Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Hairstyle

It's the "rat cut" and it's sweeping the nation!

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Couple busted for not paying tip

The gratuity was mandatory for large parties, but what if the service stinks?
Bizarre story of the week: Two restaurant patrons were arrested on a charge of theft when they refused to pay a $16 mandatory tip that was part of their bill.
College student Leslie Pope told a reporter that the service was so bad at the Bethlehem, Pa., establishment that she had to get the table’s silverware and napkins and walk to the bar to refill her soda. An hour after the group of eight ordered chicken fingers and other bar grub, the food arrived.
Tipping etiquette
The menu says an 18% tip is included in the bill for parties of six or more. The tip on their bill amounted to $16.35 (inexplicably higher than 18%).
After the $73 bill came, the group paid for food, drinks, and tax but refused to pay the tip. After explaining the bad service to the bartender in charge, Pope claimed he took their money and called police. The couple was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car.

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Dash Cam: Bank Robber Gobbles Up Evidence

Twinsburg police Patrolman Daniel Biada said a dash cam video of the arrest of John H. Ford, 35, of Cleveland, shows Ford gobbling a piece of paper while officers searched his pockets.

San Francisco.


Window Washer Falls 8 Stories

A window washer plunged eight stories down the side of a building Thursday in downtown Seattle, but was stopped by a safety rope just inches before hitting the ground.
A window washer fell eight stories outside a downtown Seattle building on Thursday morning, but suffered only a broken pinky finger and some bruising and soreness.
Eduardo L. Castillo, 34, appeared to be in good shape and was talking as he was being loaded into an ambulance shortly after the 11:20 a.m. fall.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Phone Sex
A couple caught having a steamy sex session in a public phone booth yesterday boasted: "We're engaged and in lust."
Greig Forbes, 29, and fiancee Sarah Meikle, 23, were spotted by shoppers in a busy chemist's yards from the phone box.
In court yesterday, they admitted committing a sex act in public.
But after the hearing, the couple, who will be sentenced later, were unrepentant, saying they couldn't help themselves.
Meikle said: "We are engaged and totally in love.
"We do it (sex outdoors) quite often, you're young and you have to experiment.
"Our friends always say we have some sex life, they think it's funny.
"We can't help ourselves - we can't keep out hands off of each other."
Forbes added: "We are sex addicts - we have sex all the time."
Teen Confesses To Mom For Molesting Sister, Dad Executes Him
A 15-year-old boy who was killed by his father in an execution style killing spent the last moments of his life pleading, "No, Daddy! No!"
Jamar Pinkney Jr. was shot in the head Monday by his 37-year-old father, Jamar Pinkney Sr., who allegedly made the teen strip his clothes off and kneeled down in a vacant lot before he was killed by a single bullet.
The boy's mother, Lazette Cherry, told the Detroit Free Press that Pinkney Sr., showed up at her Highland Park, Mich., home after she told him that their son had made a startling confession.
According to Cherry, the 15-year-old had admitted to having "inappropriate contact" with his 3-year-old half sister.
Woman gets $14,000 for toilet paper injury
Cook County taxpayers will write a $14,022 check to a custodian who claims she twice injured her back by "reaching around to pick up a piece of toilet paper," according to county documents.
More than 1,000 county workers file workers compensation claims each year, but this one got the attention of County Commissioner Bridget Gainer, who spent 11 years in the insurance industry.
"Do I think it's excessive? I think we end up compensating employees for illnesses and injuries they bring with them to work," she said after Wednesday's meeting in which the settlement was approved.