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Enjoying The Benefits

Give It A Good Smack

Exclusive design for the bottles of ketchup!

Drinkers visited their 14,000th pub

A dedicated team of pub goers have drunk themselves into the record books by carrying out the longest ever pub crawl.
The four men have just visited their 14,000th pub across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
They have spent 24 years traveling to every corner of the country and have downed and estimated 84,000 pints of real ale, working out at 21,000 pints each.
The foursome - Peter Hill, 52, John Drew, 45, Karl Bradley, 45, and Joe Hill, 77, began their mission in 1984. Because three of them work, their pub going is confined to Sundays and holidays.
Yet despite their travels, the cheapest pint they have found is only a mile down the road from where they live and costs 89p.
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Looks like they had too much drinking time on their hands.
Beer Goggles said...
That's dedication for you. Something only some of us aspire to.

Ferrari in Pole Position

It'll take more than a quick spraypaint job to fix this.
If the owner of this $250,000 Ferrari 360 Modena is at the loss of his pride and joy, at least the driver and his passenger both in their 30's walked out of the wreckage with only minor injuries.
Witnesses in Adelaide, Australia, said the driver had 'turned the streets into a racetrack' before the vehicle spinned out of control and ploughed into a utility pole.

Traffic agency bans reverse oral sex

Officials with Sweden’s Road Administration have denied a driver’s request for a licence place with what at first glance appears to be a completely innocent combination of characters.
Recently, the agency received a request from an individual who wanted a licence plate reading X32IARO.Despite no obviously offensive reference in the desired combination, Vägverket nonetheless rejected the application."It looks like something completely different when seen through a rear-view mirror, and on the road, many end up reading things through the rear-view mirror."When read in reverse, as it would be seen through a rear-view mirror, X32IARO suddenly appears as ORALSEX.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Diarrhea 'no excuse' for speeding
A woman from southern Sweden has lost her bid to have a speeding fine overturned on the grounds that she was suffering from diarrhea at the time of the offence.
The 49-year-old woman from Trelleborg explained to the local district court that she was experiencing stomach problems when she was pulled over for driving 86 kilometres per hour in a 70 km/h zone. But the court ruled that a case of the runs did not equate to a need for speed. A situation can only be classed as an emergency if somebody's life is in danger or if a driver hits the gas in an attempt to prevent a serious crime. As the woman's desire to get home to her toilet did not fit into either category, the court ordered her to pay the speeding fine.
Man Jailed After Girlfriend Ate From His Plate
A Texas man was jailed last week after refusing to pay for a second buffet meal after his girlfriend "ate a couple bites from his plate."
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Wednesday that Dan Linscomb, 40, of Texas City, Texas, was arrested Oct. 21 after refusing to pay for the second $7 meal at an Iron Skillet restaurant in northwest Atlanta.
According to a police report, Linscomb said "there were no signs in the restaurant that said someone could not have some food off your plate."
Linscomb was jailed on a charge of theft of services, but was released two days later after he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.
Attractive Dads Makes Beautiful Daughters but Ugly Sons
Hot Dads = Hot Daughters, Not-So-Hot Sons
Beautiful women like Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie can thank their fathers for their good looks, according to a study from the University of St. Andrews in England.
The study found that while attractive dads pass on their good looks to daughters, the sons aren’t quite so lucky.
Professors David Perrett and Elisabeth Cornwell, of University of St. Andrews, said a mother’s beauty makes no difference to her adult sons.
Woman kicked train passenger in the face with her stiletto
A woman who kicked a train passenger in the face with her stiletto heel after he asked her boyfriend to take his feet off a seat is facing jail.
Laura Cook, 29, aimed the kick after Nicholas Rogers, 31, launched a vicious attack on City worker Ian Garven.
Mr Garven, 30, was left with a large gash on his cheek and needed stitches at hospital afterwards.
Cook, a secretary, and Rogers, who had been to a champagne reception before the attack, both denied causing actual bodily harm but were convicted unanimously by a jury today.
They face up to five years in jail when they are sentenced next month.
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Multi-millionaire wins £600,000 a year for life on lottery
A multi-millionaire banker has won $1 million (£600,000) a year for life on a lottery scratchcard game.
Keenan Altunis, 33, has just left for a Caribbean holiday with his family, which was already booked before his win. He lives in a £750,000 apartment in Clerkenwell, London, with his wife and one-year-old daughter.
Mr Altunis was born in Turkey but his parents moved to America when he was five. He was brought up in the United States before moving to London for a career in finance. The executive at the European banking firm Unicredit asked his mother to buy three tickets for him on a trip to New York last month.
He said: "It turned out to be the best return on any investment I've ever made."
Because he lives in Britain, he will not pay federal taxes on his winnings. After New York taxes he will get £569,742 a year for the rest of his life.
He said: "Is it going to materially change my life? No, I've been a very blessed and fortunate person."
‘Aquaholic’ died after drinking too much water
A man addicted to drinking water died at a Theale care home after gorging himself on a hosepipe, an inquest heard. A soaking wet Andrew Else was found unconscious in the garden of specialist care center Voyage in The Green having drunk a fatal amount of water from the outside tap. Toxicology reports revealed the 51-year-old died from water intoxication – a condition known as hyponatremia – after consuming several liters during the evening
Pakistani Police Arrest Cleric Who Presided Over Kids' Wedding
Police raided a wedding between a 7-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl in Pakistan's largest city, arresting the Muslim cleric officiating at the ceremony and the children's parents, a senior officer said Friday.
The cleric had not yet begun the ceremony in Karachi, which was attended by 100 guests, said deputy superintendent of police Malik Mazhar.
Pakistan law forbids marriage below the age of 18, but some Muslim scholars say it is permissible if the bride and groom have reached puberty.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Hey Dude," Your Car Is Moving.

