Saturday, July 23, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

8 DUIs gets man 55 years in prison
A Houston-area man will be 100 years old before he's eligible for parole after his eighth drunken-driving conviction.
A Montgomery County jury convicted 73-year-old Gliddon William Davis of Conroe and then sentenced him to 55 years in prison over the 2009 incident. Witnesses contacted law officers after noticing Davis was driving erratically through New Caney. His blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit for driving.
District Attorney Brett Ligon says jurors determined that Davis, who was convicted and sentenced, had used his vehicle as a deadly weapon.
Court records indicate Davis had seven previous DUI convictions.
Motorcyclist lands in van unhurt
A California motorcyclist rear-ended a minivan and was hurled through a window into the back seat but was not injured.
Investigators say the minivan driver made a turn after his collision and drove to his Mojave Desert home a half-block away before discovering he had a new passenger.
Callers reported the crash saying the motorcycle crashed and slid under the minivan on a Victorville street and the biker couldn't be found.
Investigators say the minivan slowed or stopped to make a turn and the motorcyclist slammed into the vehicle.
San Bernardino County sheriff's spokesperson Karen Hunt says the minivan driver had already committed to the turn and drove a short distance to his home. He then discovered the motorcyclist in the back seat.
Controversy after kid defecates in pool
The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is looking into a report that fourth- through seventh-graders at a YMCA day camp were told to lower their swimsuits in front of a counselor trying to determine which child defecated in the pool.
Police say a parent told officers that boys and girls were separated at a YMCA in Lancaster, southeast of Columbus. He told them his son was called into a locker room with another boy, both were told to pull their shorts down to their knees, and a male counselor inspected their butts.
The YMCA's executive director says up to 65 students were involved. He says there was no criminal wrongdoing but the YMCA is investigating.
He says feces found in the pool on consecutive days were a serious health concern.
Monkey bites off baby's testicle
A monkey bit off an eight-month-old boy's right testicle in a zoo in Guizhou Province and doctors said the damage was beyond repair.
A park official told the family that injuries from money attacks "are too common and happen all the time." He didn't even make an apology. His remark was recorded and shown on the TV news, which ignited outrage among Chinese netizens.
The monkey that broke loose from the cage and was playing with visitors suddenly attacked the boy when the mother was changing his diaper.
"It happened within seconds," said the mother
Doctors said the baby was not in danger of death but it seemed the boy would lose his reproductive ability because his testicle had been eaten by the monkey.
The zoo agreed to pay 10,000 yuan to cover the boy's hospital bills but it failed to reach a compensation deal with the family.
Forklift mishap did $1M worth of damage to Australia wine
An unsteady forklift dropped a container full of fine Australian wine worth more than $1 million, smashing most of the bottles. The winemaker says he was shocked and numb after the loss of his flagship Shiraz.
Sparky Marquis of Mollydooker Wines lost a third of his Velvet Glove Shiraz production after the accident that destroyed all but one of the 462 cases bound for the United States. Each bottle of the Mollydooker wine sells for $200. He said the wine was fully insured.
The accident has crippled Mollydooker's U.S. launch in September. It will also impact the wine market in Australia.

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