Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hey Santa, I'm a "BAD GIRL"

Naughty But Nice

"GOD" Made

Beer Holders

Crinkly the ugly swan finds love after seven years

A male swan who was shunned by females due to his oddly deformed neck may finally have found a girlfriend after seven years of waiting. Crinkly the ugly swan has become a well-known face at a Gloucester bird sanctuary, having flown in from frozen Russia every year since 2001 to spend Christmas there. But conservation workers have watched with dismay as Crinkly failed miserably to attract the opposite sex. "We were worried about Crinkly because he is such a strange-looking bird," said Jools Mackin, spokesperson for Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, which is the swan's Christmas home. "Every time he returns it is against the odds." Until now, none of the females at the trust was prepared to mate with him - but conservation workers say they can see the signs of a budding romance. "We are delighted because we think Crinkly has finally found a girlfriend," said Ms Mackin.

What people will do for attention

A mechanical cow that breaks wind on the hour has become Edinburgh's latest tourist attraction.
The bovine backside has been attached to the side of the Rowan Tree pub in the city's historic Old Town.
It lifts its tail and shoots out a cloud of white smoke at passers-by throughout the day.
Pub landlord Norrie Rowan, a former Scotland international rugby star, said the cow was becoming as popular with tourists as nearby Greyfriars Bobby.
It was installed on the side of the pub earlier this year, but the mechanics that allow it to break wind at 1100 GMT, noon and 1300 GMT are a new addition.
A dry ice machine ensures the flatulent beast is regular and helps locals keep track of time in a similar way to the city's famous One O'clock Gun.
Mr Rowan said the cow was a bit of fun that had already become a popular landmark in the Cowgate area of Edinburgh. He added: "The cow is already famous around Edinburgh and I get hundreds of tourists coming by and taking pictures of it."

For or Against??????

Flight attendants for Ryanair pose for calendar.

Spain Up In Arms Over Calendar
Spain is protesting the Irish airline's publishing of the calendar, calling it 'sexist.'

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Anatomically Correct

Small Bits of News

Man jailed over 14 million fake £1 coins
A counterfeiter who produced fake £1 coins with an estimated total value of £14m, has been jailed for five years. Marcus Glindon, 37, from Enfield, north London, made the coins over seven years from a workshop near his home. Glindon admitted five counts relating to counterfeiting the coins at Wood Green Crown Court. He said that he worked mainly alone. With news video.

Teacher Tells Student to Sit Outside Classroom
An 8-year-old girl in England was made to sit outside her classroom on at least three occasions, because her teacher was allergic to the fabric softener on her clothes, The Daily Mail reported.
"It is terrible for my little girl because all the other children think it that Hope has been asked to sit outside because she smells funny," the girl's mother told The Daily Mail. "She has been in tears before school saying she doesn't want to go because she's being teased."
Hope Nichols' mother Sarahjane received a letter from the school asking her to change the brand of fabric softener she uses to wash her daughter's school uniform.
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Doctors Split Teen's Brain in Two to Stop Rare Illness
Doctors have split the brain of a teenage girl in two to stop a rare brain-eating disease from spreading, the Daily Mail reports.
Janine Leach, 15, from Sunderland, U.K., has a disorder known as Rasmussen s Encephalitis, which could trigger upwards of 100 seizures a day as surges of electricity in her brain made her nervous system misfire.
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Fire Chief Charged With Being Drunk While Driving Fire Truck
A fire chief in Penobscot County has been charged with being drunk behind the wheel while driving a fire truck with its lights on and its sirens going.
Russell Banks of Burlington was arrested around midnight Saturday after a resident complained that Banks was racing a fire tanker by his home even though there was no fire in the area.
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Tow Truck Driver Tries To Tow Away Officer's Cruiser
A tow truck driver upset over a recent ticket tried to tow a police cruiser, authorities said.
The 32-year-old man was arrested after he hooked his truck to the marked police vehicle while an officer was responding to a domestic disturbance call, police said.
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Judge rules Americans can swear at toilets - Update
A woman who was cited for loudly cursing at her overflowing toilet — and then at a neighbour who told her to quiet down — has been acquitted on First Amendment grounds.
District Judge Terrence Gallagher dismissed the disorderly conduct charge against Dawn Herb, 33, ruling Thursday that she was within her rights when she let loose a string of profanities Oct. 11.
Although the language she used "may be considered by some to be offensive, vulgar and imprudent ... (it is) protected speech pursuant to the First Amendment," the judge wrote.

Playful puppy latches on to urinating man's member
A drunken Cambodian reveller received an unexpected lesson in why not to urinate in public when his wedding tackle was mauled mid-stream by a playful puppy as he relieved himself through a fence.
The daily Rasmei Kampuchea reported Kann Veasna, 23, had been drinking wine at a street stall when he excused himself to urinate through a small hole in a fence into a nearby lot.
However the movement of putting his member through the hole attracted the attention of a resident puppy which grabbed it with its teeth, apparently thinking it was a toy.