Friday, January 23, 2009

Call the Police

Adam said...
I was stolen once, but they stole my ability to call the police too and I was sad :(
Scheme said...
If you feel "stolen" in the philosophical sense, crush the establishment.

Full Disclosure Required


Doctors to remove feet that’s protruding from buttocks

Doctors are to attempt to remove a conjoined parasitic twin from a nine-month old baby.
Eight-month-old Faith Mwampe suffers from having her undeveloped parasitic twin protruding from her buttocks.
Faith Mwampe has the feet of an unformed twin protruding from her buttocks, meaning she may never be able to walk unless it is removed.
The Zambian baby, who was born in April last year, is set to undergo the five-hour operation at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka next Thursday.
Her mother Mercy Lenganji, 18, faces an anxious wait as ten specialist doctors, led by Prof Lupando Munkonge, will try to remove the feet.
The baby has already spent the past 26 days undergoing tests ahead of the risky operation.
Mercy had known from scans that she was expecting twins, but during her caesarian section at the Malcolm Mine Hospital in the Zambian town of Mufilira, doctors discovered one of the babies had not developed.
"The doctors kept my child away from me for two days after she was born because they said the sight of her would have put me in shock," said Mercy.

Rotten Cheese

Casu Marzu: Cheese Eaten With Live Maggots
There is cheese known as Casu Marzu that is served riddled with writhing maggots that try to jump into your eyeballs as you eat it." The cheese is only eaten with the maggots alive -- if it is eaten when they are dead, the cheese is poisonous. It is cut in thin strips and eaten on bread. Because it becomes toxic, the Casu Marzu is illegal -- but that doesn't stop some who love the cheese and believe it to be an aphrodisiac. Read more about The Grossest Food Ever -- Casu Marzu.

Casu Marzu

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man punished for abandoning rats
He did not want the rats living with his new baby
A Providence, Rhode Island man is in trouble after he abandoned nearly 300 rats on the side of the road.
The man, Toby Duffany, pleaded no contest to animal abandonment and was ordered to pay $1000 restitution and perform 50 hours of community service.
Police say Duffany crammed 280 rats into aquariums and cages, and left them on the side of the road in Foster last month. The rats were discovered several days after they were abandoned. 72 rats had died and the rest had resorted to cannibalism.
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals euthanized the living rats.
In court, Duffany said he got rid of the rats because they could not live in his apartment with his new baby. The Rhode Island SPCA was disappointed with the punishment.
44 deodorants found stuffed in man’s pants
An East Ferry Street man found traveling without a ticket on Metro Rail faces various charges after transit police discovered 44 stolen containers of deodorant stuffed down his pants, according to police reports.
Kychene O. Venable, 36, also allegedly had crack cocaine paraphernalia, police said.
Venable was apprehended by NFTA Officers David Zarbo, David Capretto and Thomas Los at about 5:45 p. m. The deodorant was believed to have been stolen from Dollar General. Police said Venable had been cited several times previously for not riding with proof of payment.
He was charged with theft of services, criminal possession of a controlled substance, promoting prison contraband, petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.
It's raining poop
It happened this Tuesday in Romania. Two airplanes emptied their toilets while flying over Craiova, one of the largest cities in the country. "I thought it started to rain but when I took a closer look, I noticed it was something brown that smelled like a toilet. I thought it was bird excrements at first, but then I realized it was human feces coming from above" a local said.
The most affected was a company that makes marble products. According to the owner, the "rain" lasted about a half an hour, creating an unbearable stench in the area, and covered most of the marble statues and monuments in his yard. He alerted the authorities, claiming damages over €100,000 ($130,000). However, most locals considered this, of course, a sign of good luck.



Fight over brownie led to arson

Woman Burns House Down After Father Ate Her Brownie
When her father ate her brownie, a crazy woman beat him with his cane, ran to grab a kitchen knife and then fled the scene. She was found wandering aimlessly saying she wanted to commit suicide so she set the family home on fire.


How stupid can a person be!!!

Repairing a flat using butane-gas and a lighter