Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here Are Some Of The World's Wackiest Holidays

Inazawa, Japan: Hadaka Matsuri, The Naked Festival
Hidden somewhere in the midst of all these men in loincloths is one fully naked man.
Touching him is believed to bring good luck and happiness.

Nobsa, Colombia: International Poncho Day

Designed to promote the work of local artisans who weave traditional wool ponchos,
The parade and festival are a relatively new celebration.

Bunyol, Spain: Tomatina

People pelt each other with over 250 lbs. of tomatoes in a span of 60 minutes.
The event modestly described as the world's largest tomato fight.

Dublin, Georgia: The Summer Redneck Games

L-bow, the official mascot of the Summer Redneck Games, poses next to the mud pit with the festival's ceremonial torch.
Started in 1996 as a spoof of the summer Olympics held in Atlanta, the Games feature bobbing for pigs feet, hub cap hurling and the Redneck mud pit belly-flop contest.

Alaskan Black Bear In Our Car

Kid takes a spin in a chair and then tries to walk

How would he manage the tea cup ride at Disneyland?

Product of the Day: After Dinner Nipples

I wonder how long it would take your guests to notice they were eating cookies shaped like nipples? Maybe if your main course was fava beans and the drink of the evening was Chianti, they'd get very, very uneasy.

Crazy Ice Cream Names

I wouldn't order the Garlic Amaretto Chip or the Bacon Ice Cream
I don't know what the Sirius Black is?
The White Lightning sounds like alcohol.

Small Bits of News

Here's How You Grow Marijuana, Officer
When police asked an Ohio man about the potted marijuana plant in his front yard, he told them how to grow their own.
The first leaf of the story unfolded when a Cincinnati police officer asked Bobby Stevenson to explain the distinctive plant in his front yard, WCPO-TV Cincinnati reported Sunday.
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Drunken Men's "Mooning" Goes Horribly Wrong
A failed practical joke in which three men in a dinghy "bared their buttocks" at a group of people has been blamed for a boating accident on the Gold Coast that left a teenager with serious facial injuries.
A man was also issued with a Notice to Appear for drink driving of a vessel following the incident.
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A Rude Awakening Indeed
A Turkish man who broke into a Cyprus bank to steal from the ATM machine was found fast asleep on the floor by a cleaner who raised the alarm, Cypriot police said on Monday.
The cleaner stumbled over the suspect two hours before opening time and called in the police, who turned up to catch a tired man staggering out of the building.
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Car Problems Help Police In Robbery Arrest
Two robbery suspects were foiled by the very car they were trying to get away in.
It happened around 8:30 last night on Quioccasin Road at the Nottingham Green Apartments.
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