Thursday, April 7, 2011

Man delivers 2-day-old DB to ER

A strange scene unfolded in Espanola after a man delivered a decomposing body to an emergency room.
Police say Jerry Maestas, 64, drove up to an Espanola hospital with the body of Amy Marquez, 33, propped up in the passenger seat of a vehicle.
Maestas then asked the hospital staff to come out and help his friend who was sick but when hospital employees came closer to the car, it was clear the woman had been dead for awhile.
“They found some early stages of decomposition, also the smell they detected when they walked up the vehicle,” explained Jeremy Apodaca with the Espanola Police Department.
Police estimate Marquez may have been dead for 24 to 36 hours. There’s still no word on the exact cause of her death. Meanwhile, Maestas will be charged with failing to report a death.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Recyclers arrested for taking 47p worth of scrap from tip
Two keen recyclers claim bungling police blew £20,000 on a huge operation to arrest them – for taking 47p worth of scrap from a rubbish tip.
Salvage experts Owen Gray, 50, and Angela Cubitt, 34, helped themselves to an old PlayStation 3 and a Black and Decker drill which had been dumped at their local recycling centre.
Computer engineer Owen was later fined £20 and Angela was released without charge.
They claim officers told them the cost of the arrest operation was £20,000 and that the scrap value of the old electrical goods was just 47p.
Colon cleansing course fined for Toilet Shortage
The arrangers of a Hawaiian colon cleansing course in northern Sweden that worked a little too well have been fined for not having enough toilets.
One of the course's female participants reported the company that arranged the course after she was forced to empty her bowels outside in front of other participants, according to local media reports.
According to the woman, the fact there were more participants than toilets forced participants to employ a "first come, first served" policy, much to the detriment of those for whom the treatment worked less urgently.
The cleansing process is completed by drinking large quantities of lightly-salted water and herbal concoctions over the course of several days.