Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is She or Is She not Still Sexy

Stewart said...
More muscular than me = not sexy
Anonymous said...
Stewart, you might as well have 1 fit person in the family!
My bet is she wont be fat at 40.
The Man said...
Stewart, are you afraid she will kick your butt?

One Time Only

My owner does "Stupid" things with me

A H.S. senior picture they can be proud of.

A dunk shot that you won't believe could happen

Banana’s Death Sentence

You're are here by order to be hung until you are no longer fresh

Mad Izatie said...
I’m guilty of this
Every time I buy bananas I keep forgetting about them and they rot.

Indonesian masseuses must lock their pants

Massage parlors in an Indonesian town are asking their female masseuses to padlock their skirts and pants to make it clear that sex is not on offer.
But the move has been protested by the women's affairs minister of Indonesia, where massage parlors are often a front for prostitution. "It is not the right way to prevent promiscuity," Meutia Swasono said. "It insults women ... as if they are the ones in the wrong."
At least one parlor in the tourist town of Batu on Java Island has required its masseuses to padlock their skirts or trousers to make it clear that the establishment does not tolerate prostitution.
Others in the town started following suit after local officials suggested it was a good idea at a recent meeting with parlor owners.
"The padlocking phenomena have been seen at various parlors and it is something we like," said Imam Suryono, the head of the town's public order authority. He denied media reports that he had formally ordered them to wear padlocks.

I can't fly

Birdman rally is cancelled
Those magnificent men in their non-flying machines are looking for a new runway.

Organizers have cancelled this year’s International Bognor Birdman competition, because of health and safety concerns.

The event involves running off the end of Bognor pier in an attempt to fly the furthest distance.

Maintenance work has left the pier 18.2 meters shorter, and organizers fear that the water at the end of the pier is too shallow. This year would have been the 30th anniversary of the Birdman competition. The event has been held in Bognor Regis every year since 1978, though it started in 1971 in nearby Selsey.

Happy Bear

This bear is way too happy about his first birthday.

Being A TV News Reporter

'Ouch Charlie!'

Small Bits of News

Papua New Guinea store owner steam cleans thieves
A dry-cleaning shop owner in Papua New Guinea has found a unique way of encouraging thieves to clean up their behaviour: giving them a steam cleaning. Police in the northeast coastal town of Lae said a 20-year-old man suffered burns and scalding to his abdomen, chest and back after the owner turned a steam cleaner on him after he was caught stealing pants worth 14 kina (2.80 pounds). "The owner has done this to many people already," police spokesman Nema Mondiai said. Police seemed unconcerned about the radical punishment and released the thief after being assured he had learned his lesson.
Pepsi Theft No Accident
Ohio Police Say Man Leaving Store With Pepsi Packs Was No Accident
Police say a security tape supports their claim: this Pepsi theft was no accident.
Thomas Sturgis, 50, of Cleveland, told WEWS-TV on Tuesday that after paying $157.20 for groceries Saturday night at Giant Eagle he forgot about a $4 case of soda under the cart and was arrested for petty theft.
But Brooklyn Chief Mark Tenaglia said Wednesday that security video shows Sturgis using a self-checkout with no items on the bottom of his cart.
Tenaglia says a second video camera shows Sturgis loading six 12-packs of Pepsi into his cart before he exited the store. The total value of the soda was $21.54 with tax.
Woman Accused Of DUI At Police Station
Oregon Woman Charged After Allegedly Driving To Police Office While Intoxicated
The Oregon State Police arrest drunken drivers on the road every day. But it's not often when the drivers show up drunk at a state police office. Troopers charged Ruby Ann Pederson, 42, of Newport with driving under the influence of intoxicants after she came to work to clean the state police office.
A trooper said she showed signs of being intoxicated after driving to the office with her 12-year-old son. A blood-alcohol test showed her level was 0.19 percent more than twice the legal limit. She was also charged with recklessly endangering another person.
Hi my name is Sydney and the story about the woman arriving to work drunk today reminds me of this sketch. It may fit in well with you website.
Thanks Sydney
Mixed Messages -NSFW

Woman arrested for driving drunk on her way to Bible class
A woman was driving drunk to a Sunday morning Bible study class when she failed to negotiate a Dunkin' Donuts drive-through and crashed into a fence, say police. As a result, Mary Lou Kohlhofer, 53, was arrested on a charge of aggravated driving while intoxicated.
Worker Trimming Trees Falls Into Wood Chipper, Dies
A city worker died after falling into a wood chipper while trimming trees in Inglewood.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the incident as an industrial accident, the station reported.
Click here to read more on this story from With News Video
Woman got One-in-a-Million Disease After Gastric Bypass Surgery
Doctors suspect a 22-year-old Virginia woman has contracted the human variant of mad cow disease shortly after she had gastric bypass surgery.
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, which affects roughly one-in-a-million people, is a degenerative and fatal brain disorder has been linked to tainted medical instruments and certain medical procedures, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Aretha Vinson’s health began to deteriorate three months ago, just after she had the surgery. First, her motor skills started to go and her memory faded. Now, the Portsmouth, Va., resident lies unconscious in a hospital bed. There is no cure or treatment for the disease.
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