Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This ape is putting on quite a show!

This is Just Gross


Goth who walks fiancée on a leash is banned by bus driver who told him 'No dogs allowed'
Given that she describes herself as a human pet – and is happy to walk around on a lead – Tasha Maltby is used to odd looks and even odder remarks. But nothing had prepared her for the reaction of the bus driver who allegedly told the self-styled Goth and her boyfriend: "We don't let freaks and dogs like you on."Miss Maltby and her fiance Dani Graves were so angered they have complained to the bus company of being "victimised". "It is definitely discrimination, almost like a hate crime," 19-year-old Miss Maltby said yesterday.

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Barcode Tattoos

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Budweiser Car

Someone had too much time in their hands

Naughty BUTT Nice

World's biggest fish finger revealed (Fish Stick)

We all like stories about giant pizzas, huge donuts and massive paella.
Well, not to be out done, the world's biggest fish finger has been created.
I have absolutely no idea why - it sounds very fishy to me.

SMOKE ON THE WATER - Japanese style

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Wet T-Shirt ContestNFW

Newsflash: The Japanese are Still Weird!
He likes the sex dolls NFW

Chris Hansen is a cock blocker.

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Top 9 unique structures soon to be built
Chicago spire, USA

Stars With and Without Makeup


Sarah Michelle Gellar has decided to bare it all in an ad for Vaseline, the Daily Mail reported.
The 30-year-old Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress, who reportedly has had no nudity clauses written into film contracts, shows off her flawless skin in the ad, but not her face, the Daily Mail reported.
Click here to view the full Daily Mail report and the ad photos.

Small Bits of News

Man in jail for stealing 93 pounds of woman's undies
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One in four people in UK facing bankruptcy blames it on porn
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Woman kills her mom to read books in jail? WTF.
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Geo Metro Can't Outrun Sheriff's Cruisers
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Police Chief's Wife Accused of Sex, Drugs With Boys
NEW CITY, N.Y. — A former prosecutor who is also a police chief's wife has been charged with having sex, smoking marijuana and drinking with teenage boys.
Beth Modica, 44, a former assistant district attorney in Rockland County and Queens, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to counts including statutory rape, sex abuse and endangering children. Bail was set at $75,000.
Her husband, the Spring Valley police chief, is "not implicated whatsoever," Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said.
The 35-count indictment says that, beginning in July, Modica had sex with a 16-year-old, as well as oral sex with that boy and a 15-year-old. The judge issued orders of protection for the boys.

Police to Public: Bug Us Too Often, Expect a Bill
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Anchorage police have begun sending bills to people if officers have to make more than eight trips per year to their homes.
The first homeowner to be billed under a law that allows police to charge people got a tab for $23,000 last week.