Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Money Is Not A Problem

New footage of the badass Ripsaw MS1

Caption This...............

sg552 said...
Only after "Freak 1" and "Freak 2" was out did Jeff recognize the mistake he had made.
For those who don't know how this was done


Cat's Face Reattached After Car Fan Belt Accident
Veterinarians performed an unusual surgery to reattach the face of a cat they believe was injured by a car's fan belt, probably because she tried to stay warm under the hood.
Edgar, a 4-year-old long-haired feline, went missing from her home in Winthrop for three days last week. When she finally came home, her owner found her in her litter box — with part of her face dangling from her head.
"When her owner saw her face, she passed out," said Elizabeth Kendrick, a surgical technician at Angell Animal Medical Center.
The owner, who asked not to be identified, recovered from the shock and rushed Edgar to an animal hospital.
Aw, poor cat. they do really have 9 lives.
At Lest This One Does.

Care worker gets more then £84 million overdraft credit by bank

Kaylie Cooper, 20, of Highnam, near Gloucester, had asked for the modest increase on her £200 overdraft to help with the Christmas spending.
But when the Alliance and Leicester replied it offered her 1.6 million times more than she had asked for.
Miss Cooper, who works at the National Star college for severely disabled teenagers and young adults at Birdlip, nr Gloucester, said "I rang them up three days ago to ask if they could extend my overdraft by £50.
"I needed the overdraft because of the time of year - it's just before Christmas and I have to pay my car tax and MOT.
"They then sent me a letter saying 'We are pleased to confirm that we have arranged an overdraft limit of £84,480,090.00 on your account.
"I thought it was funny with the credit crunch.
"They have obviously made a mistake - if they were right I could be one of the richest people in the country.
"I was in shock when I opened it.
"It was like having all my Christmases at once."
Miss Cooper added: "The bank was offering to lend me an awful lot of money - £84million. And the letter said they would only charge a fee of £5 a month for being overdrawn.
"I couldn't stop laughing when I got it in the post - I think I may be telling people about it for quite some time."
A spokesman for Alliance and Leicester said: "We apologise for any inconvenience or upset caused to Kaylie and can confirm this is an unfortunate one-off incident.
"The letter was sent off incorrectly."



UPS Delivers

More Then a Ton of Marijuana Seized From Cloned UPS Truck in Arizona.
Arizona Department of Public Safety Detectives have confiscated about 2,118 pounds of marijuana from a truck that appeared identical to a United Parcel Service truck.
A suspect fled the scene when an officer and narcotics canine attempted to stop the vehicle.
A search of the truck yielded nearly $1.2 million worth of marijuana bundles typically transported by human drug carriers or "mules" through the desert.
Suspects painted the truck to look like a UPS vehicle, complete with the typical reflective yellow decals, the station reported. The truck also sported a homemade Arizona license plate with a number that was assigned to an actual UPS truck servicing the Tucson area.

Holiday Shopping Tips

Do not charge anything you can’t pay off in the next 23 years.
Speed Racer and Leatherheads action figures now 70% off at Rite-Aid.
McCain/Palin lawn signs make great gag gift wrapping paper.
Take advantage of that big sale at The Dollar Store.
The stockings will be filled with disappointment if you shop at J Crew for your Twilight-loving little vamps.
Remember, the economic crisis is hurting the retailers too, so keep your shoplifting to a minimum.
Keep receipt for hassle-free return of expensive cocktail dress you really didn’t like but still wore to the office holiday party (and on four other occasions).
Dr. Phil’s latest diet book is the perfect gift for your friends who are both fat and dumb.
Beware: "What are you wearing right now?" is not a standard question when ordering gifts over the phone.
People love getting cash! Not that worthless American kind, try euros or whatever they use in Canada.
New "Somali Pirate Ship" Lego set selling fast, get yours soon.
If Santa’s lap is moist, grab your child and skedaddle.
Because of the recession, xxxxx is considered a legitimate gift.
Buying products advertised in unsolicited emails is a great way to save money and enlarge your penis.
Doing all of your shopping on Christmas Eve guarantees your loved ones will be receiving the freshest bags of grapes possible.
Gas stations would not sell neckties if they weren’t really great gifts.
Telling your loved one, "I got you an XXX-Large just to be safe," is not always appreciated.
Parking can be crazy. To protect your SUV from dings and scrapes, take up at least two spaces with your vehicle. People will leave it alone and definitely won’t key it.
Covering yourself from head to toe in thick mucus is an effective way to discourage pickpockets.
Mall shopping can be physically exhausting, be sure to bring along your personal trainer.
Spice things up for the office Pollyanna and burn latest celebutard sex tape on a DVD.

Women gets shot in her G-spot

All in the name of better sex.
Some women are having collagen injected into that highly sensitive, hidden body part.
The shot is supposed to make women want sex. Again and again.
Clearwater gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Hayes offers the shot at the Visionary Center for Women on Florida's west coast .
She's had the injection herself and says it's worth it.
With a huge grin, Dr. Hayes leaned forward on her desk and clasped her hands, almost as if she was letting us in on a big secret saying, "Afterwards, it totally did what I wanted it to do, kicked it up a notch! I wasn't sure if I could kick it up a notch, but it did."
Warning: The shot costs $1,800.
How does it work?
The shot works through an injection of collagen that goes directly into the G-spot and enlarges it, making it extremely sensitive during orgasm.
It doesn't hurt, according to Dr. Hayes, because she places Lidocaine on the spot to numb it.
The results can last up to four months, and the patient can engage in sexual activity within four hours of getting the shot. There is no downtime.
But, there's a catch.
You have to know where your G-spot is in order for the shot to work.
Dr. Hayes tells all of her patients that this isn't a cure-all or a fix.
It's an enhancement.
In fact, she will not give the shot to a woman who doesn't know where the G-spot is.
So start looking.