Rolling right out of parking lot.

Color By Number Toilet Paper

Click to Enlarge
Look at the bottom of picture for color guide
There’s no #2 or is it all #2
It’s so easy to do it no need to stay in the lines.
You can make your own masterpiece!

Restaurant employee taints police chief's food

Charged with second-degree felony
A cook at a Burnet restaurant was arrested Monday for tainting a hamburger he prepared for the Burnet Police Department chief Oct. 20. According to his arrest affidavit, Jaime Perez, 23, told a friend he wiped himself with a hamburger bun he was serving Police Chief Paul Nelson at Andy's Landing . Perez also said he put the veggies in his mouth before placing them on the burger and proceeding to spit and blow his nose on it.
The citizen told Chief Nelson who filed a complaint with the Burnet County's Sheriff's Office. The Chief recalled seeing Perez along with another cook standing behind the counter watching him eat his food that day. "

Hot Pink House Has To Go

The owners of the Nathaniel Holmes, Jr. House located in Dennisville's historic district have painted the building and neighboring gift shop "forward fuschia."
The house was built 208 years ago, and up until this week was white, much like the other historical buildings that surround it.
Some residents are upset over the color choice, but there may be nothing they can do.
According to the town council, the community doesn't have any rules about house color.
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While parking his quad into the garage

It looked like it was planned...

