Saturday, October 27, 2007

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Passengers on broken-down bus gets out and push it to bus depot

26th October 2007
A group of bus passengers got a bit of exercise on their journey - when they had to get out and push their National Express coach.
The driver asked his 25 passengers for help after the 11.15am coach from Heathrow to Norwich broke down at a road junction in Mildenhall, Suffolk.
Ten of them answered his plea and used all their strength to push the 14 ton coach around 200 yards to a nearby bus depot on Wednesday afternoon.

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Bird dog pups will be available soon

Man shows off his new pug to his parents

It was all going so well until Jerry peed into his mouth.

Just Jokes

Blonde Driver...............
After a long chase with flashing lights, a highway patrol officer finally got the attention of a blonde driver.
When the officer came to the window, she asked "Lady, don't you ever look in your mirror?"
"Oh, no" she blurted out, "Is my lipstick smeared?"

A guy walks up to his friend and says, "Hey, Charlie, you look worried. What's the problem?"Charlie replies, "I've been having trouble in bed with my girlfriend?""Oh yeah?" his friend says.The guy looks really nervous now and says, "She gave me an ultimatum. If I don't perform better in bed she said it's about time we just break if off."

Have you Ever................
I have never seen a road killed crow.
I think that is because there is always one crow on watch setting on a fence post call out as a car approaches” CARRR_CARRR_CARR “.

Just Funny

Breaking News

Cheney is hunting again.
The Poughkeepsie Journal in New York reports that “Vice President Dick Cheney went to Dutchess County again to go hunting.”
On Monday, Cheney is “expected to leave Poughkeepsie and head to the Clove Valley Rod & Gun Club.”

It appears the Vice President is drinking this time too

Small Bits of News

Diamond Bra for Sale
A jeweler company in China has made a bra out of more than 2,500 diamonds. Priced at 10 million yuan (approx £650,000) and named Perfect, it was demonstrated by a model at the Yibai Department Store in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province.
The maker, Royal Décor Jeweler, says the piece used natural diamonds weighing more than 100 carats. The diamonds are set in 300 grams of white gold."The piece took more than 200 hours to create," said a spokesman.Among the diamonds, 5 are 3 carats, while the rest are mostly 2 or 1 carat. "The clasp of the bra is a 5.4 carat sapphire surrounded by 60 small diamonds", added the spokesman.

Thieves Target Crest Whitestrips, Toothbrushes In CVS Theft
Thieves seemed interested in some pretty unusual loot including, of all things, Crest Whitestrips when they stole from a drug store in Altamonte Springs.
Police said the thieves were after nearly $800 worth of Crest Whitestrips and electric toothbrushes. Video clearly captured the getaway, which appeared to be carefully planned out.
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Homeless Man Dresses In Women's Underwear, Takes Snooze At Store
Employees of Kohl's department store in Joplin were surprised to find a man dressed in women's undergarments walking about the store Thursday morning when they arrived for work.
"Actually, he was wearing a pink camisole and some pink women's underwear," Cpl. Chuck Niess of the Joplin Police Department said of a 52-year-old homeless man arrested on suspicion of burglary and spending some portion of the night inside the store at 301 S. Geneva Ave.
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Man Jailed After Allegedly Biting Off Roommate's Ear
A 31-year-old man faces an aggravated battery charge after deputies say he bit his roommate's ear off during a fight.
St. Lucie County sheriff's deputies arrested David Hartness eight days after he attacked his roommate, Thomas "Shane" Zmuda, putting him in a headlock and biting off almost his entire ear, an arrest report said.
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Children play with high-explosive shell
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Children played with a high-explosive World War Two shell at a playground in the Dutch town Barneveld for months before authorities were warned and removed it, Dutch police said. The police called in a unit specialized in clearing explosives, which detonated the shell in a safe area.

Calif. College Uses Cockroaches As Lure
RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) - Thinking about the University of California, Riverside for college? Then come pet our cockroaches!
UC Riverside is using a cockroach petting zoo to attract students and parents to an upcoming recruitment fair. The zoo will include several species, including cockroaches that emit a foul, ammonia-like scent and the famous, palm-sized Madagascar hissing cockroach.
Also in plentiful supply: rubber gloves for the squeamish.
The Nov. 3 event targets local high school students interested in careers as science teachers or engineers, said Steve Gomez, co-director of The Copernicus Project, one of two campus programs sponsoring the event.
It's the second time this year that UC Riverside, which has a well-respected entomology department, has used the cockroach zoo to entice potential recruits.
"Everybody gets grossed out at first," Gomez said. "But then they find out what uses they have in agriculture, like pest elimination."
Gomez said he held the giant Madagascar hissing roach in May and it nearly covered his palm. The bugs seem to enjoy being held, he said.
"I'm not a big cockroach fan," he said. "I held it for about five seconds and I gladly gave it back."