Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Dad accused of gruesomely abusing his 2 sons by circumcising them
A man who has two wives and has fathered 14 children is now defending himself in his own child abuse case.
Johnny Marlowe is accused of circumcising his sons with a utility knife.
When asked if he loved his children, he said, "Yes. Oh yeah man, definitely."
Teen cuts his fathers hands off while he sleep
A 17-year-old Taiwanese boy has been arrested for cutting off his father's hands, allegedly for years of physical abuse, a police official said.
The boy cut through his father's wrists with a knife while he was asleep at the family's home in central Miaoli, the official said. The official was speaking on condition of anonymity, citing department policy.
The 37-year-old father, a divorced ironsmith, was in stable condition after doctors reattached his severed hands, the official said.
The father and son were identified only by their surname, Fan.
The police official said the boy admitted to cutting his father's hands off and showed no remorse, complaining that he was beaten after refusing to get a job while attending school.
The boy told the police that since his mother left home some 10 years ago, his father had frequently beat him and even tossed a chair or other objects at him.
The boy said he bought a knife and planned to kill his father two days earlier after his father reprimanded him for refusing to work and denied him allowances.
Missing 12-year-old girl is 8 ½ months pregnant
An Amber Alert has been issued for a pregnant 12-year-old and her younger sister from Mooresville.
Police issued the alert because the pregnant sister missed an appointment last week for an important medical procedure, and now her health could be a great risk.
The Iredell County Sheriff's Office says Keara and Sierra Hess have been missing since last Wednesday.
The girls, who are 12 and 11, are believed to be with their adoptive father, Matthew Hess.
Chances are high pot will be legal
That proposed ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in California for people 21 and older - and let local government tax the sales - has a good chance of passing.
People are no longer outraged by the idea of legalization, and truth be told, there is just too much money to be made both by the people who grow marijuana and the cities and counties that would be able to tax it.
Unlike the 1970s, when Mayor George Moscone first moved to decriminalize pot, marijuana is no longer about hippies. Thanks to medical marijuana, pot has moved from the alleyways to Main Street, with pot clubs springing up all over the state.
House Damaged By Wrong-House Oil Delivery
Ferrantino Fuel Corp. Pumps 100 Gallons of Oil into John Byas' Home, and He Doesn't Even Have an Oil Tank
His family has been forced out of their home, and his wife has been hospitalized from the fumes.
To say John Byas is angry over what happened to his home is putting it mildly.
"I work hard and it's a lot of money wasted," Byas said.
His newly renovated basement is ruined, his carpet yanked up, and furniture is piled outside in a heap, all because of a mistake made by the Ferrantino Fuel Corporation. They delivered 100 gallons of oil to his home – pumped through an outside pump, flooding the basement – but Byas has lived at the home for two decades, and has never had an oil tank.