Great Front Brakes

Hope The Seat Belts Are As Good.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man drives off in car being towed by repo worker
Delaware State police say they are looking for a Laurel man who drove his car off a tow truck around 12:30 a.m. Saturday as a repossession worker tried to tow it away. Police said a 37-year-old man came out of his home as a worker from Complete Auto Recovery was putting his car on a tow truck.
Police spokesman Sgt. Joshua Bushweller said the man interfered when the worker attached a chain to the car and put it on the truck's lift.
Bushweller said the man then got into the car, put it in reverse - despite warnings that he could tear off the bumper - and drove off.
Police said an arrest warrant has been issued charging the man with one misdemeanor count of reckless endangering.
82-year-old man accused of trading drugs for sex
Police investigating an elderly man's complaints about theft at his home discovered the man allegedly traded prescription drugs for sexual favors. Police charged the 82-year-old man with trafficking in a controlled substance.
The man was released on bond.
The police said they were initially concerned that women in their 20s, often seen at the man's home, were taking advantage of him.
Police begin their investigation after the man called the department several times to report missing medication, household items and a television.
But officers soon discovered he gave two women the prescription drug OxyContin in exchange for sex.
80-Year-Old Baby Remains Stolen From Cemetery
Days before Halloween, police in Wisconsin are investigating a real-life ghoulish crime. Someone dug up the remains of baby buried in a cemetery for more than 80 years,
Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said someone dug a hole, measured about 20 inches wide, 54 inches long and 48 inches deep, where "Baby Locke" was laid to rest in 1925. They tore the wooden casket apart and took the body.
Picture, Video and More
Police say man stole enhancement cream
Nabbing shoplifters can be an unsavory business,
Last week, Denton police arrested a man who they say pocketed a tube of male enhancement cream from a store
Maybe that part's understandable, considering some men might be embarrassed to make such a purchase. But his indiscretions didn't stop there, police say.
A loss-prevention officer who spotted the theft Wednesday followed the man to the restroom, where he walked into a stall and apparently applied the product.
Then the officer watched as the suspect walked to the store's toy section and exposed himself twice in the Barbie Doll aisle, police say.
The officer called police about 9 p.m. when the man returned to the restroom to use the cream again.
Man accused of threatening neighbor with centipedes
A Malaysian man has been accused of trying to hurt his neighbor with a dangerous weapon — centipedes.
Prosecutor Mazri Mohamed said Wednesday that R. Prabakaran has been charged with attempting to cause harm with a dangerous weapon after allegedly unleashing four centipedes and bugs in his neighbor's bed last week following an argument.
Prabakaran, 21, allegedly climbed on to the roof to enter his neighbor's house where he committed the offense, Mazri said.
Prabakaran pleaded not guilty Tuesday in a court in the southern city of Johor Baru and has been released on bail, Mazri said.
It was not clear what species the centipedes were. Some species are poisonous.
If found guilty, Prabakaran faces up to three years prison and a caning.
Disgruntled worker 'froze customer's bank account in revenge prank'
A bank customer who criticized an "unhelpful" worker at an Indian call center has alleged the clerk played a revenge prank on him by freezing his account and changing his identity to that of a Ugandan divorcee.
George Bates, 23, said he found the operator at Abbey's call center to be "rude and arrogant" and gave him a low rating in a post-call customer satisfaction survey.
However, when the self-employed carpenter later rang the bank he was unable to access his account for "security reasons".
Mr Bates alleged that the operator had "obviously seen that I have given him bad feedback and has decided to change all my details in revenge."
He added: "When I heard my details had been changed to Ugandan I was terrified that my account had been emptied by somebody else and I would never get my money back."
Mr Bates said the episode began when he contacted Abbey's telephone banking service on September 23 to extend his overdraft to cover direct debits.
The operator, who spoke with an Asian accent, extended the overdraft from £1,500 to £1,700. But when Mr Bates later asked to extend the overdraft further, the operator refused as the limit could not be changed twice in one day.
As U.S. gasoline prices go down, driving habits goes back up
Doug Guidry gave up drag racing and boating last summer when gasoline prices shot up. Billy Castaneda put off trips to Houston to see his grandchildren. Randal Shul stopped playing paintball with his buddies to save gasoline.
Now, with U.S. gasoline prices dropping, all three men are hitting the road again. "Gas going down means freedom, even when everyone is worried about the economy," Castaneda said as he filled his 1995 Oldsmobile 88 to drive 125 miles to Houston the other day.
Young Girl Turns in $1000 Found in Richard Simmons Videotape
The best bargain at the Salvation Army thrift store in Kailua-Kona was a Richard Simmons videotape.
But Mikela Mercier, 11, decided to pass up the chance to buy the tape for a few coins after she found a surprise inside: $1,000 in $100 bills.
Mikela says that when she discovered the money while browsing through the used tapes, she immediately looked for her mom who was inside the dressing room and told her they needed to turn it in.
Store manager Jimmy Thennes put out a news release on the discovery, praising Mikela for her honesty.
Her mother, Jodi Mercier, says she is very proud of her daughter who she says knew it belonged to the Salvation Army so the agency can help more people in need.

