Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pre-Computer Lingo

Memory was something you lost with age
An application was for employment
A program was a TV show
A cursor used profanity

A keyboard was a piano
A web was a spider's home
A virus was the flu
A CD was a bank account

A hard drive was a long trip on the road
A mouse pad was where a mouse lived

And if you had a 3 inch floppy…
…you just hoped no-one found out!

Short News

Swiss teens caught smuggling cocaine.
July 31, 2007
Two Swiss teenagers were arrested at Zurich airport after their attempt to smuggle cocaine hidden in wine bottles was foiled when one of the bottles broke, police said Tuesday.
The 18-year-old man and 19-year-old woman tried to avert suspicion by declaring the 11 bottles to customs officials when they landed last Wednesday.
But they failed to realize that one of the bottles had smashed, and when they opened their suitcases, a strong smell of the drug filled the officials' nostrils.
The bottles were found to contain four kilogram’s (8.8 pounds) of cocaine.

Call police if offered women's undies.
July 31, 2007
If someone offers you frilly women's lingerie on the street, call police. Thieves have stolen almost $35,000 worth of underwear, perfume and other merchandise from Victoria's Secret stores in the Raleigh area since March, police said. Law enforcement officials have no suspects and said it's unlikely the thieves are stealing for personal use.
A store in the Triangle Town Center in Raleigh reported nearly $20,000 in missing merchandise between March and June, while stores in Durham and Cary reported losses of almost $13,000 and $4,000, respectively.
The thieves seem to work in groups of three, with one person distracting a store clerk while the other two stuff bags with bras, underwear and other items, police said.
Victoria's Secret is owned by Columbus-based Limited Brands Inc.

Darkie's Tooth Paste

BUSTED Sun Bather

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Officer I just wanted a all over even tan.

"Field of Dreams"

Lighting up the sky

Dog Smiling for the Camera

I may have stumble but I have not falling...........YET

You think you can hide from the cops think again

Police License Plate Scanner
A bit long, but very interesting.

Bomber Support Crew or Bomber Supporting the Crew

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Inspecting the “Family Jewels”

A Yummy Snack

Life is even shorter when you smoke while pumping gas.

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Being on the Edge