Friday, November 14, 2008

How's Your Sex Life?

Three women were sitting around talking about their sex lives.
The first woman said, "I think my husband’s like a championship golfer. He’s spent the last ten years perfecting his stroke."
The second woman said, "My husband’s like the winner of the Indy 500. Every time we get into bed he gives me several hundred exciting laps."
The third woman was silent until she was asked, "Tell us about your husband."
She thought for a moment and said, "My husband’s like an Olympic sprinter."
"How so?"
"He’s got his time down to under a minute."

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Man invents vibrating toilet seat

Johnny Henry of Laurel has developed the vibrating toilet seat.
"I believe in thinking out of the box," Henry said. "I wanted to create something that is a little unusual.
"This invention is designed to stimulate," he said. "It’s to make you feel good while you are there."
Henry said the vibrating toilet seat "is a novelty item that can also be used as a gag gift."
When asked how he developed the idea, Henry said he "wanted to add some life to the otherwise lifeless toilet seat."

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