Clean up underneath ride nets bizarre items
The 28-year-old Corkscrew, which cost £1.25m, was Europe's first double-looped rollercoaster.
The leg was just one of many bizarre items found near The Corkscrew, which is to be dismantled after carrying 43.5 million people since it opened in 1980.
Staff clearing the site also found underwear, a diamond wedding ring, 53 non-matching shoes and 604 watches.
Other lost property items included 800 pieces of jewelry, 237 mobile phones, thousands of caps and a prosthetic ear.
The ride, which reaches speeds of up to 44mph (70km/h), opened on 4 April 1980.
'Missing leg'
Riders are turned upside down twice within three seconds - which probably explains the large amount of lost items found below.
The Staffordshire amusement park said it was used to dealing with more than 5,000 items of lost property, such as car keys, money and mobile phones.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Little green balls of Brussels Sprouts

Maybe because people would rather die then eat them.

Charging Elephant Slips and Falls on His Ass

Whoever was using the camera was one lucky S.O.B.
wirecutter said...
And the first thing he does is look around and see if any of the other elephants was watching.....
Anonymous said...
I love how the elephant gets up all embarrassed.
His friends are behind him, laughing their trunks off.

Telling You The Way It Is

Maybe if you ask her nicely she will?

For those that are old enough to......

Remember the "Good Old Days"
When filling up your car you had "SERVICE"

Gas Station Japan!

Garbage Day

Traci Bingham - Taking Out The Trash

Anonymous said...
All I see is trash?

Ski Resorts Ban New Snowboards

A half-dozen U.S. ski resorts are joining in protests against two new lines of snowboards that feature images of Playboy models
Smugglers' Notch in Vermont has banned employees from using the Love and Primo boards made by Burton Snowboards.
Vail Resorts has prohibited employees of its Vail, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek and Keystone resorts in Colorado and California's Heavenly Mountain from using the Love boards or any other inappropriate, offensive or suggestive equipment while on duty.
The boards also led to a demonstration last week outside Burton's headquarters in Burlington, Vermont.
Controversial Snowboards

