Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Woman delighted the crowd but not the authorities
A woman that was old enough to know better has been fined $400 for flashing her bare buttocks and spanking herself in front of a crowd of about 200 people, including children, at the Gold Coast Indy.
Lucinda Dorothy Dimond, 37, of Main Beach, yesterday pleaded guilty to public nuisance over her crowd-pleasing balcony performance on October 26.
Ms Dimond was wearing a short denim skirt and white top when she walked out on the balcony, turned her back to the crowd, pulled up her skirt and exposed her buttocks before 'spanking it', the court was told.
Police said it appeared she was not wearing any underwear.
However, the customer service worker has denied claims by police that she appeared not to be wearing any underwear.
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Patient was told to buy own tweezers
A hospital told a patient to buy his own tweezers to remove his ingrown eyelashes when he arrived at A & E.
Medical staff at Maidstone Hospital told Dai Williams, 45, they couldn't find a suitable instrument to conduct the procedure.
They then suggested that he 'pop out' and buy his own.
So Mr Williams drove three miles to the nearest supermarket and bought a pair before returning to the hospital to have the painful eyelashes removed.
We all know the NHS is having problems but this was just too much to take - having to buy my own equipment. I was lucky I didn't have heart problems.
Mr Williams, from Staplehurst, paid £3.45 for a pair of tweezers. He said he let the hospital keep them, because it must be feeling the "credit crunch".
A hospital spokesman said: "We are sorry there were no tweezers small enough in the department and thank Mr Williams for offering to help solve the problem."
Drunk Driver Dilemma
A Polish motorist lost his licence after he drove to a police station to ask officers if he was too drunk to drive.
Dariusz Mazowiecki, 33, was breathalyzed, arrested and charged following the incident in Bialystok in north east Poland.
A police spokesman said: "He had been out drinking with friends and at the end of the night wasn't sure if he was over the limit or not and wanted to find a policeman to ask.
Unfortunately he decided the nearest station was too far for him to walk and so he drove there.
"Officers did a breath test and found he was over the limit. He was arrested and was stripped of his licence."
Have I overlooked anything?
A US man who built a Lamborghini sportscar in his cellar had to dig into the foundations of his house to get it out.
Ken Imhoff began building the sportscar after falling in love with it during the movie Cannonball Run.
But it took him 17 years to build his own version of the car in the basement of his home in Wisconsin.
However, when he finished assembling it, he was confronted with the problem of how to get the car out.
He had to hire an excavator to gouge out a slope in his garden and then dig down into the foundations of his house. The car was then hooked up to the excavator and pulled out.
Despite the amount of effort involved, Mr Imhoff said that it was all worth it.