Sunday, March 23, 2008

Imaging that a “Kodak Moment”

Police Abuse Their Power

I wondered why the golf ball was getting bigger.

Then it hit me.
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Joanne Casey said...
I remember that from an episode of Father Ted :-D

The Winning Wheelie


Joanne Casey said...
Even funnier if that bus is full of old-age pensioners.
Anonymous said...

Oh My God!?!

Anonymous said...
That last one has to be photoshopped

Complete this Sentence

“The worst thing about going to work on Monday is __________ .”
Joanne Casey said...
It's the same shit, different week.

The Pedal Mobile

The car, which uses muscle power in lieu of a motor, is propelled by four independent pedal and gear systems that are set inside of its metal body.
The alterna-car, a 1986 Buick Regal, was designed by artist Michel de Broin and was being displayed as part of a touring gallery exhibit in Toronto. Broin removed the engine, suspension, transmission and electrical system in the car – all of which the artist calls “superfluous devices,” and replaced these motorized mechanisms with the human-powered pedals and gears.

Thanks B&P

Wow she sure got my attention!

Delta's Red-Headed Flight Attendant a Hit on YouTube

Council couldn't contain itself

Australian council takes revenge on suspected tree loppers

A council has taken the extraordinary step of stacking two empty shipping containers on a cliff top to spoil water views for householders suspected of illegally cutting down trees. Port Stephens Council put them there - with a crane, at a cost of more than $10,000 - to punish those responsible for cutting down 20 trees. Irate locals are calling the green monolith "a monument to stupidity" and complain they are being treated like children.

Anonymous said...
A better idea would be to have made whoever cut down the trees pay to replace them.

Small Bits Of News

Man Rides Horse Through Hawaii Hospital
HONOLULU -- Hospital patients always enjoy a visitor or two, but officials said one Hawaii man went too far when he rode his horse into a hospital to visit his father.
A spokesman for Wilcox Memorial Hospital on the Hawaiian island of Kauai said a man called the hospital earlier this month and said he was going to ride his father's horse into the hospital, where his father was a patient.
"He proceeded to take the horse up the elevator up to the nursing floor where he was met by security and our nurse supervisor," said the spokesman.
The man, who authorities said appeared, intoxicated at the time, posed for pictures with the horse and an off-duty nurse.
The animal was escorted out of the building after the man's father claimed the horse wasn't his, the spokesman said.
Man arrested for spraying neighbor with garden hose
A man was arrested on suspicion of assault after he sprayed his next-door neighbor with a garden hose during a minor argument. Bob Cornwall, 41, a financial adviser, had his fingerprints taken and was forced to give a DNA sample during three hours of police questioning.
He had sprayed his neighbor, John Tait, 67, with water after he complained that Mr Cornwall was dumping branches in his garden. Mr Cornwall said yesterday: "He was angry, red-faced and shouting. I had the hose in my hand, so without really thinking about it, I sprayed him with water."
Drug Bust Nets a Ton of Marijuana, $3 Million and 82 Guns
PATASKALA, Ohio — Police say a central Ohio drug bust included more than $3 million in cash and more than a ton of marijuana.
Police and federal investigators say they found 82 guns at two houses in Pataskala. Four men now face federal charges of conspiring in a marijuana ring.
Police say they found $3.2 million in the walls of a house where 39-year-old Donald Dailey lived. In a nearby trailer, officials say they found 2,100 pounds of marijuana.
Police also arrested Daily's 38-year-old brother Timothy. At Timothy Dailey's home, they found another $100,000 in the walls, as well as a pound of marijuana.
Police also arrested two men from Texas: 66-year-old Marvin Jackson and 65-year-old William Stevenson.
Deputies make emu a jail bird
JESUP IOWA — A Buchanan County sheriff’s deputy discovered Saturday it takes three grown men to prevent an emu from crossing the road.
One to tackle its legs, one to hold down its upper body and one to tie it up.
“I had a rope, so we tied its legs up and put a bag over its head,” said Christopher Chesmore, the deputy. “Apparently, I didn’t know that if you put a bag over these things’ heads, it calms them down, it takes the fight out of them.”