Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go out and Vote!!!

Broken Machines, Shortages Plague Voters Around the Country
Record turnout is making typical Election Day glitches keep voters in line for hours.

America............she's got talent.................NSFW

Amy G shows us her very special talent, with her panties down!
She has my Vote

Need a Laugh

Mutton Busting

Young Miniature Horse on the Loose!

Anyone up for the Challenge.....

Nick Vujicic - Positive Thinking

Japan's Obama Town Gets Ready to Party for U.S. Namesake.

People in Obama, Japan are dancing, singing and playing the guitar, residents in the sleepy Japanese fishing port of Obama are readying to party for Barack Obama before Tuesday's U.S. presidential election.
Around 50 men, women and children wearing "I Love Obama" T-shirts practiced hula dancing over the weekend for the Honolulu-born Democratic candidate, hoping he will win the vote and one day visit the town as U.S. President.
"I'm 85 percent confident that Obama will win," said hotel owner Seiji Fujiwara, who heads a group backing Obama in hopes that the town, with a population of 32,000, can share his fame and attract more visitors. "I think he'll be alright."
Shops in the town have been selling everything from T-shirts, fish burgers and steamed cakes to chopsticks bearing Obama's name.

Army Sweethearts gets Naked

Army wives has mobilized to strip off and raise money for hero soldiers.
The women — aged from 23 to 39 — have posed naked with a bit of their husbands’ military gear for a 2009 calendar titled Garrison Girls.
Organizer Sarah Bennett Thurston "Our aim is to raise £64,000."

Simple Question - Are you Male or Female?

Transvestite Refuses To Divulge Its Sex In Jail
Female cop had to do a physical eye "verification."
Chazza said...
'We are gonna keep it quiet' You just said that on national TV.
Nice One.
I think better choice of words would be
"You just said it on the Internet."

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Burglar Arrested for Having Sex with Dummies
A burglar was spotted getting cosy with store mannequins
Department store staff were left shocked after discovering a burglar tucked up in bed with some of their plastic female dummies.
Staff who opened the store in the morning found Metin Erzurum wrapped up in a window display bed with three mannequins. The 37-year-old kinky burglar is being charged with burglary and criminal damage after admitting he attempted an orgy with the dummies.
Teen's 'Fantastic' new name 'Super' long
A teenager has changed his name to Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined.
The teenager thinks his new name is 'crazy.' The record-breaking name, now thought to be the world's longest, was the idea of music graduate George Garratt, 19.
He changed his name by deed poll online for £10 last week.
Captain Fantastic said: I wanted to be unique.
Drugs smugglers break down outside Kenya police base
Elite Kenyan police who went to help a luxury 4x4 that broke down outside their base were surprised when the occupants took off on foot -- until officers took a closer look and found the vehicle loaded with marijuana.
"When the occupants refused assistance and fled, officers became suspicious and searched the vehicle," finding about $20,000 worth of the drug.
Teen arrested breaking into police station
The long arm of the law didn't have to reach too far to arrest one Australian teenager, who was caught breaking into a police station in the early hours of Monday.
Officers working in the back of the police station in a suburb of the southern city of Adelaide heard the front door glass being smashed and found the 16-year old in the front hall.
"A teenage boy has discovered the quickest way of getting arrested is to break into a police station," South Australia state police said in a statement on its website.
About A$2,000 ($1,340) of damage was caused and the boy was denied bail, the statement said.
A police spokesman added the youth did not give a reason for his actions, and may have had "a bit too much to drink."
Teen found out he’s no Superman
A teenage bodybuilder has been crushed to death while trying to stop a minivan from rolling into another car in Brooklyn.
Mousa Alijahmi, a freshman at the College of Staten Island, was working as a restaurant valet when he died Saturday afternoon.
Police said the 17-year-old student had just parked the minivan and stepped out when the vehicle started rolling — apparently because he had not put it in park. As he ran behind it, the more than 3,000-pound van knocked him into a parked SUV, crushing him.