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Man Arrested for 29th Time

A man is arrested for the 29th time, so why don't judges keep him behind bars?
Several citizens have been really upset about this. They've expressed their outrage as far back as February when Michael Pino had a court appearance.

At that time, he was charged with having hundreds of stolen items, plus drugs, in his Provo apartment.
The judge felt the paperwork filed by police outlining the evidence against him was not detailed enough to keep him in jail, so the judge let him go on his own recognizance.
Now, he's been arrested again, for the 29th time. Officers say they caught Pino filling his truck with items from a storage facility used by Highland City.

So Pino is back in jail, but why does he keep getting out? Utah County Attorney Chad Grunander says, "I think everyone involved is trying to pursue justice. It's not a perfect system. But I can speak to these cases now. Mr. Pino was charged with four felonies in these two most recent cases of which he was convicted. He entered his guilty pleas. He pled as charged on all felony charges, so there's an aggressive pursuit against Mr. Pino, and we are doing what we can to protect the community."
Pino pled guilty to the previous charges against him. Prosecutors say he has no chance of bailing out of jail. He'll stay behind bars until he's sentenced on August 9.

When you have to go you have to go

Woman Comes Home to Find Burglar Using Her Toilet
FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — A woman who stepped out to buy a newspaper Thursday returned home to find that an intruder had made him self comfortable — on her toilet.

The man apparently cut a screen and unlocked a door while the woman, in her 80s, was out, police said. She had noticed the man outside when she was leaving, police said.

At about 5:30 a.m., she returned and noticed that the bathroom door was closed.

When she opened the door, she saw him perched on the toilet.

"How long are you going to be?" she asked, among other things. When the man responded in Spanish, which she doesn't understand, she told him she was calling police.

He left quickly, and police are investigating.

The man is described as a Hispanic male in his late 20s. He was wearing a sleeveless black shirt; dark pants and had a tattoo on one of his upper arms.

Here's Tiny - the 7ft 3in dog

Just when we thought we had featured Britain's biggest dog, along comes Tiny.
The hulking hound stands at 2.2m (7ft 3in) on his hind legs – an impressive 25cm (10in) taller than Samson, the awesome beast featured in Wednesday's Metro.
Tiny the Great Dane towers over his 6ft 1in owner Iain Newby
Unlike Samson, a Newfoundland- Great Dane cross, Tiny is pure Great Dane, towering over his 1.85m (6ft 1in) owner Iain Newby.
Mr Newby, 40, said: 'I've never seen a bigger dog than Tiny. He's got 40in legs. I'm a 32in leg. He's bigger than some horses in the fields we walk past.
'It's funny when we are out walking and someone turns round – and almost jumps out of their skin.
'I get some funny looks when I'm calling him back to me, people look as if to say, “Tiny?”
'We used to have a dining room but now we have a Tiny room. He sleeps on a sofa.'
Tiny – found at a rescue center – lives with Mr Newby, wife Lisa, 34, and sons Jack, three, Harry, two, and one-year-old Bryce in Great Wakering, Essex.
They have four other dogs and a range of exotic animals, all rescued. Tiny, believed to be five, tucks into 2kg (4.4lb) of meat every day and weighs a whopping 108kg.
Still, he may need to keep looking over his shoulder: at the tender age of three and weighing 100kg, Samson is still growing.

World's tallest man meets world's shortest man

In the continuing adventures of the world's tallest man, Bao Xishun, our hero shakes hands with He Pingping, who is currently aiming for a place in the Guiness Book of Records as the world's shortest man.
The historic meeting between Bao, who stands 2.36 meters (7.9 feet) tall, and He, who only reaches 73 centimeters (2.4 feet) in height, took place in Baotou, in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Friday.

We have previously seen Bao, a herdsman from Inner Mongolia, as he saved the lives of two dolphins by using his long arms to reach down their throats and remove plastic shards from their stomachs.
And more recently, Bao has hit the headlines due to his search for love - which he eventually found with 5 foot 6 inch saleswoman Xia Shujian. The couple married in a traditional Mongolian ceremony earlier this week.
Bao became officially recognized as the world's tallest man last year, beating the previous record holder, Radhouane Charbib of Tunisia, by just 2mm.

