Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Women demand equal topless rights

The Raelian Movement, which teaches that life on Earth was created by aliens, had its fourth-annual "GoTopless Day" protests in several U.S. cities.
GoTopless.org, founded by the movement's spiritual leader, Rael, organized protests Sunday in locations including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Women participating in the protests were urged to go topless while men were encouraged to cover their chests to illustrate the slogan, "Topless equal rights for all or none."
"It's no more ridiculous than women having to wear tops at all times in this double-standard topless battle that's being waged in public and in the courts," said Nadine Gary, a Raelian priestess and president of GoTopless.org based in Las Vegas.
"After four years, our national protests are starting to bear fruit, for a growing number of women across the country are reaching out to us. They're beginning to feel empowered by our demonstrations and the constitutional message we bring."

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Thieves’ net trout catch at fish hatchery
Someone in California has a truck load of stolen merchandise that probably is starting to stink.
State Fish and Game wardens are investigating what they believe to be the first large-scale theft from a state fish hatchery after as many as a thousand trophy-sized trout were taken from a facility near Fresno.
Workers at the San Joaquin State Fish Hatchery found the gate pried open and blood covering the floors. Department spokesman Patrick Foy says the trout were 3 years old and weighed approximately three pounds each.
The trout were part of a program paid for by fishing license fees to stock lakes for fishing enthusiasts.
Wardens are now scouring California fish markets for signs of them. Trout sells for up to $7 a pound.
Guards' Fired Over Genitals Prank
A federal judge says Franklin County officials are not responsible for the actions of two guards who fed a prisoner a bologna sandwich that had been rubbed against another inmate's genitals.
U.S. District Court Judge Gregory Frost has ruled the county, its commissioners and its late sheriff did not foster a culture of rule-breaking that encouraged the deputies to act out of line.
Court documents say two deputies were handing out bologna sandwiches in 2009 when they made an inmate put his genitals on one while they took a picture with a cell phone. They fed the sandwich to another inmate and showed him the picture.
Both deputies were fired.
One deputy pleaded guilty to health code violations. His attorney called the incident a "prank."
The other deputy wasn't charged.
Mom humiliated son in public by wearing I’m a theft sign
Residents of an Australian city said a mother forced her young son to sit in public wearing Shrek ears and a sign proclaiming him to be "a thief."
Witnesses said the boy, who appeared to be about 10 years old, spent nearly an hour sitting near a Townsville water park wearing the ears and the sign while his family ate lunch nearby,
"Do not trust me. I will steal from you as I am a thief," the boy's sign read.
Diane Mayers, said she was so "horrified" when she saw the boy that she immediately notified the Child Safety Services.
"A lot of people walked past laughing at him, including boys who would have been his age," Mayers said. "At one point, the boy had taken off the Shrek ears. My daughter walked past and heard the mother say, 'Put them back on or I'll smack your head in.'"
Mayers said she feared the long-term effects from the public humiliation would be worse than the potential effects from physical abuse.
Preteen boy named town's drag queen
British boy has been named the top drag queen at his village's annual contest after wearing women's clothes and singing pop hits for the crowd.
12-year-old Redvers Stokes of Sticker, England, beat other local men in the drag contest by doing his "Naughty Nora" persona and singing tunes including “Michael Jackson's "Thriller" for the judges.
The boy said he started wearing his mother's clothes for fun when he was young and he now frequently attends village events in women's clothes and makeup.
I think it's really funny. I've always been open to new things. I might like dressing up in women's clothes but I still like girls. It's just a little hobby of mine," Stokes said.
Organizers of the drag contest said they started the annual event two years ago when they did not find enough girls that were willing to participate in the carnival queen pageant.
The boy's mother, Georgia Stokes, 43, said she "couldn't be more proud" of her son.
"His Naughty Nora routine is very convincing. I've never been concerned. Redvers just loves being the center of attention. He has no plans to make it a career," she said.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My What !!!

