Friday, December 5, 2008

Hose Job

Drunk driver had severed fuel nozzle still attached to car
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April Westfall from Nevada was arrested early yesterday on a drunk driving rap. And while there's nothing special about a 4:30 AM DUI bust, the circumstances of Westfall's arrest are unique. First, she was pulled over by an ambulance crew, not police, on U.S. Highway 395.
You can see in Nevada Highway Patrol photos, crew members were alerted to Westfall's ride when they noticed a fuel nozzle (and six feet of hose) attached to her gas tank. Westfall, a 40-year-old Reno resident, subsequently failed field sobriety tests and was booked into the Washoe County jail.

Road Goes Through Building in Osaka, Japan

Way to go Japan
Terrorists can just drive right under the building with a suicide truck bomb.
Chazza said...
You just gave all them terrorists an idea.

Yes, Yes and No - Toilet Sign

She Has Talent

Amazing Unicycle Skills !!!

Pussycat Dolls and Their Skanky Lingerie

See all the Hot Models
I can't take my eyes off her sexy ass

Getting Hit Hard


MSNBC Producer Goes Berserk During Live Show - NSFW

When they mess up switching camera's he rips everyone there a new one.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend With Cheeseburger
A Vero Beach Fla. man is facing a domestic violence charge after authorities say he assaulted his girlfriend with a cheeseburger.
An Indian River County Sheriff's Office arrest report says 22-year-old Vincent Gonzalez and his girlfriend got into an argument as they sat in a car in front of their home. The report says Gonzalez would not let her out of the vehicle so the woman threw his drink out of the car. In response, Gonzalez allegedly grabbed her arm and smashed the cheeseburger into her face. The pair got out of the car, and authorities say Gonzalez again took the McDonald's sandwich and put it on her face.
Woman Sues Sports Bar After Getting Stuck in Toilet
A woman is suing a Pennsylvania sports bar and restaurant, saying she got stuck inside a toilet bowl for 20 minutes after the seat broke.
Kathleen Hewko of Delran Township, N.J., says she was in the bathroom at Starters Pub near Allentown when the handicapped toilet seat she was sitting on cracked and dumped her into the bowl.
Hewko says in her lawsuit filed in federal court in November that she had hip surgery prior to the Nov. 19, 2006, incident and was re-injured when the seat broke.
The lawsuit names Starters and Kohler Co., the company that made the toilet seat.
Representatives from both companies said they couldn't comment.
Parents Sue School Over Cheerleaders' Nude Photo Suspension
The parents of two Seattle-area high school cheerleaders are suing the district for suspending the girls from the squad after nude photographs of them circulated via text message.
The two teens were suspended from the squad — one for 30 days and one for the entire year — after school officials learned of the photos in August.
The families suing Northshore School District weren't identified because the girls are minors.
The lawsuits, filed on Nov. 17, say the district violated the girls' due process rights, according to the paper. The families allege it was unnecessary for school officials to share the photos with other staff members, and claim they were negligent in failing to report the matter to police as a potential case of child pornography.
Matthew King, the attorney representing the families, said that it was unfair to punish the cheerleaders but not the other students who received or forwarded the photos.
Man + Camera + Teen Girls Undressed = Jail
Man Faces Charges in Secretly Taping Mom, Daughters Change
A man known as "Long Island's Favorite Magician" has been arrested for the second time in five months on charges he secretly videotaped undressed people.
Robert Infantino pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Thursday in Suffolk County Court. An indictment charges him with one count of promoting a sexual performance by a child and 32 counts of unlawful surveillance.
In August, the 50-year-old Central Islip man pleaded not guilty to a 78-count indictment accusing him of possessing child pornography and videotaping a woman and her daughters, ages 10 and 14.
The woman said she found a camera in the dressing room during a photo shoot at Infantino's home office.
His attorney, who has insisted his client is innocent, did not return a call seeking comment on the latest charges.