Monday, February 2, 2009

“PUBLIC” Restroom

This is what it looks like from the inside.
It is made entirely of one-way glass.

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Rich said...
I wonder what it says about your readers that the poll results are 100% no problem.
It would be like using a Blue Porty Potty but with a view.
. .
trail dust said...
“Rich said...I wonder what it says about your readers that the poll results are 100% no problem.” YEAY! I voted, or at least stepped up to the pole :)
I used to go to a pizza joint in Oklahoma City in the mid 90’s and the rest room had walls just like that. It was a trip using the dumper watching people eating plain as day a couple feet away! Everybody loved that place.
Tattoo Jim said...
I'd be so busy looking that I'd forget what I went in for.
Looks like it would be fun for a closet voyeur.
Samantha said...
More fun than reading a magazine while doing your business, for sure.

Prank 911 Calls

Prank 911 Calls Send SWAT Teams to Unsuspecting Homes

Doug Bates and his wife, Stacey, were in bed around 10 p.m., their 2-year-old daughters asleep in a nearby room. Suddenly they were shaken awake by the wail of police sirens and the rumble of a helicopter above their suburban Southern California home. A criminal must be on the loose, they thought.
Doug Bates got up to lock the doors and grabbed a knife. A beam from a flashlight hit him. He peeked into the backyard. A swarm of police, assault rifles drawn, ordered him out of the house. Bates emerged, frightened and with the knife in his hand, as his wife frantically dialed 911. They were handcuffed and ordered to the ground while officers stormed the house.
The scene of mayhem and carnage the officers expected was nowhere to be found. Neither the Bateses nor the officers knew that they were pawns in a dangerous game being played 1,200 miles away by a teenager bent on terrifying a random family of strangers.
They were victims of a new kind of telephone fraud that exploits a weakness in the way the 911 system handles calls from Internet-based phone services. The attacks — called "swatting" because armed police SWAT teams usually respond — are virtually unstoppable, and an Associated Press investigation found that budget-strapped 911 centers are essentially defenseless without an overhaul of their computer systems.


Big Ben said...
I sincerely hope that the people who make these calls get the crap beat out of them by some random stroke of luck..

How about when they actually need 911 help and they don't show up because they (911) thought it was a prank.

The Cave House is Up For Sale

If you have $1,950,000 lying around.
Here’s your chance to live in a 3-bedroom cave house in Arizona.

Tonytc said...
We have some pretty cool cave houses in Australia as well...makes good sense to live underground in harsh conditions.

Russian Revenge Cars

Car sealed shut in revenge.

Super Bowl porn hits US viewers

Larry Fitzgerald was scoring for the Cardinals when the coverage was hit

US sports fans in Arizona got a surprise when their TV coverage of American football's Super Bowl was interrupted by a pornographic film.
Tucson-based KVOA-TV said it was "dismayed and disappointed" after some cable viewers had their match coverage disrupted towards the end of the game.
The company said the material was only seen by viewers of one cable network.
"KVOA will investigate what happened and make sure our viewers get answers," company president Gary Nielsen said.
"When the NBC feed of the Super Bowl was transmitted from KVOA to local cable providers and through over-the-air antennas, there was no pornographic material," he added.
Comcast, the cable company whose viewers saw the material, said it was investigating.
Local media outlets reported that they received calls from furious viewers.
The clip showed a woman unzipping a man's trousers, followed by a graphic act between the two.
"I just figured it was another commercial until I looked up," viewer Cora King told the Arizona Daily Star.
"Then he did his little dance with everything hanging out."
The interruption happened just after the last touchdown by the Arizona Cardinals, who lost the match to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Super Bowl XLIII Commercials

Doritos - Crystal Ball