John Carew
Because of a misplaced 'é' accent, his tattoo means 'My life, My menstruation'. His tat was apparently supposed to read 'My life, My rules'.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Crews clean up soggy toilet-papered river
Idaho State environment officials say crews finished removing massive rolls of unprocessed toilet paper that fell off a truck and were lodged for weeks in the upper Lochsa River.
Earlier attempts to pull out the paper was called off when it began disintegrating, creating an even bigger mess.
Department of Environmental official John Cardwell says teams yanked out the remnants last weekend when lower river flows made the work more manageable.
Crews wrapped the rolls with a reinforced mesh before they were pulled out by a tow truck.
The rolls landed in the water after the truck hauling the load along U.S. Highway 12 slid into the river. The driver was cited for inattentive driving.
Police set-up nets 22 arrests
Police put up a sign in south Gainesville to let drivers know there was a checkpoint ahead, but what was really going on was a ruse.
There was no checkpoint, just several Gainesville Police Department officers watching for drivers who saw the sign and then turned around or who appeared to throw something out of their vehicles. Those vehicles were pulled over.
Police spent nearly eight hours on the detail near the intersection of South Main Street and 16th Avenue.
“This was a ruse detail,” said Lt. David Rowe. “Officers stopped 58 vehicles and most of the 22 arrests were for felony drug charges but there were also a few people arrested on warrants.”
Police said they planned the ruse because of drug and burglary complaints in the area.
Police issued more than 100 citations at checkpoint
The Gainesville Police Department made four DUI arrests and issued more than 100 traffic citations during a roadside safety/DUI checkpoint reported Cpl. Tscharna Senn.
The checkpoint was conducted at 3300 W. University Ave. from 9:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. and involved GPD’s traffic safety team and personnel from the Alachua County Sheriff’s office, Florida Highway Patrol, University of Florida Police and the Alachua Police Department.
In addition to the DUI arrests, police made one drug arrest and one warrant arrest. They issued 88 non-moving traffic citations, 17 moving traffic citations and six criminal traffic citations. Police also issued four warnings.


Friends Alive and Dead

Every Friday night for 23 years, Zeli Rossi has traded his bed for a coffin.
Rossi tells that his weekly sleeping habit became public last month when his 14-year-old grandson wrote a story about him for his school's newspaper.
Long ago, the two promised each other that whoever died first would have his casket bought by the other. Rossi's friend bought him a coffin when he mistakenly thought Rossi had died in a 1983 car crash.
When the friend died in 1988, Rossi started sleeping in the coffin to honor his memory.
And he also kept his promise to buy the dead friend a "brand new" casket.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Man tries to use his feet as brakes

A 24-year-old Detroit-area man who tried using his feet to stop a runaway pickup truck with faulty brakes caused multiple collisions and exhibited "moronic decision making," a Roseville police official said.
After the vehicle's brakes failed on a busy street in Roseville, just north of Detroit, the man continued driving and stuck his feet outside the truck to stop it, Roseville Deputy Police Chief James Berlin said. .
Witnesses said the man reached speeds of about 40 mph and wasn’t able to stop the truck on at least two occasions. The truck eventually struck four vehicles.
He struck two vehicles after being unable to stop at a red light, and continued on. An officer who pulled next to the man's car told him to shift into "park," but that didn't work and he rolled into two other vehicles before the truck stopped.
"He said he was going to fix the brakes when he got home," Berlin said.

Cooling Off


Woman wants to be the world's fattest woman

Susanne Eman aims to balloon from 330 kg = 728 pounds to a record 730kg =1610 pounds – and beyond – by gorging on 20,000 calories a day.
The 32-year-old, who is a hit among fans of ‘super size big beautiful women’, said: ‘The bigger I get, the better I feel. I feel more confident and sexy. Why shouldn’t I push the limits and see how fat I can get and stay healthy? I’d love to find out if it’s humanly possible to reach a ton.’
The single mother of two, from Arizona, aims to hit her target weight in ten years.
She visits the supermarket once a month with sons Gabriel, 16 and Brendin, 12, and spends up to eight hours filling six trolleys.’ It’s like a full day's work,' she said.
She uses a motorized scooter, but astonishingly believes she can stay healthy.
'If I was to get sick, I've arranged for my sister to take care of my kids,' she said.
She is ‘playing Russian roulette with her life’, said GP Dr Patrick Flite.

