Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hey, they Legalized Robbery

San Francisco Today
Coming to your local Pay This Or Else.....
You Walk Establishment Tomorrow
Anonymous said...
$3.25 this morning in Virginia Beach this morning.
"The local retailer only makes pennies per gallon". Ummm, yea, right.
Anonymous said...
Here in Britain, it costs the equivalent of just over $8.00 per gallon.

Photo of the Day:

Skippy Peanut Butter Tin Can, 1930s
With a Name Like That, It Damn Well Better Be Good

Retired Men Drill Team

Leaving a Message

Cigarette packs patch up hole in chest

Never mind nicotine patches - a DIY patient is using cigarette packets to cover up a gaping hole in his chest.
Rao Jiacang plastered the packets over himself after running out of money for crucial heart surgery.
Somehow he has survived for ten years, despite his beating heart being gruesomely visible through the paper folds.
But he is now desperate for a donor to come forward to pay for proper treatment to cover over the wound measuring seven by three inches.
Part of his ribs and skin were hacked away by surgeons in 1998, hoping to remove part of his infected lungs.

Office Copier - NSFW

Sat Nav sends mini-bus into river

A mini-bus owned by a taxi firm called Streamline was left stranded after a satellite navigation system guided it into a river.
The driver was on his way to collect a fare in Castle Acre, near King's Lynn, Norfolk, on Saturday night when he took a wrong turn into the River Nar.
A spokeswoman for the King's Lynn-based business said: 'The driver told us he was following his sat nav and, when it told him to carry straight on, he did, even though it was taking him along the river.'
The vehicle was removed on Sunday and is being examined by mechanics.

Watch Out It's Going To Pop

How would you go from..........

Point A to B to C
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Caption This.........

Look at how the syringe is put in his arm.
It's like using a knife.

Mad Izatie said...
I remember getting shots when I was in school and I dreaded that day.

Small Bits of News

Student booted from school after refusing to recite Pledge of Allegiance
A public high school student's refusal to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance got her booted from class in Hamilton County until a lawyer explained that her actions are religious.
Eighteen-year-old Tyner Academy senior Quinesha Garrett was removed this week from daytime classes and ordered to night school, where the pledge is not recited. She said she's a devout Christian and believes she should not pledge her allegiance to anyone but God.
Pets eat body left three years on floor
A partially mummified body lay on the floor for three years and was eaten by household pets in a house occupied by the dead woman's mentally ill sister. Responding to a neighbors's concern, police in the US city of Detroit discovered the body of the woman, thought to have died in her 80s, on the kitchen floor in a house shared with her sister.
A cat and a dog had apparently eaten part of the body which was partially covered with newspapers and had apparently been left lying by the sister for three years, police said. The sister, also in her 80s and suffering from mental problems, has reportedly been taken to a crisis center.
Mom threw boiling water over daughter's boyfriend
A furious mother poured boiling water over a man as he slept - in revenge for dumping her daughter, a court heard yesterday. Steven Wade, 32, was left with red scald marks on his face, chest and shoulders after a week's treatment in a burns unit last August.
Marie Bell, 56, is alleged to have attacked him after he finished with her daughter Jemma Watts, 28. The court heard Bell turned up at 5am in the house where Mr Wade was staying, near hers in Swindon, Wilts. He recalled waking up in pain and said: "I saw Marie with a kettle in her hand. I was burning. I was shouting 'Why did you do that?' She said. 'You know why, you know why, because of my Jemma'." Bell denies causing GBH, saying she tripped over Mr Doyle's dog, Sacha, a nine-year-old Jack Russell. The trial continues.