Friday, February 15, 2008

Nothing is the way it use to be,

Pizza Ordering
Want to know how to order a pizza in 2020?

Click the link and see.

Here is another version
This is so close to what is probably going to be happening in 2010 that we're not sure how funny this really is...

Operator: Thank you for calling Pizza Hut. May I have your national ID number?
Customer: Hi, I'd like to place an order.
Operator: I must have your NIDN first, sir.
Customer: My National ID Number, yeah, hold on, eh, it's 6102049998-45-54610.
Operator: Thank you Mr. Sheehan. I see you live at 1742 Meadowland Drive, and the phone number is 494-2366. Your office number over at Lincoln
Insurance is 745-2302 and your cell number is 266-2566. Email address is Which number are you calling from sir?
Customer: Huh? I'm at home. Where'd you get all this information?
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Your Number Is............

GAME - Guess your number
Pick a number from the list.
Then the little magician inside your computer guesses it.

Drunk Squirrel

Learn how to understand the nutrition label on foods in 5 simple steps

Tit Tax


If the cost wasn't enough just add Gold Leaf

Six-words to describe the USA

Here are just a few of the 1,230 mottos submitted:
Still Using Fahrenheit, Feet, and Gallons
All your oil belong to us
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Democracy
Some are more equal than others
No, we still don’t like soccer
Can’t we all just get along?
One Nation, Over Weight, Over Budget
Land of the Free (Just Kidding)
You’ll never have what we’ve got.
We know how to count!
Do you want fries with that?
What Your Country Can Do For You
God bless America! Starting with me!
One Nation. One God. Screw You.
Fatter, dumber, richer, and more free.
Let Freedom Ring (void where prohibited.)
Made in America (with foreign components)
Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton? Deja Vu?
Say what you want. We do
Not that bad. Could be better
In God we trust. Uh oh
Our Vice-President Will Shoot Yours!

Swiss company creates underwater car like James Bond's

In The Spy Who Loved Me, James Bond takes his sports car underwater, swaps his wheels for fins and fires a missile that knocks a pursuing helicopter out of the sky.
The concept car developer Rinspeed calls its "sQuba" the first real submersible car. Unlike military vehicles, which can only drive slowly on a lakebed, Rinspeed says its car can provide a stable "flight" at a depth of 10 meters.
"For three decades I have tried to imagine how it might be possible to build a car that can fly underwater," says Frank Rinderknecht, Rinspeed's 52-year-old CEO and a professed Bond fan. "Now we have made this dream come true."

Free Bike

Two engineering students were walking across a university campus when one said, "Where did you get such a great bike?"
The second engineer replied, "Well, I was walking along yesterday, minding my own business, when a beautiful woman rode up on this bike, threw it to the ground, took off all her clothes and said, "Take what you want."
The first engineer nodded approvingly and said, "Good choice; the clothes probably wouldn't have fit you anyway."

Five-seat concept car runs on air

An engineer has promised that within a year he will start selling a car that runs on compressed air, producing no emissions at all in town. The OneCAT will be a five-seater with a glass fiber body, weighing just 350kg and could cost just over £2,500. It will be driven by compressed air stored in carbon-fiber tanks built into the chassis.
The tanks can be filled with air from a compressor in just three minutes - much quicker than a battery car. The designers say on long journeys the car will do the equivalent of 120mpg. In town, running on air, it will be cheaper than that. "The first buyers will be people who care about the environment," says French inventor Guy Negre.

I Dare You To Say ................

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101 Uses For Duct Tape

When you don't have a bandaid you can use a napkin and duct tape.

When you crack your toilet seat and don't want to get your ass pinched.

When you get your window broken out.

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CAPTION THIS................

If you leave a good one
I will post it under the picture and give you credit.

Anonymous said...
Cobras! What am I supposed to do with two friggin cobras?!

Liger cub roams Russian apartment

Small Bits of News

Underwear On The Face Didn't Fool Anyone
A robbery suspect tried to hide his face with a pair of underwear but the disguise didn't fool witnesses. Police arrested Jerry Keene, 40, and Elizabeth Blankenship, 48, both of English, a short time after the pair allegedly robbed the Hillbilly Market in English Tuesday night.
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Beyond Peeping, Suspect Caught Under Bed
"I was in bed laying with my girl (and) I heard something rumbling underneath my bed. I thought it was my dog." What Jeremy Lynn heard was not a dog, but from a peeping tom who had broken in hoping to see his girlfriend naked. Click Here To Read More

Burglar Caught On Video Robbing His Grandmother's Apartment
A Bradenton man was caught in the act of burglarizing an apartment. Not only was he caught in the act by a video security camera but it was his grandmother's apartment he was robbing.
Bosnian driver so drunk he should have been dead
A Bosnian driver was so drunk that he should have been dead when arrested with a blood alcohol level 20 times the legal limit, police said yesterday."I was shocked with the alcohol test results. Most people would slip into a deep coma and die with concentration of 0.4 percent," police officer Damir Cutura said. After being warned by other drivers on Tuesday of a car zigzagging across lanes, police drove out and arrested Branko Milicevic near the southern town of Citluk. Police were shocked to see test results showing the man's blood alcohol concentration level was 0.6 percent. The legal limit in Bosnia is 0.03 percent.