Horn Pranks

Train Horn Pranks
Horn wired to Brake Lights
Guy mounts and blows a trains airhorn from his Durango

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wal-Mart bathroom eater jailed
While rest rooms are known as places to relieve yourself a 22-year-old man may have pioneered an alternate use. A loss prevention officer at a Wal-Mart Supercenter stated that Taylor Allen Dresia was "eating food" on the bathroom floor. Dresia's apparent picnic in the potty blocked the commode for patrons, and a store manager asked him to leave. "After a few minutes Dresia left and then returned in another entrance yelling that an employee stole something from his backpack while he was in the bathroom."
A deputy told Dresia to leave immediately. Dresia said he wasn't leaving and that he wanted to write something down. "Deputy advised Dresia not to play games and leave the store now," "Dresia again refused."
Dresia was arrested by an Indian River County Sheriff's deputy, was described as argumentative.
Deputies got Dresia, listed as homeless, out, arresting him on misdemeanor charges of trespassing after warning and resisting an officer without violence.

An Okaloosa County Sheriff's deputy spotted the man trespassing at a Destin park,
reports the Northwest Florida Daily News in Fort Walton Beach.
That's when the man, Edmund Berkeley Barksdale, tried to explain his ‘business’ to the deputy.
And the proof was in the pudding: Barksdale then reached into his shorts with his hand. When the 55-year-old man removed his hand, the deputy noted it had fecal matter on it, according to the arrest report.
Unfortunately, Barksdale isn't the only person that has faced a messy arrest.
1. Police: Woman, 73, 'defecated without warning'.She had an open bottle of vodka in a cooler in the vehicle’s back seat.
3. Loaded mom unloads -- alas, look where she decided to....
She put her unlicensed minor daughter in the driver's seat. She was too busy dumping a can of Bud Lite out the window as the cop approached.
9. Asked to leave, man urinates on bar
10. A naked man. A Taser. And feces. No happy ending here.
13. Why don't people publicly urinate at our grocery store? Oh, because we don't live in the Panhandle
15. What a load of crap! Woman busted for DUI
Man in rehab caught with child porn
Sarasota Police say a nurse caught a 55-year-old bedridden man in a rehabilitation facility with child pornography on his computer.
Detectives arrested Robert Martin, a permanent resident of Harmony Healthcare and Rehab because of a motor vehicle accident, on a possession of child pornography charge this past weekend.
A nurse reportedly saw an image of a naked child on Martin’s computer and called police.
Martin reportedly admitted to downloading images of nude children from the Internet. “I’m the person your mother warned you about,” Martin told detectives.
Police say they found roughly 20,000 child porn images before the computer crashed.
Judge who demands punctuality but often he’s late
A Canadian judge with zero tolerance for lateness in his Toronto-area court has a poor record of returning to the bench on time.
Last month, Justice Howard Chisvin of the Ontario Court in Newmarket threw out 12 criminal cases when a Crown prosecutor was late in returning to court. Among the cases dismissed were people who had pleaded guilty and were awaiting sentencing.
Since that incident, prosecutors and defense attorneys have been lining up outside his courtroom doors before they open.
However, a reporter took a stopwatch to Chisvin's courtroom and discovered the judge has a poor record of punctuality.
The judge was late returning from every break, from a few seconds to as long as 19 minutes, 22 seconds.
After that lengthiest absence, he apologized to everyone who had been on time and cited a number of reasons he was running late.

