Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hell I’m Not Dead Yet

”I want to feel it one more time”

Don't they all look the same to you?

I Am Not Raciest - It is just a joke.

Better Off Not Seen

This could have been prevented

Cat fight separated by glass

72-yr-old lady falls head-first onto a knife and survives

Feb 6, 2008
BATTLE GROUND, Wash. - A bizarre accident left a woman with a knife lodged deep in her head and what is so amazing is that she actually survived.

Townsen was pulling weeds at her home in Battle Ground when she set a knife down with the blade up and then tripped when she went to turn around, landing right onto the knife.

A neighbor girl who was shooting baskets across the street when the accident happened and immediately ran inside to get her mom, Kelly Eldred.

Watch the story A STRONG WARNING: Some of the images in the video clip and photo gallery are VERY GRAPHIC in nature. The images include photos of the scene in Mary Townsen's driveway as paramedics responded to help her and photos from the emergency room as doctors treated her.


Shame on you Katie Rees you have been very naughty

WARNING: Clicking on the link below will take you to pictures of Katie Rees.
Miss Nevada 2007 that appears on the Web site

• Click here to see some of the photos (Viewer discretion is advised).

"Please, help me"

What is this and where does it go?


"Instant Death: blue ringed octopus"
The poison these things deliver with a single bite is deadly, the problem is that they flash the blue rings to warn off an attacker - kids think they look pretty and pick them up.
Usually found in rock pools around Aussie beaches.

Happy Face Spider

Coolest Cop Cars

Specialty tricked-out police vehicles from around the world!
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Puppy vs. Robot

Mother makes misbehaving son apologize with sign on street corner

A teary-eyed second grader says he learned his lesson about responsibility.
His mother made him stand on a street corner across from his school Wednesday with a sign that read, "I was rude to my teacher. I can't come to school. I'm sorry." Marcia Harvey said her son just made the honor roll at Brentwood Elementary. But she said he had had a lapse in judgment and acted up in class.
Harvey says she loves her son very much but she wanted to teach him a lesson about making good choices, and the consequences of making bad ones. "I want him to be successful in life," said Harvey. "This is something I thought of that would maybe get his attention." It did. "I got to be good in school", the boy said as tears rolled down his face.

What are they doing?

Small Bits of News

Urinal Etiquette Leads to Assault
A Kaiapoi man punched a man twice in the toilet of a central Christchurch bar because he committed "a breach of urinal etiquette", a court was told. Edward Trevor Aldridge, 47, pleaded guilty in Christchurch District Court in New Zealand to assault and Judge Raoul Neave told him: "This sort of behavior would be immature in teenagers or small children. This is exactly the sort of behavior that makes people afraid to go to town." Police prosecutor Sergeant Graham Butcher said the victim went gone to the Rock Pool bar with friends on December 16.

When he went to the toilet, he used a urinal next to Aldridge who accused him of looking at him and punched him twice in the face.Defence counsel Liz Bulger told the court: "This incident arose from a breach of what I understand to be urinal etiquette."Judge Neave sentenced him to 50 hours of community work, added to a 300-hour sentence he is already doing.

Thieves take cars back to owners
An unusual spate of car thefts in the Scottish Borders is being investigated by police. The vehicles have all been taken at night - but returned before the owners even noticed that they were missing.The thieves have entered homes, removed the car keys and gone for a drive before returning the keys and the vehicles. The offences have only come to light because keys have been put back in the wrong place, the cars are in different positions or the mileage has changed. At least eight cars have been taken in Jedburgh recently and driven for long distances before being returned.
Tax Rebate Checks in Limbo After Republicans Block Changes to Stimulus Bill

Small Romanian Town Gets Rich Through eBay Scams

American Woman Jailed in Saudi Arabia for Sitting With Men at Starbucks

Woman cleans hands with gas, burns her trailer home down » Article here

Firefighters use 'jaws of life' to free boy trapped in washing machine » Full article here

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Starring horse-riding lions, the Sickest Show on Earth In China.