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Police kills an innocent man
Calif. man killed by police in mistaken identity
A newlywed killed by police after he stepped outside his home to confront suspected burglars was shot in a case of mistaken identity, police said.
Julian Alexander died after being shot twice in the chest by a police officer who was chasing four burglary suspects early Tuesday morning.
Police Chief John Welter said the officer ran into Alexander, mistook him for one of the four juvenile suspects and shot him.
"He was a good kid, trying to protect his house," said Alexander's mother-in-law Michelle Mooney. "The police, instead of asking questions, they just shot first. Somebody has to be held responsible for this."
Man Says Drinking Hard Cider Turned His Skin Orange
A 47-year-old man who drank more than a gallon of hard cider every day for five years was forced to seek medical attention when his skin turned orange.
Michael Stenning, a divorced father of two, said he began drinking heavily when he lost his job five years ago and only decided to quit his habit when doctors told him he might die.
"It was a miracle," Dr. Sumita Verma, who researches alcoholic hepatitis. "I have never seen someone as sick as him leave the hospital alive."
Stenning’s skin turned orange, or jaundice, as a result of increased bile pigments in the blood, which is symptomatic of liver diseases such as hepatitis.
Stenning spent three weeks at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, England, where the medical staff helped him overcome his addiction.
Picture from another source
Drunk woman pees her pants twice in police station
Officers responding to an accident in a field across from 8358 Hoke Road observed a female in the driver's seat of a vehicle stuck in mud.
The subject got out and started crying. An officer saw the vehicle was in reverse gear, its tires spinning. The subject smelled of alcohol and tripped and fell while being escorted to a cruiser.
She agreed to a field sobriety test but said she desperately needed to urinate. She then tried to walk to the side of the road and pull down her pants.
The subject was placed in the cruiser and taken to a police department interview room and asked if she needed the bathroom. She became agitated and said she would relieve herself in the interview room.
She then urinated in her pants and on the chair where she sat, then urinated again before being escorted to the bathroom. She refused sobriety tests, and was arrested for operating a vehicle intoxicated.
Surprise! You just hit a police cruiser
An officer stopped a female driver after observing her driving erratically in the area of Union Road and Denwood Trail.
The driver turned into the parking lot at Donato's, 811 Union Road, where she drove over the curb and partially onto the sidewalk. The officer was adjusting his in-car camera when the subject's vehicle rolled backwards, striking the cruiser.
The officer got out and told the subject to put her vehicle in park, but she said it was. The subject said she thought the officer hit her when advised she struck the cruiser.
There was an odor of alcohol on her breath, and she submitted to sobriety tests. She was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence.
Driver: 'I was blinded by mobile phone'
A teenager who sped away from police at more than 100mph said she was having trouble seeing while talking on her mobile phone.
Kimberly Messer, 18, from Springfield, Oregon in the US, was clocked doing 107mph, Oregon media reported.
State trooper Ryan Hockema said she told him she had trouble seeing while talking on her mobile phone before stopping for the officer.
According to the police report, the officer had tried to stop a red 1995 Ford Mustang he spotted going 87mph near a construction site.
The car then accelerated to speeds as high as 107mph in the work zone while failing to maintain the travel lane, following other vehicles too closely and making unsafe lane changes.
Messer was arrested on charges of reckless driving and recklessly endangering another person and has been jailed.
Traffic cone heist puzzles police
The motive behind the theft of 100 traffic cones from a busy road is a "mystery", police said.
The "unusual" heist of the brand-new cones happened on the A303 near Crewkerne in Somerset overnight between October 23 and 24 last week, officers said.
The theft occurred sometime between 5pm and 7am, and the cones were part of a lane closure leading from the Cartgate roundabout to the Ash/Martock junction.
The batch of orange unmarked cones belongs to a private firm and is worth £700.
It’s true, Chinese restaurant uses road kill
Is road kill on the menu at a popular Hamburg, NY restaurant? A disturbing discovery at the China King Restaurant has forced health officials to lock the doors.
Lisa Williams was going to eat in the restaurant when she got some upsetting news. "Were you coming to eat here?" "Yeah, we were coming to eat." "Did you hear what happened?" "No." "Health inspectors closed it down because there was road kill out here, a deer." "Oh no."
People who came to China King for their Friday dinner found it hard to believe. A dead deer had been butchered inside the kitchen in the restaurant they've been coming to for years.
Patron, Sue Bender said, "Our daughter just called us because she knows this is our take out Chinese, and told us, you're not going to believe what was just on Channel Four."
A witness tells us he saw an Asian man dragging the deer inside.
"I watched him drag it across the parking lot and he dragged it through the front door of the China King Restaurant. I said this is just not right, so I called Hamburg Police and reported it. Sure enough by the time they got there, they said that he had the deer almost all butchered inside the restaurant."
2 Video’s

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What do you think guys is she hot or what?

Chazza said...
i only just noticed the car.
You did say you saw a car, "Where?"


There’s an old Marine Corps tale about a lieutenant who inspected his Marines in the field, and afterward told the ‘Gunny’ that the men smelled bad. The lieutenant’s suggested solution was for the men to change their underwear.
The Gunny responded, ‘Yes sir, I’ll see to it immediately!’
The Gunny went straight to the squad tent and announced, ‘The lieutenant thinks you guys smell bad, and wants you to change your underwear. Smith, you change with Jones, McCarthy, you change with Witkowsky, and Brown, you change with Schultz. Now get to it!’
THE MORAL: A candidate may promise ‘change’ in Washington , but don’t count on things smelling any better.

Chewbacca Auditions - NSFW

Not everyone has what it takes to be Chewbacca. - NSFW
Chewbacca Auditions 1

Chewbacca Auditions 2 -Extended Version

Zoo Signs are Sometimes Funny

Man wearing underwear ignites fireworks

Authorities in Mount Isa, Australia, said a man was arrested after he allegedly ran down the street in his underwear with firecrackers strapped to his head.
Mount Isa Superintendent Les Hopkins said the 22-year-old man allegedly ran up and down Camooweal Street in the city center wearing only his underwear and a bicycle helmet with detonating firecrackers bound to it.
He was running close to one of our main roads, where the big road trains travel. It could have been quite tragic.