Last laugh was on the store owner

When three men were found huffing nitrous oxide -- also known as laughing gas -- from balloons in a parking lot, officers were led to a store called Purple Haze, police said.
That's because the huffing trio told investigators that the owner of Purple Haze sold them the painkilling substance and taught them how to sniff it from the balloons, said Sgt. Mike Fowler.
Nitrous oxide has several uses, including to numb pain from dental work, as well as for making whipped cream and in auto racing to speed combustion.
Two undercover Daytona Beach Shores investigators went to Purple Haze and asked to purchase nitrous oxide and the paraphernalia used to inhale it. At that point, the store owner, Yohan Cohen, gave the investigators instructions on how to use the paraphernalia to inhale the gas, Fowler said.
Police recovered $600 worth of nitrous oxide and paraphernalia from the shop, Fowler said.
Cohen and employee Aline Elakayam were arrested and charged with sale of harmful chemicals and possession of drug paraphernalia.

How to win a bet!


Someone will be pissed off

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Woman loses trying to wake boyfriend

A 36-year-old woman lost two fingers and a thumb when she tried to wake up her boyfriend with fireworks.
The woman and her boyfriend told the Gainesville Police Department that they had been drinking before the incident at the Georgetown apartments.  The woman said she was holding a fireworks novelty item in her hand when she lit the fuse. She had been planning to toss the device out the front door, thinking it would make enough noise to wake her boyfriend.
Instead, the device exploded in her hand, tearing off her thumb, middle and ring fingers. The blast was so powerful that police said they found one bone remnant embedded in the ceiling.
The woman was taken to Shands at the University of Florida. Her boyfriend told police he did not realize that the couple had any fireworks left over from the Fourth of July. He also said the woman’s actions were out of character.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Bat causes plane to turn around
It sounds like the plot to a sequel of Samuel L Jackson's action film, Snakes on a Plane, but during a flight in America a bat caused panic among the passengers on-board.
The animal was filmed flying through the cabin during a Delta Airways flight causing so much distress that the pilot was forced to return to the departure airport in Madison, Wisconsin.
Passenger Mike Schmidt filmed the bat flying over passenger’s heads as they ducked and screamed. The animal was finally contained when it flew into the onboard toilet and a passenger shut the door.
Rescuers end up being rescued
Authorities in Massachusetts said three rescuers searching for a lost woman in the forest ended up lost themselves when they found the woman.
Fall River police said two officers and an environmental officer began searching in the Freetown State Forest when a 25-year-old woman was reported lost in the forest.
The officers found the woman safe, but the group soon discovered they did not know the way out of the woods.
The group was found by a Massachusetts State Police helicopter and they were guided to safety.
Woman awakes to strange teenager in bed
A Des Moines Iowa woman woke up to find a drunken teenager in her bed, police say.
Carla Kraninger, 47, of Des Moines woke up Monday to find someone in her bed with her, and initially thought it was her son. She quickly realized it was not her son and called police. Kraninger and her son tried to wake up the trespasser, but the teen was too intoxicated to respond.
Police said the youth, a Southeast Polk High School student, said he had a beer with some friends earlier and they dropped him off at what he believed to be his mother's house.
The teen, which had a blood-alcohol content of 0.115 at the time, was released to his mother and received a delayed referral on charges of trespass and public intoxication.
Police retrieve ring from stomach
A home repairman working in Cicero, Ill., stole a diamond ring and swallowed it but its owner got it back anyway, law enforcement officials said.
Wilfredo Gonzalez, 30, of Chicago has been charged with felony theft.
Gonzalez was doing remodeling work in the victim's home when he asked to use the bathroom, the Cook County state's attorney's office said.
Prosecutors said when he finished; the homeowner noticed her diamond ring was missing. She told her husband. Gonzalez denied the theft and began struggling with the husband, prosecutors said.
Police took Gonzalez to a nearby hospital, where the ring showed up in an X-ray of his stomach.
Cicero police recovered the ring -- but didn't say how they did it.
Who gets the $150,000 payout?
Shortly after a young inmate killed her prison guard husband, Julia Ann Hesson filed for survivor's benefits.
But the Ohio woman didn't expect the response from the Public Safety Officers' Benefits Office, a national program that dispenses death benefits to families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.
The office denied Hesson's claim, saying another woman deserved the benefit award of more than $150,000.
That woman's name is Julie Keady Hesson. She's 41 and lives in St. Petersburg. She had been married to William Hesson, too. In fact, officials said, the two never divorced.
The Ohio woman, 29, is appealing the board's decision, and the intriguing case is now making its way through civil court in Pinellas County.
Pictures of the day
Want to make your eyes really sparkle? A company is offering contact lenses fitted with real diamonds and gold. Dubbed 'eye jewelry', the bling eyewear sees 18 diamonds studded onto an 18-carat gold plate on a special lens. Created by Shekhar Eye Research in Mumbai, the 'La SER' brand lenses can be custom-made at a cost of $15,000 a pair in four designs of diamonds on white gold, diamonds on yellow gold or just gold or yellow gold.
Woman let 6-year-old niece drive car
Police say a Pennsylvania woman endangered her 6-year-old niece by having the girl back the woman's car out of a tight parking spot, wrecking two other cars in the process.
Police charged 55-year-old Rebecca Beatty, of Aliquippa. Beatty picked up her niece from a dance program at Ambridge Area High School.
When Beatty found another car parked so close that she couldn't get in her vehicle. Police say that's when she had her niece back the car out.
Police say the child hit a parked car, pushing it over a curb until it hit another car parked on the street.
Arizona man shoots penis
A suburban Phoenix man is recovering after police say he accidentally shot himself in the penis while putting his girlfriend's gun in the waistband of his pants.
Chandler police say 27-year-old Joshua Seto and his fiancee, Cara Christopher, were walking toward a grocery store when the shooting happened last week. The gun fired, striking Seto's penis and continuing through his left thigh.
The 911 operator told Christopher to apply direct pressure to the wound with a dry towel or T-shirt.
Chandler Police Detective Seth Tyler says it's unclear if Seto has been released from the hospital or suffered any permanent damage
In the wake of the shooting, Tyler warned residents to use holsters, not waistbands, if they're going to carry a handgun.

