Sunday, July 6, 2008

Doing 6 Beers in 10 Seconds

Bar Tricks

Pick up a shot with your open palm

The stupid things we do when we are bored.

Another Guy
Mad Izatie said...
WHY are some people so stupid?
I get shivers thinking they might wind up being teachers or doctors.

Personal Touch

50 Facts you may not know

BLACK men born in the US stand a one-in-three chance of going to jail. For white men the odds are one in 17.
SAME-SEX relationships are illegal in more than 70 countries. In nine - including Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia - the penalty is death.
AMERICANS spends 5.6 billion on pornography every year - the same amount the government spends on foreign aid.
THE world's oil reserves could be exhausted by 2040.
46 more

Indian baby born with vagina on her stomach

In New Delhi, the wife of a local sheep herder gave birth to a baby girl with two vagina's. The baby, weighing in at 8lbs 6 oz, was immediately rushed through intensive surgery to remove the potentially fatal vagina from her stomach. "It’s a miracle she’s alive," said surgeon Dr. Bahskar Gumpta. In my thirty-three years here, I’ve never seen anything like this. You hear about this happening to goats, but never baby girls."
Anonymous said...
great photo after the jump!! nice!!

Falls that hurt like Hell

Bike down the stairs.

Roller-Blade off the roof, not a smart move.
Mad Izatie said...
BAM face down from a 15 feet fall.
His nose has to be broken, it really hurts just watching...

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Arrest made after FedEx delivers package to wrong place
FedEx prides itself on reliability. But a mistaken delivery tipped off police to a 200-pound shipment of marijuana that someone tried to send from Pembroke Pines, Fla., to Baltimore via the shipping company.
Police said they learned about the shipment when it was delivered Tuesday to the wrong resident.
Authorities posed as FedEx employees and arrested the shipment's intended recipient, 30-year-old Richard Gwatidzo.
Officials say he was charged Thursday with possession of a large quantity of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute along with other drug-related charges.
Police say they also seized eight other FedEx boxes with nearly 400 pounds of the drug.
Authorities are trying to determine the sender's identity.
Car Thief Finds Bomb-Packed Van in New York City
A car thief on Thursday night found a bomb-laden van wired to detonate by remote control that likely had been sitting there for more than five months, sources said.
Investigators believe the homemade explosives found on a Brooklyn street in the Ford Econoline belonged to Yung Tang, 39, a Chinese national. He has been behind bars since he was caught Jan. 29 in Wallingford, Conn., with nearly identical bombs in his Mazda MPV minivan.
Also found in the MPV were two silencers, four hollow-point bullets and two radio-controlled detonators. Days after that arrest, the NYPD searched his Brooklyn house and found yet anther van, a Ford Explorer, full of similar explosive devices.
Drunk motorist caught at 5mph
A drunk motorist was driving so slowly that a police officer caught him on foot and pulled his keys out of the ignition.
Financial adviser Richard Wigley, 39, swerved from side to side as he crawled along the seafront in his Vauxhall Astra at 5mph.
Wigley, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, failed to give a breath test - just four days after he had been caught at two-and-a-half times the limit.
Magistrates banned him for three years for both offences after he admitted drink-driving.
Lying 'model' escapes jail
AN aspiring model who shaved eight years off her age in a bid to make it big in America narrowly escaped jail today.
Brit Saskia Porter, then 35, was convinced she had to recapture her late 20s at least on paper if the Hollywood job offer she had received was to going to become a signed contract.
Excited by the prospect it might also lead to presenting a television show, she lost little time forging her birth certificate and changing 1971 into 1979.
Wis. Woman gets stuck under car for 2 days
A 91-year-old woman who had crawled under her car to look for her keys ended up stuck beneath an axle for two days until her mail carrier noticed letters piling up, police said.
Borowski, who lives alone, became stuck June 29 while looking for her keys; her head apparently got pinned by the axle, Greendale Police Chief Rob Dams said.
"She was pretty well wedged in there," Dams said. "It looks like she crawled under headfirst."
Borowski's mail carrier noticed Tuesday that the previous day's mail was still in her mailbox, police said. He rang the doorbell and then asked a neighbor whether he had seen Borowski lately. He hadn't, so they called police.
Firefighters lifted the car with a jack and removed Borowski, who was dehydrated and confused.
It turned out her keys were in the car door.