Drink Your Cigarettes to beat the Smoking Ban

A drink which aims to deliver the same fix as cigarettes is being launched in Britain to help smokers beat the cigarette ban in pubs. The drink, called Liquid Smoking, has already proved a hit in the Netherlands where it has been on sale for a year.
The manufacturers say it does not contain the drug nicotine, but rather a mix of roots from South African plants which is said to give "a slight energizing effect, followed by a euphoric sense of calming and relaxation." People might use this instead of a cigarette or tobacco to help the cravings. He added: "It will take the edge off of a need for nicotine for between one to four hours.

Spicy pork sausage found in 'diapers'

Customs officials are reminding area residents not to bring "chorizo" sausage from Mexico into the United States.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized one and a half pounds of Mexican chorizo at the Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge.
Customs officials said an inspection revealed that a 21-year-old Mission woman hid the pork sausage in baby diapers.
Officers seized the chorizo sausage and fined the woman $300.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Hotel accused of serving "SHIT"
A Sydney pub has been accused of serving ice cream contaminated with human excrement to a family of five.
The Whyte family claim they were served a large bowl of ice cream covering what looked like "compacted chocolate".
They claim that when Jessia Whyte tasted the dessert she immediately became "violently ill".
"The minute I put the spoon to my lips the stench went through my nostrils. I retched and spat it into the napkin," Mrs Whyte told the Australian Sunday Telegraph.
"My friend thought I was over-reacting, but when she smelt it, she started screaming 'Oh my god, they've served us s***'."
The Coogee Bay Hotel on the city's southern beaches has strongly denied the accusation.
General manager Tony Williams offered the family AUS$5,000 (£2,000) without admitting liability, but the offer was rejected. The family are now said to be suing the pub for AUS$1,000,000 (£400,000).
Inmate smuggles drugs into jail in his "ASS"
First a cop notices smoke coming from cell number A412B at Pasco County Jail.
Smelled like cigarettes, which are banned.
So the cop pats him down and finds Loritab and Xanax pills, cigarettes, rolling papers and matches -- in the front of his underwear.
Before landing in the cooler, the inmate, no stranger to a jail cell, had filled two "Happy Birthday!" balloons with the contraband and hid them in his rectum.
Alberto Camareno filled two "Happy Birthday!" balloons with contraband and then hid them inside his rectum to smuggle them inside the jail. Once he was booked, Camareno retrieved the balloons and got the goods — which before consumption were about eight pills, 20 cigarettes, plus the papers and matches.
Driver follows sat-nav into lake
A Polish driver steered his mini bus straight into a lake - after his sat-nav told him to.
Police got a frantic call from the bus driver as he called from the Mercedes van screaming that he and his two passengers were drowning. He managed to say that he had driven into a lake and he was sinking fast.
"He said he had two passengers but he couldn't open the doors - and then he got cut off."
Police, fire and ambulance services rushed to the lake and found the driver and his passengers perched on the top of the mini-bus's roof.
"There used to be a road there until last year until the local water company flooded the valley to build a new reservoir lake," said one police source.
"It seems that the GPS hadn't been updated and was still showing a usable road running through where the lake now is. It's a huge lake and it's hard to imagine how you could ignore or not see it, but he certainly managed it.
"The driver had such faith in his sat-nav that he didn't even notice all the traffic signs saying the road had been closed," they added.
The chef who is allergic to water
So, after 23 years in the kitchen, he has hung up his apron for good.
Andy Laughton has been forced to wash his hands of his job as a chef after discovering he is allergic to water.
Mr Laughton started getting itchy hands whenever he was working and soon the itching broke into hives.
The five-star hotel chef started using latex gloves - only to discover he was also allergic to the lanoline and nickel used in their manufacture.
After a battery of hospital tests, the 39-year-old was diagnosed with the rare condition aquagenic urticaria.
Customs officers find pot hidden in rope
A 24-year-old Houston man is behind bars after he allegedly tried to smuggle 48 pounds of marijuana into the United States.
Customs officers at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge said the marijuana was found hidden inside a heavy roll of rope.
The driver was fined $10,000 and transferred to a local jail where he could face state criminal charges.
The man's 44-year-old passenger was not charged but was required to appear before U.S. Immigration Judge.
Croatian women taken to court for falling off bike
A elderly Croatian women has been ordered to pay court and police fees and received an official warning after she fell off her bicycle.
The 69-year-old woman admitted causing a traffic accident before a court at Zabok, near Zagreb, although no-one else was involved in the incident.
The court did not fine the woman since she pleaded guilty but said that she had failed to "adjust the speed to road condition," and ordered her to pay 440 kunas in fees out of her 2,300 kuna (318 euro, 407 dollar) pension.
The accident, in which the woman suffered minor injuries, happened last July but the court only sent out its verdict earlier this month.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Assorted Images

