Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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Bacon-Addicted Obese Skunk Put on Diet

An obese skunk has been put on a strict diet to help wean him off his addiction to bacon sandwiches.
The mammal, named Mr. Bumble, was given to the RSPCA by his previous owners when he became too much of a handful.
He now lives at Tropiquaria Animal Park near Watchet, Somerset where he is being put through a dietary regime involving long walks, vegetables and fruit.
Mr. Bumble weighed one stone when he arrived at the center, around double his ideal weight.
Park owner Chris Noisier told the BBC: "We're now working on dieting him down to what he should be and clearly bacon are not a normal part of a skunk's diet in the wild."
We're putting him on the vegetarian option at the moment. It's very much like a human weight watching issue.
"He is getting to meet lots of new people so there's lots going on in his life and I suspect it's making up for the lack of his old favorite food."
A skunk's natural diet in the wild features carrion, insects, mice and a range of greenery.
Native to North America, the creatures have become popular as house pets in the UK. But increasingly they are being found abandoned after a law was passed preventing the removal of their scent glands.
Vets' examinations have been unable to determine whether this happened to Mr. Bumble.
How It's Made - BACON

Cupcake Car

Neiman Marcus always has some over-the-top offerings for Christmas -after all, that’s the only reason some folks look at the catalog. This year, how about a cupcake car for only $25,000? Designed by artist Lisa Pongrace, the cupcake runs on electricity and has a top speed of seven miles per hour. Your purchase will be decorated in your favorite flavors

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man gets five years and 1,000 lashes for sex boasting
A Saudi man was jailed for five years and sentenced to 1,000 lashes today for bragging about his sex life on television.
Talking about sex publicly is forbidden in the ultra-conservative country but Mazen Abdul-Jawad's lawyer said he will appeal.
The program, "Bold Red Line," begins with Abdul-Jawad, dubbed a "sex braggart" and "Casanova" by the media, describing the first time he had sex at 14. He then leads viewers into his bedroom, dominated by red accessories, and then shows off sex toys.
He is later joined by three male friends for a discussion on what turns them on.
His lawyer maintains he was referring to other people's sexual experiences and the toys were provided by the TV station.
The other three men on the show were also convicted of discussing sex publicly and sentenced to two years imprisonment and 300 lashes each.
Woman Finds Bank Account Hacked, With $27k Extra
In a strange twist on a now familiar story, an English woman last May found that her bank account had been accessed by criminals and that the money therein had increased. Amanda Fothergill, 40, of Darlington, received a phone call from a stranger who claimed to have deposited a substantial amount of money in her account. Shocked, Fothergill checked her balance only to discover a brand new deposit of £17,200 (around $27,500). The crook, who would call in ensuing weeks as frequently as once a day, tried to convince Fothergill to transfer £14,000 to another account, leaving her with £3,000 for her trouble. For her part, Fothergill wasted no time in notifying both the police and her bank, Abbey. Sadly enough, her prompt honesty was not exactly rewarded.
Immediately, Abbey froze her accounts while its investigators jumped on the case. Friday before last, following months of investigations, the bank closed Fothergill's accounts, labeling her as being at high risk for fraud. Understandably miffed, Fothergill wondered to the Northern Echo how the bank could treat her thusly. "Abbey never lost any money because I stopped it before it started," she said. "I feel like I am being victimized for being a victim." Last Monday, the bank claimed Fothergill's accounts had been closed mistakenly, and promised to apologize and reinstate them.
Man wins lottery prize during embezzlement case
A former Kansas radio executive who admitted that he embezzled to support an addiction to scratch-off lottery tickets won a $96,000 lottery prize.
Prosecutors say the prize money will go toward paying restitution to Paul W. Lyle's former employer, American Media Investments.
Lyle pleaded guilty Thursday to felony theft for embezzling an estimated $88,000 from American Media.
It was during his preliminary hearing Sept. 21 that Lyle was notified he had won a prize in a second-chance lottery drawing. The prize includes a boat, cash and tickets to a NASCAR race at the Kansas Speedway.
His conviction carries a sentencing range of five to 17 months in jail or prison. But prosecutors say Lyle likely will get probation because he has no previous felony convictions.

Man Rescued From Septic Tank
There are few things in life better than good neighbors and a good dog. A Delhi man says he might not be alive right now if it weren't for his neighbor and her dog. 80-year-old Paul Paff fell into a collapsed septic tank yesterday afternoon and was stuck there for several hours. A good neighbor found him and got help.
I felt wonderful last night. It took them probably over two hours to give me a bath last night.
A two hour bath to wash off what five hours in a septic tank gets you. Paff thought there was a hole in his tank and when he went to check it out it collapsed. He fell 10 feet into 3 feet of muck. He could not climb out. Paff yelled for help for more than two hours. Then he heard a noise. Murphy, the neighbor's 9-year-old mutt, was barking. Paff barked back.
Woman Struck, Killed By Train
Newark Police said a woman was struck and killed by a train near the University of Delaware campus Monday morning.
Witnesses said the victim, a 25-year-old waitress at the Eagle Diner, was hit by a CSX freight train on the 100 block of Elkton Road just before 8:30 a.m.
Co-workers said the victim normally works the night-shift, but came to the diner for breakfast. After eating, co-workers said she decided to go to a nearby friend's house.
Witnesses reported the victim was distracted by a cell phone conversation when she was struck by the train.
Woman accused of urinating on NH police station
Police said a woman has been arrested for urinating on a police station after her companion wasn't allowed to use its restroom. A 28-year-old woman was charged with indecent exposure after the incident Wednesday, which started when her companion went to the station to resolve a 12-year-old traffic citation.
Merrimack Police Capt. Michael Dudash said the companion asked to use the restroom and was refused. He said that after the two left, the woman was spotted urinating on the sidewalk and against the station building, in plain view of a nearby daycare center.

The Man with No Face

For the past 35 years, 51 year-old Jose Mestre, from Lisbon, has been losing his face to a massive growth, distorting it out of all recognition – and it's still growing.
The tumor on Jose's face is a vascular malformation, a collection of blood vessels that have expanded, producing a raised red area on the skin. Jose was born with a strawberry-colored birth mark on his upper lip; at puberty his face started growing, eventually smothering his lips, nose and one of his eyes. It's now about 33cm long and weighs around 3kg.
The Man with No Face meets the man behind the 'mask' and attempts to understand what it is like to have such an affliction. How does he cope with day to day life - with the stares, the ridicule and people taking photographs?