Saturday, September 1, 2007

Beetle Bug

What Did You Call That Store???

We finally found out who's watching all the porn

They must have "OLD NAG'S" to wait on you

Back to work after a 3-day weekend

Mommy-Daddy let me in


A Peter Potty

Potty Training Urinal
What will they think of next?
I heard on the Bob & Tom Show that they are parents that stops diapering their kid way early because they can tell by looking at them if they need to go.

Sexy Female Swimmer

Arab Woman Swimming


Match Your Snatch

The makers of Clone Your BoneTM thought hard about that one and have come up with a kit that allows you to make an exact copy of your lovely labia. The Match Your SnatchTM kit comes with everything you need to capture every detail of your one-of-a-kind kitty in wax. An optional magnet will let you create the most interesting note-holder that has ever graced your refrigerator.

Our specially designed casting cup can handle everything from Wynona's Big Brown Beaver to Carrie's Cute Clam to Polly's Petite Petunia, and all sizes in between!

The possibilities for fun with a Match Your Snatch Kit™ are endless.
Perfect Christmas present for your mother-in-law

Up for sale: House with its own Fire Engine

Buy this house and you get the ultimate in home-safety protection – a fully functioning fire engine.
The fire engine is in the large garden of the cottage belonging to John Heap, who is selling everything to move with his wife, Chita, to the Philippines.
Mr Heap said 'It's handy for putting out the odd pan fires and for cleaning the upstairs windows, too.' Mr and Mrs Heap are planning to move to the Philippines to be with her family once the sale of the property in Horton, Somerset, is complete.

Five-year-old drives his drunken mother home

A woman has been charged with child endangerment and public intoxication after she allegedly allowed her five-year-old son to drive her car.
When Holly Schnobrich's Mitsubishi car screeched to a halt near her home in Lafayette, Indiana, on Saturday night, neighbors said they discovered her son behind the wheel.
Miss Schnobrich, 24, was sitting in the passenger seat and her younger son, aged three, was sitting unbuckled in the back. Both children were in their pajamas.

Mom Accused of Letting 5 Year Old Drive.
A mother is arrested and behind bars for being intoxicated
Wendy Barrett, a neighbor on whose property the car stopped, said that when she asked: "Is this toddler driving your car?" His mother replied: "He's a good driver."
Another neighbor removed the keys so Miss Schnobrich, who reportedly asked them not to call police, could not get away.
Police said neither child appeared hurt or upset but the five-year-old told an officer that he had been "having a hard time because I can't reach the pedals".


Don't Even Think About Moving!