Friday, August 17, 2007

Camel Toe

This has to be one of the funniest videos ever made.

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Hollywood's Top 10 Hot Bottoms

From "In Touch Weekly" readers voted for the top 10 best rumps in Hollywood.
Here are the 10 Hollywood Hot Bottoms:
#10 - Eva Longoria
#9 - Mariah Carey
#8 - Cameron Diaz
#7 – Fergie
#6 - Halle Berry
#5 - Tyra Banks
#4 - Kim Kardashian
#3 - Jessica Biel
#2 – Beyoncé
#1 - Jennifer Lopez

The Price Is... Ouch!

Drew Carey may be in over his head. Last Friday, Drew got his arm caught in the revolving turntable on stage while rehearsing for the Grocery Game. He was back on set later that day in a soft cast, joking around with crew members and showing off his battle wounds.

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Toilet Signs...#3

Don't You Dare... #3

That's My BOY....

So it has started

Wipe that expression off your face, kid! You're creeping me out.

OMG!! Poor kid, so creepy... I can't believe the parents would actually post that!

It’s as if he can see straight through the screen and look at my boobs...

Ha-ha, love the caption.

Lol, that's funny!

Awe, too funny!

Very nice

Poor baby, Mommy wants her son to grow up to be a perv?

Ohhhh his father

Scary in more ways than one...

Lol scary baby

Funny, He's very nice

Looks like they caught him staring at a pair of boobs

Lol! Omg! Soooooo cute; too funny

Oh wow. What kind of parents would do this?

O that’s nothing compared to one I've seen. It's got a spermy with eyes and a smile that says "daddy's little squirt"

Yeah - they were all out of ass-man ones - so they had to settle for this!

Seriously this is just wrong on so many levels!

That’s so cute!!