Sunday, June 8, 2008

Water Fun at its Best

Upside-Down Water Slide in Germany
Slip and Slide



Holy Shit That’s Funny - NSFW

Strip Poker Commercial for Centrum - NSFW

Crazy Germans Chainsaw Bike

Some dudes will always be a kid

RC Winch Test

Wii Fit Work Out Video - NSFW

Earthquake-damaged cars hit China's streets

On the principle that anything that can be salvaged from the rubble is better than nothing, residents of the earthquake zone are using cars and vans apparently damaged beyond repair.


Non-Related Video

Car on the Road That Shouldn't Be

Woman Quarantined With Bird Mites Update

Long Island Woman Rushed to Hospital in Hazmat Suit to Prevent Spread of Itchy Bugs
The woman, Nina Bradica, 45, of Levittown, N.Y., called 911 complaining of chest pains. Police and firefighters placed the woman in a protective hazardous-materials suit to transport her to a county hospital.
"She is in stable but less-than-comfortable condition," said Dr. Ken Steier of Nassau University Medical Center. "Based on what was found in her home, this may be a bird mite infestation. We've collected three specimens that appear to be mites and have sent them to the CDC."
Bird mites are tiny parasitic insects about a half a millimeter long and are usually invisible to the naked eye. People infested with mites break out in red bumps that can cause intense itching and irritation.
News Video Here

Arrest made in animal cruelty case

Six live kittens were sealed into a block wall at a local apartment complex.
Police have arrested Richard Lee Carter. He was a maintenance man at a local apartment complex.
Police say he sealed the five week old kittens inside a the wall using insulation which quickly hardens. One of them had to be put to sleep. Carter is now facing several charges of animal cruelty.
The cats were rescued after someone tipped off volunteers from an animal sanctuary. Although there is an open investigation with Las Vegas Animal Control, many say the punishment may not fit the crime.
Mad Izatie said...
Ok...I haven't even opened the video link and already it upsets me.
People who are cruel (to animals, children and the elderly) should be punished.
This guy will burn in hell.
Anonymous said...
Are you freaking kidding me!!!!
How do you think this could be done unintentionally???
You are out of your mind just as much as he is for thinking that.
Watch the video the insulation was practically sprayed right on them and they are meowing. You mean to tell me he couldn't SEE or HEAR 6 KITTENS!!! I am furious! I happen to be doing a speech/research paper on animal cruelty and I am amazed at how sick some individuals can be. Animals are supposed to be protected by us just like we protect our families, children and elderly. I agree with mad izatie. Justice will be served when the time is right.

Ninja Chipmunk Takes On Cat.

Woman Falls 30 Feet Down Atlantic City Casino Elevator Shaft

A woman on a motorized wheelchair slammed into a hotels elevator, forcing the doors to open, and then fell about 30 feet down the shaft early Saturday, a city fire official said.
She didn't make it in time — and the momentum pushed the wheelchair through the now-closed doors on the second floor. The elevator car was already on its way up when she fell. Her wheelchair fell on top of her.
When firefighters arrived, they found the elevator doors off their tracks.
It took firefighters about 45 minutes to rescue the woman at the Claridge Tower at Bally's Atlantic City. The woman, who was not identified, was "extremely fortunate" to be alive, Battalion Chief Michael Mooney said.

Cops flush out bathroom counterfeit operation

It might be a good thing they stopped him. Seems he doesn't have too many more brain cells to kill. A homeless 19-year-old man who police say spent $100 on a color copier and paper to make counterfeit money so he could buy $90 worth of marijuana is in Spokane County Jail.
Deputies say Robinson told them he decided to set up the counterfeiting operation in the mall's third-floor family bathroom because he needed an electrical outlet and a locking door and had no other place to go.
On Wednesday, security officers noticed that a man had been locked in the mall's third-floor bathroom for more than an hour, said Reagan.
"Once the door was open, the officer saw a color copier sitting on the floor," Reagan said.
Sheets of paper printed with uncut $10 counterfeit bills were found in the bathroom garbage can.
The serial number on a legitimate $10 bill deputies said they found in Robinson's pocket matched the fake bills.
"They might have passed muster if you were giving them to some 17-year-old at a fast-food restaurant. He was planning to buy drugs, so maybe it would have worked," Reagan said.