Monday, July 30, 2007

MEN Your Penis Are Safe: Psycho Castrating Woman Caught

NEW YORK — Police say a Queens woman used E-mail to attract her stepfather to her apartment where she handcuffed him, strangled him and mutilated him. Police said Brigitte Harris, 26, cut off the penis of Eric Goodridge, 55, who was formerly married to her mother. "He wrecked my life," read one note found near her stepfather’s body Saturday. "At first, I blamed myself. Now I know it’s not my fault," another said. Police recovered a bloody knife and caught up with Harris after she checked herself into a mental hospital and ranted incoherently about the slaying. Goodridge, an emigrant from the West African nation of Liberia, had arrests for reckless endangerment in 1978 and menacing in 1982. Harris was born in 1981. Police said Harris sent e-mails to Goodridge to lure him to her apartment. Then she handcuffed him to a chair, gagged him with duct tape and throttled him until he died, authorities said.

Remains of Four Infants Found on Maryland Mom's Property,2933,291377,00.html
July 30, 2007

OCEAN CITY, Md. — A mother of four charged in the death of her new baby and suspected in the killing of three other infants whose remains were found on her property Monday may have been "self-aborting," authorities told Fox News.
Investigators found three tiny bodies wrapped in plastic at the home of Christy Freeman, 37, who is facing murder chargers in the death last week of her newborn child, police said. Authorities were still searching the property, using a backhoe to excavate the yard.
None of the bodies was full-term, and only the death that Freeman had already been charged with was recent, said Ocean City Police spokesman Barry Neeb.
"The rest could be a number of years old," he said.
According to investigators, cadaver dogs have indicated that additional human remains could still be discovered on the property, though no additional bodies have been found so far in the search of the yard. The search could take up to three days to complete, police said.
The remains of two infants were found in bags along with what investigators believe to be a placenta in a trunk in Christy Freeman's bedroom, and another was in a garbage bag found in a motor home parked in her driveway, police said. The remains were sent to the chief medical examiner in Baltimore to determine the causes of their deaths, their ages and if they were related to Freeman.
Freeman, who has four other children, came to authorities' attention on Thursday while she was hospitalized. Medical personnel called police after determining she had been pregnant but could not account for the newborn child. VIDEO

WWE Bikini Oil Wrestling

Volunteers are oiling up these *beauties*.
Oiled up and ready to go at it.

The "P" must be police

Romanian Police


If anyone knows how this old style bumper car works the pole goes up to a eclectic grid for the electrical power it needs.
Unless with today's technology it has been converted to a electric car.

People Being Rude


Bike jump goes really wrong

Company rents pets to animal lovers

No time for a pet? Then rent one.

A California company has begun offering FlexPetz, a new service for dog-lovers who just don't have the time to care for a pet, or the space.

The "shared dog" service is available in Los Angeles and San Diego. Its founder hopes to open new locations in San Francisco next month, New York in September and London by the end of the year. Hanging out with man's best friend has a price. The annual fee runs about 100 dollars a year. FlexPetz customers then make a monthly payment of about 50 dollars. The FlexPetz founder says only dogs with social temperaments are picked for the program. The current ten-dog crew includes Afghan hounds, Labrador retrievers and Boston terriers.

Rednecks Golfing

Strange Looking High-Tech Toilet

But why they need a "Fire Extinguisher"

Christmas in July?

ATM Gives Out Too Much Money
July 28, 2007
MANSFIELD, La. (AP) - An ATM at a northwest Louisiana truck stop gave out $20 bills instead of $5s, but authorities say they know who used it and plan to purse the extra $7,000 the machine spit out.
DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Lt. Toni Morris said the automated teller machine has records showing who the 26 people are who received the extra cash during five days in late June and early July.
Annette Parker, a supervisor at Eagle's Truck Stop, said she unplugged the machine after overhearing conversations about the excess payments.
"The next morning when we had come back in, someone had plugged it back up," she said.
Morris said someone who did not work at the truck stop may have rigged the machine, which keeps records of when the money was taken and by who.
Morris said charges could be brought against the people who got more money than they were debited for.

Mr. and Mrs. Butt Ugly

It appears both of them only has two teeth.

What's for Dinner......?

A Singaporean western food stall named Yishun offers exotic dishes in the form of crocodile steaks and crocodile feet since this April.
Crocodile meat is actually very delicious even though it looks frightening.
A crocodile steak costs SGD18 (approx. US$12), while a crocodile foot costs SGD35 (approx. US$23).
If you are in Singapore and wanna pay a visit the food eatry, don't forget to take the rough skin and nails of the crocodile foot back home as a souvenir after the meal. Link