Thursday, August 30, 2007

Small Bits of News

Police: NY Robber Refuses $10, Takes $4
A knife-wielding robber needed only $4, so he refused to take a $10 bill from his victim and waited while the man made change at a pizza parlor, police said Tuesday.
He then took the $4 and ran off, only to be captured a few blocks away, police said.
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Naked Man Hulas As Cohorts Steal Beer At MO. Convenience Store
The naked truth: Three eastern Missouri men were willing to go to extreme lengths to get some beer.
That's the accusation after an incident in the early hours of Aug. 18 at Fish's Quick Stop in De Soto. Store clerk Vicky Gaines says a masked man walked in and began doing the hula dance.
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Senior Citizens Held At Gunpoint, Robbed For Pot
Three senior citizens were held at gunpoint and robbed inside their own home. But the crooks didn't steal cash. Instead police say, they took off with their stash of medical marijuana.
63-year-old Donald Treloar was sleeping in a tent next to the medical marijuana garden he grows in the back of a Sacramento home, when he got the wake-up call of his life.
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Drug Dealing Dad Gets Up To 5 Years
A Quakertown man who took his 6-week old son along on some of his drug deals won't get to attend the boy's next few birthdays.
He'll be spending at least the next two years in state prison.
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