Monday, July 7, 2008

A Honk Kong Palace of Gold Is Being Sold

Since gold prices hit four-digit territory earlier this year, Mr. Lam has been taking apart his hall of gold as quickly as he once raced to construct it. He is melting down golden chandeliers, armchairs and armored knights and selling gold by the ton to fuel growth plans that include hundreds of new retail outlets in mainland China. But even with the sell off, one thing is certain: The toilet stays. "I don't care if gold hits $10,000 an ounce," Mr. Lam says. "I'm not melting it down."
As far as Mr. Lam is concerned, the golden toilet is more than a Guinness World Record-certified, 24-karat, fully functional flushable throne.
Click here to see photos of the golden palace.
Mad Izatie said...
Golden toilet?
A toilet that expensive he better take good healthy dumps.

You think you're mad now about gasoline prices

Oil's Rapid Rise Stirs Talk of $200 a Barrel This Year
Oil's historic ascent from $100 to nearly $150 a barrel in just six months is lending weight to a far grimmer prediction: Crude could reach $200 a barrel by the end of the year. Oil at that price would wreak deeper havoc on the world's airlines and automobile industries. In the U.S., $200 crude would push the price of gasoline to well over $6 a gallon, causing commuters to alter their driving habits more sharply than they have already, while putting extreme strains on large sectors of the U.S. economy. In Europe, it would stir more political unrest and increase the clamor to cut the continent's stiff petrol taxes. In Asia, governments would be under pressure to cut fuel subsidies and risk a popular backlash.
U.S. benchmark crude prices leapt 3.6% last week, closing before the Independence Day holiday at a record $145.29 a barrel. Roughly halfway through the year, oil prices have soared 50% since Jan. 1 and have doubled since the same time last year.
Few oil watchers are now ready to bet that oil will hit $200 a barrel by New Year's Eve. But nearly all are wary of predicting how and when oil's upward stampede will be reversed.
Liam said...
Oil prices will drop when the speculators find that their other investments start to go in rapid downfall.
The Man said...
Lets hope that's the way it will go and soon.

Oil-Rich United Arab Emirates Cancels Total Iraq Debt
ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — The United Arab Emirates canceled billions of dollars of Iraqi debt Sunday and moved to restore a full diplomatic mission in Baghdad, evidence of Iraq's improved security and growing acceptance of its Shiite-led government.
The Emirates' official news agency, WAM, quoted the president, Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, as saying he hoped canceling the debt would lighten the "economic burden" facing Iraqis and he urged the country to unite behind al-Maliki's government.
WAM said the debt was $4 billion excluding interest. A UAE official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media said the total debt was $7 billion with interest.
TimO said...
RE the Iraqi debt cancellation:
Everyone get raging at national debts, but they forget one simple fact---- they are imaginary numbers. Countries simply wipe them off the books all the time.
They are only numbers on a page held at the convenience of the bookkeepers and essentially meaningless.
The Man said...
That might be true however, the money has to come from some place. The price of oil is up all over the world so everyone is actually paying off the Iraq's debt.

Do you ever have that unclean feeling?

Then you need to "DOUCHE"

The End Is Near

The end of the Internet is near — and in less than three years, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
The reason? More than 85% of the available addresses have already been allocated and the OECD predicts we will have run out completely by early 2011.
These aren’t the normal web addresses you type into your browser’s window, and which were recently freed up by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the body responsible for allocating domain names, to allow thousands of new internet domains ending in, for instance, .newyork, .london or .xxx.
When the current IP address scheme was introduced in 1981, there were fewer than 500 computers connected to the Internet. Its founders could be forgiven for thinking that allowing for a potential 4 billion would last for ever. However, less than 30 years later, the Internet is rapidly running out. Every day thousands of new devices ranging from massive web servers down to individual mobile phones go online and gobble up more combinations and permutations.

