Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CSI Star Accused of Having Drugs

Actor Gary Dourdan, who stars in TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, has been arrested on suspicion of drug possession, police have said.
The 41-year-old was held after being found asleep in a parked car in Palm Springs, California.
Police allegedly found substances believed to be cocaine, heroin and ecstasy in the vehicle.
The car had been parked on the wrong side of the street with its inside light left on, according to a police press release.
This said Dourdan appeared to be disoriented and "possibly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs" when approached by an officer.


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Group seeks to remove 'Titmouse Park' sign

Environmentalists are attempting to have a sign reading "Titmouse Park" removed from Los Angeles' Ballona Wetlands area, saying the sign insults women. Ballona Institute organizers said they are working to petition city leaders to have the sign removed and the park renamed after a native animal, plant or landmark. Environmentalist Roy van de Hoek said the park was not named after titmouse birds, which are not native to the area. Rather, the name was chosen as an insult to a group of women who blocked local businessmen from turning the area into a parking lot 20 years ago.

Van de Hoek said he had a conversation about 18 months ago with a businessman who claimed to have participated in the naming. "He said the name came about because he and his buddies were playing a joke on the women," he said. "It was a reference to a woman's body part. He was chuckling and laughing." However, retired sign painter Bud Harris said he painted the park sign, naming the area after a group of mice he encountered that he mistakenly thought were titmice.

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Police think person lived with dead skeleton on couch
The skeletal remains of a 93-year-old woman may have remained on a couch in her living room for months while other people continued living in the house, authorities said. Neighbors reported seeing cars come and go from the home as recently as this week before police, doing a welfare check at the request of a neighbor, found a body inside on Monday.
"What is a little bizarre is it appears that someone was living there with her for some time," Dallas police Sgt. Gene Reyes said. The remains of a dog also were found in another room. Investigators suspect the human remains belong to the elderly woman who lived there, but DNA testing may be needed to confirm the identity. Dallas police spokeswoman Janice Crowther said there were no obvious signs of trauma on the skeleton. Months have passed since anyone apparently last saw the elderly woman. Electricity was still on at the home and the lawn and exterior were well-kept, but police described the interior as messy.
Australian man charged with pouring superglue into ear
Four months after his ear was filled with superglue as a prank, Ben Ferrett is $10,000 out of pocket and faces being permanently hard of hearing. The 26-year-old Brisbane plumber has undergone numerous painful procedures culminating in surgery last month to try to remove the rock-solid glue from his right ear. He said the prank happened when he fell asleep at a party at Greenslopes, on Brisbane's south, on January 12. "First they glued my hand to my face, and then he took it one step too far and filled my ear up with superglue.''
Fellow partygoer Ryan Liam Upton, who had only met Ferrett just before the prank, yesterday fronted the Brisbane Magistrate's Court on a charge of assaulting Ferrett, causing him grievous bodily harm. It is understood part of the prank included an attempt to also glue Ferrett's hand down the front of his pants.
Australian politician admits sniffing woman's chair
An Australian political leader broke down at a news conference yesterday as he admitted that he had sniffed the chair of a female colleague. The confession came from the leader of the conservative Liberal Party in Western Australia, Troy Buswell, who has previously owned up to snapping the bra strap of an opposition party staffer.