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Woman accused of battery with sex toy
A 45-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday night on charges she repeatedly poked her boyfriend in the groin with a pink sex toy, according to Treasure Island police records. Kimberly Lynn Calvert was charged with battery. Calvert has been living with her boyfriend, John Gonzales, at 11420 2nd St. E., No. 1, for the past five months, according to police. Wednesday night, Calvert, who was drunk, began yelling and screaming at Gonzales and began prodding him in the groin with the sex toy, according to her arrest affidavit. She denied the assault.
Bride pans her own gold for wedding rings
A Leeds student has told how she turned gold panned from British rivers into wedding rings for herself and her new husband.
Daisy Thurkettle-Roper, 25, has been panning for gold in Britain since she was a toddler.
"I've kept all the gold I have ever found and there seemed to be nothing more perfect and romantic than using it for our wedding rings."
Girl called Chicken Dung changes her name
A Chinese girl who was named 'Chicken Dung' has had it legally changed now that she is an adult.
Zhu Xiansheng, the father of the girl, gave her the name on the advice of a doctor after she was ill as a baby and chicken manure was used to treat her.
She was named Ji Shi, which means Chicken Dung, but always hated the name, reports the Southwest Morning Post.
However, she was stuck with it until she was 18, the legal age for name changing in China, when she changed it to Yingzi.
"At last, she is no longer afraid to show anybody her ID card," said her father, of Lindong village, Fujian province.
"She had a serious illness when she was one, and she was sick for two to three months.
"We didn't think she would survive, but a local medical practitioner advised us to paste her with chicken dung while taking medications he prescribed," added Xiansheng.
The girl made a miraculous recovery and her parents formally named her Chicken Dung in tribute to her treatment.
But she hated the name and pleaded with her parents to change it from age of five when she would throw tantrums whenever anybody called her name.
"I always felt embarrassed when filling in forms or signing my name," said Yingzi.
'Pool got my daughter pregnant'
A Polish mum is suing an Egyptian hotel after claiming her daughter got pregnant using their mixed swimming pool.
The bizarre claim surfaced as Magdalena Kwiatkowska demanded compensation after her 13-year-old daughter came back from the family holiday expecting a baby.
Tourist authorities in Warsaw confirmed they had received the complaint which states that the girl conceived because of stray sperm in the pool.
"The mother is adamant that her daughter didn't meet any boys while she was there and is determined to go ahead with the case," said one travel industry source.
Family duped into trashing hotel room
Pranksters made a family trash their Florida room by persuading them there was a gas leak.
Mark and Lisa Kantorski and their three children were staying at a hotel near Orlando Airport when they were called by someone claiming to be a hotel receptionist.
Lisa took the call and was alarmed to hear there was a major gas leak and they had to take urgent action.
She frantically relayed the information to husband, Mark, an Indian River County deputy, who followed the caller's instructions to smash the window of his room with a toilet tank.
"When I broke the window, I got suspicious," he said. "It didn't seem right, but she was panicking, so I continued.
"I'm not one to argue much with her. When you slow down everything, the situation was kind of odd."
Mark followed more instructions. He broke a wall mirror, bashed in a wall with a lamp to get to a "trapped man on the other side" and then threw the mattress out the window so the family could jump for safety.
Before the family had chance to jump, Hilton Garden Inn manager Samir Patel appeared at the door to address a noise complaint.
He broke the news there was no gas leak - and the Kantorskis had become the latest victims of pranksters who have been duping hotel guests into outrageous actions across the US.
Mr Kantorski was not arrested "because he was responding to what he believed to be an emergency," said police spokeswoman Sgt Barbara Jones.
Jackson Butter
Plans to erect a giant statue of Michael Jackson made from butter at the Iowa State Fair are being put to the vote.
Fair organizers announced their intention to create the butter tribute to the King of Pop just days after Jackson's death.
But the idea has proved so controversial that they are now to hold an online poll to decide whether or not to go ahead with it.
Spokeswoman Lori Chappell says Jackson was to be part of a sculpture commemorating the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's moon landing.
She says because of the overwhelming response about the Jackson sculpture, both positive and negative, the fair are now conducting an online poll.
People can vote at Iowa State Fair
Results will be announced on 17 July, and the fair will run from 13 to 23 August.

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Zoo forced to rename primate called 'Obama'

Facing accusations of racial insensitivity, the Dresden Zoo has been forced to rename a baby primate called ‘Obama.’
This spring the zoo in the eastern German city named a newborn mandrill "Obama" after freshly inaugurated US President Barack Obama. But an advocacy group for black Germans demanded that the primate be renamed this week, calling the zoo’s choice racist.
The baby mandrill, which belongs to a species closely related to the baboon, was born on March 23, Manuela Collmar, zookeeper at the zoo’s "Afrika Haus," said. Each year the zoo names all newborn animals beginning with the same letter. "This year they all begin with ‘O,’ and one of the zookeeper’s chose ‘Obama’ – it was meant to be positive and, an honor in light of his visit to Dresden in June," Collmar said, adding that neither she nor her colleagues were aware of the history of using monkeys to caricature and ethnically stereotype black people.

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