Invisible Obstacle

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Car gets crushed by tons of instant noodles

Noodles almost claimed the life of a cab driver when a truck packed to the brim with the delicious snack rolled as it attempted to turn an intersection.

Shocked driver Lin Hu was counting his lucky stars when he escaped without a scratch, but his pride and joy - a yellow and green taxi - felt the full force of the delivery truck when it lost control and tipped over on the car.
As the truck careered around the corner toward him, Lin said he was powerless to do anything but sit and wait for the impact. 

The Devil Dog


Forklift truck wedding parade for couple

Forget booking a Rolls Royce limousine or a horse drawn carriage for your wedding ride - it's now all about the forklift cavalcade.

That's what one couple in China opted for in a bid to celebrate their shared love for each other and the humble warehouse workhorse.
Newlyweds Kong Qingyang and Shen Likun first met when groom Kong was working as a forklift driver and bride Shen was working as a forklift salesperson.
To commemorate their special connection they chose to commandeer a forklift parade in their home town of Xintai, Hebei Province.
Starting at 8am the brightly decorated forklifts motored from the groom's house and then broke with tradition to pick up the bride-to-be.
Naturally it took a while for them to arrive at the church, with a top speed of eight miles per hour limiting progress, but the vows were exchanged just after the couple arrived at 11:30am.  
Following her unusual entrance, the blushing bride Shen said: 'I love him (Kong) as a person. No matter what vehicle he picks me up in I would marry him. I will remember this parade forever.'

