Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Some of us will never see it (Naked)

Don't You Dare Move

Astrology-mad Russians snap up rats for New Year

Russian pet shops are reporting a shortage of domestic rats, as shoppers snap them up ahead of the Chinese New Year - the Year of the Rat. Shoppers are said to be buying even mice, hamsters or gerbils. But vets warn that some unwanted rats will be released in the streets. While Russia's main religion is Christian Orthodox, Chinese astrology is a pastime for many. Chinese New Year, based on the Moon's cycles, begins on 7 February this year.

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Small Bits of News

Man Accused of Setting Fire That Killed Daughter, Her Family
MARKHAM, Ill. — A suburban Chicago man is accused of setting an apartment fire — killing his pregnant daughter, her husband and their young child — because the son-in-law didn't ask permission for the marriage, prosecutors said.
Subhash Chander, 57, of Oak Forest was ordered held without bond Tuesday on three counts of first-degree murder, one count of intentional homicide of an unborn child and one count of aggravated arson.
Prosecutors allege Chander used gasoline to start the fire late Saturday. The India native told police he disliked his son-in-law because he belonged to a lower caste and had married his daughter without his consent, said Cook County First Assistant State's Attorney Robert Milan.
"His son-in-law was beneath him in his opinion," Milan said.

University to Begin Testing Viagra-Like Drug on Women
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va — A drug that could do for women what Viagra has done for men is being tested at the University of Virginia. The drug is a testosterone-laden ointment called LibiGel and it's intended to boost the libido of women who have lost interest in sex. It will be prescribed at UVa in coming months to women who are suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The condition is believed to affect one-third of American women.
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Robber Focused On Cash, Not Cop
A would-be bank robber was clued in about demanding money at a Boston bank counter but clueless about the customer behind him -- a police officer in uniform.
Suspect Adam Grennan didn't realize police officer Kamau Pritchard was standing behind him, in uniform, about to draw his weapon and place the man under arrest, The Boston Globe reported.
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