy!' to 'Don't chew the sofa just because I'm not home!'."

Have you ever wonder why your tire is always flat?

A parrot deflating a bicycle tire

Small Bits of News

Woman dies trying to rescue a dead chicken.
Police get a grip on serial masturbator.
A toilet confiscated in a drug investigation yielded bags of cocaine.
'Little old lady' holds up post office.