Couple Maintains Portugal's Tradition For Now

Husband and wife Francisco and Casilda Figueiredo are among the last exponents of a traditional Portuguese handicraft -- making ornamental ceramic penises, but say the tradition is dying out.
"The days of the ceramics trade here are numbered, I see no possibility of survival," Francisco said as he prepared moulds of the couple's top-of-the-range two-foot phallic-shaped bottles in his workshop..
"It will never be like it was in the past."
For more than three decades, the couple have carefully shaped thousands of ceramic male organs, molding them into upright shapes and painting them in life-like colors for export to Germany, France and North America.
There are more photos here.
Mad Izatie said...
I wonder if anyone has ever used it for something else other than its intended purpose....
The Man said...
What would the intended purpose be other then praying to the
Anonymous said...
Wow, How we can use such thing in the house as house's things!
What about if they are intended to make the same for female?

Excuses, Excuses

Here's the craziest excuses cops have actually received (these are real) when they ask the motorist: "Why were you speeding?"

"I didn't know I was, because my lights are off."
"I'm taking my friend to the hospital. He has alcohol poisoning." (The driver was drunk, too).
After crashing: "I put supreme gas in the car, which caused me to lose control." (He, too, was found to be drunk.)
"Don't I get a couple over when I am taking my grandkids to the airport?"
"I get 10 extra in the fast lane."
"My speedometer is broken."
"Gas pedal got stuck."
"I'm trying to catch that UFO. Can you try to catch it for me?"
"I had a bee in the car."
"I am late for church and don't want to go to hell."
"I have been drinking and want to get off the road quickly."
"I'm going to a divorce proceeding and if you met her, sir, you would understand why I am hurrying."
"I am wearing really heavy shoes today and they make the gas pedal go down more."
"I just got my license back from it being suspended and I am not used to driving."
"My doctor gave me the wrong meds."
You were fallowing me too closely so I wanted to put some more distance between us.
I was sweating and needed to get more air flow through the windows.
If I am not home by dinner time I will starve to death
Woman personalized plate read 'GOTZ2P'....never did help her out of a ticket though...
"My wife recently left me for a police officer ... and I was afraid you were trying to give her back."

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Real Cop, 'Fake' Police Dog Traps Two
A quick thinking police woman stopped fleeing suspects in their tracks by grabbing a passing Labrador and shouting: "Stop! Or I'll release the dog!" The teenagers didn't have a clue that the barking animal wasn't a police dog and they handed themselves over to Pc Leanne Murphy. The two boys, aged 15 and 16, were believed to have broken into a mill.
Pc Murphy said she arrested and handcuffed the boys. "When I gave the lady her dog back, their faces were quite a picture," she said. "They didn't say a word. They started to cry."
Angry Passenger Uses Emergency Slide to Leave Plane
Guyanese authorities say a first-class airline passenger was so angry at seeing economy passengers leave a jetliner before him that he yanked open an emergency hatch and slid down the chute.
Police spokesman Sealall Persaud says the Guyanese man identified as Satyanand Christopher appeared to be intoxicated after the Delta Airlines flight from New York.
Persaud said Sunday that local police arrested Christoper, who was quickly released on bail after the Friday incident.
Delta spokesman Junior Horatio says the U.S. carrier plans to file charges against the man for interfering with flight crew members.
Frozen 'hands' prove to be animal gonads
The new owner of a Texas apartment called police when he found what appeared to be human hands in the freezer -- only to learn they were animal testicles.
Patrick McCusker of Fort Worth stumbled across the items Friday while he was cleaning out the freezer.
Roger Metcalf of the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office said the objects did indeed look like hands, especially since they had been placed inside a plastic surgeon's glove.
"You couldn't tell what they were until you got the things open," he said.
Metcalf said the objects are now outside the Medical Examiner's jurisdiction. The office will not determine what type of animal the testicles belonged to.
Nicole Kidman gave birth Monday to a baby girl named Sunday
"Nicole and Keith Urban are delighted to announce that Nicole Kidman gave birth to a baby girl on Monday morning, July 7, 2008. Sunday Rose Kidman Urban weighed 6 pounds, 7 ½ ounces. Husband Keith was by Nicole's side and mother and baby are very well."