Yep, Mexican food will do that to you.

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P Ing Boy

Gags Just for Laughs Prank,
Hidden Camera with public reaction to bizzare acts.

Powerful P Ing Boy - Celebrity bloopers here

Insane Skater On Massive Ramp


Cardboard Main Ingredient in Chinese Steamed Buns,2933,289081,00.html
July 12, 2007

BEIJING — Chopped cardboard, softened with an industrial chemical and flavored with fatty pork and powdered seasoning, is a main ingredient in batches of steamed buns sold in one Beijing neighborhood, state television said.
The report, aired late Wednesday on China Central Television, highlights the country's problems with food safety despite government efforts to improve the situation.
Countless small, often illegally run operations exist across China and make money cutting corners by using inexpensive ingredients or unsavory substitutes.
"What's in the recipe?" the reporter asks. "Six to four," the man says. "You mean 60 percent cardboard? What is the other 40 percent?" asks the reporter. "Fatty meat," the man replies.
The bun maker and his assistants then give a demonstration on how the product is made.
Squares of cardboard picked from the ground are first soaked to a pulp in a plastic basin of caustic soda — a chemical base commonly used in manufacturing paper and soap — then chopped into tiny morsels with a cleaver. Fatty pork and powdered seasoning are stirred in.
Soon, steaming servings of the buns appear on the screen. The reporter takes a bite.
"This baozi filling is kind of tough. Not much taste," he says. "Can other people taste the difference?"
"Most people can't. It fools the average person," the maker says. "I don't eat them myself."
The police eventually showed up and shut down the operation.

Yep, I am a Bull Headed Ass..................


Police investigate bizarre dog attack claim

Police are trying to determine whether a pit bull sexually assaulted a 2-year-old boy, and why.
Lockport Police Detective Capt. Larry Eggert said they are interviewing witnesses and meeting with dog behavioral experts to try and figure out what motivated the dog.
The boy's mother told police the dog, a 2-year-old pit bull named Bear, sodomized the boy while the mother was in another room. “She left the baby alone for a short period of time,” Eggert said. “She heard a scream; she ran in the room and saw the dog and the boy.” Eggert said the toddler had removed his own soiled diaper and asked to be changed just before the attack. His mother sent him into the living room to get a new diaper, Eggert said. The boy was alone with the dog for only a brief time. When the mother heard the boy scream, she told police she went into the living room and found the dog had mounted the child, Eggert said. The mother told police she began yelling at the dog and spooked it.
The dog dragged the boy out onto the porch, where neighbors saw what was happening. A passerby who helped rescue the boy said he heard the woman screaming and saw the dog's mouth holding the child's leg and stomach. The toddler was taken to Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, where he remained after having surgery on Sunday night. A DNA sample was taken from the dog to compare with DNA taken from the boy to ensure the attack actually did take place as reported. “It’s not a pleasant case to have to work with,” Eggert said. “It’s almost unbelievable.”

Man drives around with a corpse

A man got into the dead person's car, and drove the corpse to a cash machine so that he could take money out of dead person's account, according to police. Police discovered the dead guy in a state of mild decomposition in a truck in a parking lot in Allentown Pennsylvania, after they were initially called to arrest a man for a completely different crime.
The man, identified as 45-year-old Dennis James Laslo, was arrested on Saturday after he allegedly tried to snatch a purse from a woman shopping in a supermarket.
However, in the process of investigating that crime, the police happened upon the corpse of 50-year-old Maynard Samuel Anthony, which was sitting in a pickup truck. According to police, it turned out that Laslo had discovered Anthony's body in the truck earlier that day. Naturally, his first response was to drive the vehicle, with the corpse still inside, to a bank in Allentown. There, he tried to use Anthony's cash card to withdraw money from an ATM, before then driving to the supermarket – still with the corpse – and attempting to steal the purse.
He has now been charged with attempted theft, theft, and the delightful crime of 'abuse of a corpse'.