Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Few Funny Clips

Having a Bad Day

The wild and wacky moments from the world of sports.

Funnier Then Shit

As far as Woodpeckers goes this one got to be the biggest on record!

What's wrong with this?

Dogs catching whole fish and eating it
They are dogs and not frickin cats
Anonymous said...
This is disturbing to me.
It's like they haven't eaten in awhile but are being encouraged by their parents (owners) to eat shit. That's not Dog Food.

Placement Oops!!!

The editors of both of these needs to find a new job.

Funnier Then Shit

The expresion on the animal's face is funnier then what the kid is doing.
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There Still Endless Supply

A Chinese man has pierced his head with 2008 needles to commemorate the forthcoming Olympic Games in Beijing.

In a bizarre publicity stunt, Dr Wei Sheng pierced the decorative needles in his head, face, hands and chest in the five colors of the Olympic rings. The picture of Dr Sheng’s was taken in Nanning, Southern China, and demonstrates the patriotic fervor among the Chinese people in the build up to September’s Games. Dr Sheng's latest stunt was not the first time he had gained notoriety for sticking pins in his body.
In 2004 he secured a Guinness World Record after piercing 1790 needles into his head. Mr Sheng had planned his latest needle stunt in advance, booking a room for the Olympics in Beijing last year. In China, people with tattoos and piercings are widely frowned upon and viewed as social outcasts.

Small Bits of News

Man offends people with his B.O. forced to wash
A city magistrate has ruled that Oslo's so-called "cave man," who once lived in a pile of garbage near the city's university campus, must agree to wash himself since he's now living in a publicly funded nursing home.
He objects, and vows to take his case to Norway's supreme court.
The "cave man's" case has been brewing in the courts for months, and was sent back to the magistrate's level because of some judicial errors.
He's still insisting that he can't be forced to wash, and will only do so if he so chooses.
'Cushy' prisons see dozens trying to break in
Tens of thousands of prisoners are opting not to apply for early release amid allegations that Britain's prisons are now so comfortable that they are effectively "expensive bed and breakfasts".
Shadow ministers claim that the figures provide the first hard evidence that prisons are now so "cushy" that people would rather stay in prison than be free.
The latest figures show that 37,000 inmates eligible to be released early declined to apply for the perk between 1999 and 2006.
Between 2003 and 2008, 42 individuals were detected attempting to break into prisons.
Brazil inmate had $173K, guns, TV, fridge in cell
The luxurious lifestyle of a convict in northeastern Brazil has come to an abrupt end after police confiscated a plasma TV set, gym equipment, two pistols and cash worth $173,000 from his cell, officials said Tuesday.
Bahia's Prison Affairs Department head Jose Francisco Leite said police raided the cell Monday in a statewide crackdown on drug trafficking.
He said Tuesday authorities have ordered an investigation of how of Genilson Lins da Silva got 280,000 reals ($173,000), two .38-caliber pistols and other amenities into his cell at the Bahia's Lemos Brito Penitentiary. Silva is serving 28 years for robbery and murder and was transferred to another prison. Leite says Silva "led a posh prison life in his cell, which he occupied all by himself."
Ark. jail guard accused of smuggling drugs in food
A corrections officer who had been making frequent takeout food deliveries to the county jail was caught sneaking syringes inside tacos and marijuana under chili, authorities said.
Jordan Michael Waller, 25, tried to enter the Miller County jail with three pizzas at 3 a.m. Saturday, said Mike Liles, a county investigator. Twenty minutes later, Waller brought in what appeared to be a large bag containing chili and tacos, Liles said.
A jail sergeant became suspicious, searched the food and found marijuana that had been formed into three round patties under some chili and a couple of syringes inside tacos.
Waller was searched and found to also be carrying methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, Liles said.
Waller was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia and furnishing prohibited items into a correctional facility.
Dutch man injures his buttocks in mooning accident
Netherlands — Utrecht police say a 21-year-old Dutch man is recovering after a "mooning" that went wrong.
A police statement says the man and two others had run down a street in Utrecht with their pants pulled down in the back "for a joke."
It says that at one point the 21-year-old "pushed his butt against the window of a restaurant" that broke and resulted in "deep wounds to his butt cheeks."
The statement released Tuesday says police detained the three men after the incident Sunday morning. But the café owner decided not to press charges after the men agreed to pay for the broken window.
Happy couple gets divorce shock
HISAR: Virender Verma and Meena got the shock of their lives when a local court recently stated that the happily-together couple got a 'divorce' 10 years ago. Married in 1989 and parents of two children, the two came to know about their separation on May 26. The couple accused Virender's advocate brother for forging their divorce documents.
Man bit off friend's ear
A man who bit a friend's ear off, and then ran off and hid it, has been jailed for five years.
Robert John, 20, attacked Carl Thorpe, 26, in Pembroke Dock, after drinking cider as they watched a DVD featuring football hooligans.
Suddenly John punched Mr Thorpe to the floor before punching him again up to 20 times and then biting off all of his left ear - complete with ear ring.

Dye pack explodes in robber's pocket
Investigators said a bank robber abandoned his loot after a dye pack hidden among the stolen cash exploded in his pocket at a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., pawn shop.The Broward County Sheriff's Office said the thief walked into the pawn shop about an hour after robbing a Washington Mutual branch in the nearby city of Pompano Beach, The Miami Herald reported Tuesday.Investigators said the dye pack hidden in the envelope of about $1,500 that was stolen from the bank exploded right as the man entered the pawn shop because the business uses a security system similar to that employed by the bank."He had some bad luck," Broward Sheriff's Office Detective Frederick Anderson said. "Who would have thought that walking into a pawnshop would have set off the pack?" Police said the culprit abandoned the tainted cash and his undershirt on the pawn shop's property.