Sunday, June 26, 2011

Could this be the world's smelliest man?

The farm worker who has not had a wash in 37 years Kailash Singh believes not washing will help him have a son It is not an achievement that can readily be savored by his nearest and dearest.
But Kailash Singh has as good a claim as any to the accolade of world's smelliest man - after refusing to wash for more than 37 years.
Mr. Singh, 65, has not bathed or cut his 6ft-long dreadlocks since 1974, shortly after he married.
Despite neighbors joking the sweaty farmer would be lucky persuade his wife to have any children at all, his religious guidance clearly failed - he has seven daughters.
Mr. Singh spends his days tending cows in 116 degrees heat, yet the only 'cleansing' he does allow himself is a 'fire bath' each evening, which involves smoking marijuana, praying to the Hindu Lord Shiva and dancing around a bonfire.
His long-suffering family admits they did once try to force him into a stream.
'He fought us off and ran away,' said wife Kalavati Devi, 60. 'We've tried several times since to force him to have a shower but he puts up such a fuss.
'He says he'd rather die than take a bath and only a son could change his mind. It has been so many years now I've got used to it.'
His wife even threatened to stop sleeping with him if he didn't bath, but she gave in first, insisting she should be loyal and put up with the stench.

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Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

TSA told a 95-year-old to take off her underwear
A woman has filed a complaint with federal authorities over how her elderly mother was treated at Northwest Florida Regional Airport last weekend.
Jean Weber of Destin filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security after her 95-year-old mother was detained and extensively searched while trying to board a plane to fly to Michigan to be with family members during the final stages of her battle with leukemia.
Her mother, who was in a wheelchair, was told to remove an adult diaper in order to complete a pat-down search.
Weber said she had to sit outside the room during the search.
Security personnel came out and told her they would need for her mother to remove her Depends diaper because it was soiled and was impeding their search.
Weber wheeled her mother into a bathroom, removed her diaper and returned. Her mother did not have another clean diaper with her, Weber said.
You can verbal abuse police because courts won't convict
Police have been banned from arresting foul-mouthed people who abuse them with the most offensive swear words in the language.
The rule change, which has sparked a revolt in the force and anger among MPs, is revealed in secret advice issued to officers. Scotland Yard has issued a card to its officers, telling them to do nothing if they are subjected to a torrent of obscene abuse.
The card, which the police are told to keep on them, secreted behind their warrant badges, says: ‘The courts do not accept police officers are caused harassment, alarm or distress by words such as ‘f**k, c**t, b******s, w*****s f****** pig.’