Friday, April 1, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Fake massage parlor inspector demands rubdown
Authorities in Newport Beach California say a man is charged with demanding a rubdown and $200 while pretending to be a massage parlor inspector.
Orange County prosecutors charged Edward Justin LaPorte with felony burglary and misdemeanor counts of impersonating a peace officer and firearm violations. The 47-year-old faces arraignment Friday in Newport Beach.
Investigators say LaPorte is a former police officer from Illinois. They say he was wearing a badge when he entered the Golden Spa massage parlor in Lake Forest and told the manager he was investigating a complaint.
Prosecutors say he then complained of back pain, and a masseuse gave him a back rub before LaPorte asked for a frontal massage, which was refused.
Teen sentenced for dangerous pranks
A judge in New Jersey has sentenced a 16-year-old to 13 months of intensive supervision for pulling off a series of pranks last year.
The teen admitted dialing 911 in October and telling authorities he was inside a closet at a restaurant in Gloucester County because a gunman was going from room to room shooting customers.
The teen also admitted using Facebook to threaten students and teachers at Clearview High School, where he's a student.
The boy won't go to jail but will be in court supervision until his 18th birthday.
'Vodka Tampon'
Police in southern Germany warned this week of a dangerous new form of alcohol abuse among teens – using tampons soaked in vodka to get drunk quickly and hide the smell. The practice poses grave health risks, they said.
Police in the Baden-Württemburg city of Tuttlingen responded Tuesday to growing online chatter among teenagers that they could become intoxicated using the vodka tampons without having alcohol on their breath.
This is not true, police said, denying that it was an effective way to get drunk. They also warned girls that the alcohol could damage vaginal walls and increase the risk of infection. Boys have reportedly also been using tampons anally.

Teen girl made mom buy car at gunpoint
Florida officials say a 17-year-old girl forced her mother at gunpoint to buy her a car.
According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, the teen was charged with battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and unlawful possession of a firearm by a person younger than 18 years old. The teen is at a juvenile detention facility and is not being identified because of her age.
The mother said she did not want to press charges because her daughter had been accepted to several Ivy League schools.
Authorities say the gun had been stolen from a Lee County Port Authority officer last year. The teen was not charged in that crime.

Teens steal keys to stayed the weekend inside school
Authorities in Manitowoc Wis. say two 17-year-old high school students have been arrested after they were caught living in their school over a weekend.
Manitowoc police say the teenagers stayed after hours in Friday, Mar. 18, and stole the janitor's keys, which gave them access to the whole school.
Police Capt. Jason Freiboth says the teens allegedly broke into several lockers, stole personal items and stole food from the cafeteria.
He says police got a tip the teens were in the school. The teens were already wanted for questioning in connection with some retail thefts.
When arrested March 21, both teens told police they used the school as a place to stay because they didn't live at home. They have been in jail since then.
Man died by “Sex”
A Malawian man who collapsed and died while having sex with a hooker was killed by “sexual sweetness”, a police spokeswoman said.
Newspapers in that country say Fletcher Jere picked the hooker from the Ndirande suburb of the capital, Blantyre, “to quench his libido”.
But he suddenly collapsed and fell off a bed after a steamy sex romp with the prostitute.
Police spokeswoman Edina Ligowe said that “Jere died of too much sexual excitement and sweetness.
“The sex worker will not be prosecuted because she committed no crime by being too sweet for the man.”
Medical experts say the man may have died of cardiogenic shock -- a condition in which the heart fails to supply blood to the rest of the body. This can be caused by “dangerous heart rhythms”.
Most likely, the experts say, Jere had an underlying heart defect.

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