Watch Out For The Mother Bear


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Hazing included chili on penises
Eight Philippine police officers have been detained for investigation after a video surfaced showing them humiliating, laughing and taking videos of naked recruits during anti-insurgency training, officials said.
In the latest hazing scandal to hit the country, national police spokesman Agrimero Cruz Jr. said at least three superiors of the eight officers may also be relieved of their posts and investigated over the "barbaric" treatment.
Commission on Human Rights official Byron Bocar said a video sent to the agency showed the officers applying liquid laced with chili pepper on the penises of the trainees, who screamed in pain.
Last year, police officials relieved the entire staff of a Manila police station after a television network broadcast a video showing police torturing a naked detainee, who screamed on the floor as a man pulled a rope tied to his genitals and whipped him.
Man urinates on 46 six-packs of malt liquor
Security guards watching over the liquor department at the Rapid City Wal-Mart have been busy in the last month.
Last week police arrested a Rapid City man for urinating on 48 six-packs of malt liquor, after security caught 27-year-old Matthew Bihn in action. Bihn faces charges of destruction of property and unlawful deposit.
The Authorities reports that all of the contaminated merchandise was destroyed.
Last month, a 57-year-old Rapid City man was busted by security after he opened a can of beer in the store late and drank it. Police say Perry Arpan attempted to put the can back in the case, then set the beer in another aisle and tried to leave the building.
Arpan was arrested for shoplifting.
Woman strips naked during charity event
City officials in Woodward, Oklahoma say they're "offended" that a woman stripped naked during a charity golf event at a city-owned golf course.
The local Elks Lodge hosted the event at Boiling Springs Golf Course as part of its annual rodeo. Event Chairman Neal Day said the woman stripped naked as part of a challenge on a putting green.
Day says the woman was not asked to strip. He said she was a last minute recruit when another volunteer couldn't attend.
City Manager Alan Riffel says he and other city leaders are "offended" and that their anger has been relayed to the Elks and the golf course operator.
Man shaved nude on beach
A Massachusetts man is facing lewd charges after lifeguards say he refuses to stop shaving himself while nude on a beach.
The Eagle Tribune reports that Christopher Axford was arrested Monday on a beach in Salisbury.
According to a police report, the 45-year-old was shaving his armpits while his shorts were pulled down to his shins when police arrived to the scene.
Axford, who police said is homeless, was charged with lewd, wanton and lascivious conduct, public drinking and disorderly conduct and release on personal recognizance. Less than 12 hours after his release, Axford was arrested again on charges he stole a tip jar from a pizzeria. He is being held without bail pending a pretrial hearing

Mother “FAILS” at helping daughter on tricycle up slope


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Neighbor Fined Over Gesture

A Park Orchards man who erected a sculpture of a middle finger gesture in his yard and head butted a neighbor has been described by a magistrate as “the neighbor from hell”.
Ringwood Magistrates’ Court has heard David Muscat, 47, felt he was “at war” with the other residents of Frogmore Cres during the long-running feud.
Muscat used a chainsaw to carve the 1.2m wooden sculpture in his front yard after his neighbors complained to Manningham Council that he had cleared trees on his property.
The court last week heard two months later Muscat assaulted his neighbor, John Washbourne, who had asked him to turn off a leaf blower that was sending dust and debris into the caravan Mr. Washbourne was cleaning.
Prosecutor acting Sgt Jo Allen told the court last Monday that police obtained 20 statements from residents who found the sculpture indecent, offensive or inappropriate.
Muscat pleaded guilty to charges relating to the assault, sculpture and failure to turn off his stereo and was convicted and fined $700.
In a separate hearing, Muscat was fined $10,000 by Manningham Council after pleading guilty to removing vegetation and doing earthworks without a permit.

Policeman gets hurled through the air by stolen car


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Parking !!!

Dramatic footage has captured the moment Lithuanian politician Arturas Zuokas took his anger out and drove an armored tank over a luxury Mercedes Benz which was parked illegally in a bicycle lane.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Crazy insane train jump


Man gets stuck in a hole while trying to get his phone back

Walking to a friend’s house, Jared Medeiros was set upon by a group of men who left him battered and bruised.
And, adding insult to injury, his phone was then chucked through a manhole cover by the attackers.
But the 21-year-old refused to accept the phone was gone and decided it would be a good idea to stick his head down the drain to retrieve it and call police.
It was not a good idea. He became stuck fast – and the alarm was raised only after he had been in there screaming for about 40 minutes.
‘I was concerned but I was also laughing – it was funny!’ said Brianna Mooney, 16, who called the emergency number
Mr. Medeiros was freed by firefighters, who spent hours trying to pull him out.
He said he had been beaten and kicked by four men.
‘I don’t understand why they would sit and take pictures,’ said Mr. Medeiros. ‘That kind of p****s me off.’