Ice Ammo the Disappearing Bullet

What are you thinking about?

How nice and "BIG" these are.

Why they put lids on truck box's

Campaign sign that appeared

It doesn't support either McCain or Obama.

Toilet Signs

It’s True

Click to Enlarge

Assorted Images

Click to Enlarge

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Oops! Prison officials release wrong person
Prison chiefs mixed up a father and son with the same name and freed the wrong man.
Both Terence Cleggs were at Durham prison but the son was released instead of his dad, the Ministry of Justice said.?
A Prison Service Spokesperson said: "Due to an administrative error a prisoner was released in error from HMP Durham on Thursday 23 October. This is now a matter for the police."A police source added: "Both the Cleggs were in Durham and both are prolific offenders." They’re both out of prison now, but we’re trying to locate the younger one who shouldn’t have been released.
"There was some kind of mix up at Durham because both of them have the same name."
Firefighter uses automotive saw for delicate operation
A Newburgh firefighter became an surgeon Friday, called upon to use a pneumatic saw to cut a piece of steel pipe off a 73-year-old man's penis.
Firefighters were dispatched to the Newburgh campus of St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital shortly after 9 p.m. for a public service call, Assistant Chief Scott Mandoske said. Hospital personnel asked them for tools to cut off a ring. The fire department has a ring cutter used to clip wedding bands from swollen fingers, but firefighters learned that wouldn't be enough. The pipe was an inch long, an inch in diameter and made of quarter-inch-thick steel.
Authorities said the pipe was apparently an erotic aid, but did not elaborate.
Mandoske said firefighters chose a "wizzer saw" for the job. The wizzer saw is an automotive tool, powered with air bottles and adopted by emergency responders who frequently deal with car crashes. Firefighters use it more commonly to saw off mufflers. "Just don't cut it off," the senior citizen reportedly said.
Toilet trap, trapped man's hand stops TGV
A man had his hand trapped in the u-bend of a TGV toilet. Firefighters cut him free after his arm became lodged in the u-bend after he tried to retrieve his mobile phone. "He came out on a stretcher, with his hand still jammed in the toilet bowl, which they had to saw clean off," said witness Benoit Gigou. The train was traveling from La Rochelle to Bordeaux on Sunday. The service was delayed for two hours after the 26-year-old victim, hunting for his lost telephone, fell prey to the powerful suction system which drains the toilet on board, the rail network's regional office said.
Thrift store receives a anonymous $10,000 cash donation
A Daytona Beach thrift shop got something besides the typical donation of old clothes.
Someone left more than $10,000 in cash inside a plastic grocery bag.
It arrived along with several empty bags donated to the shop.
Employees told cops that an unidentified man dropped off the bags.
The shop often asks for donations of plastic bags and when a worker went through them, she discovered the money.
The guy comes into the thrift shop often to buy merchandise but has always remained anonymous.
The money isn't going to help the thrift shop, though. Cops took it and tagged it as evidence.
Con-man 'deserved' prison attack
A bogus workman who was beaten up in prison has been told "you deserve anything you receive" by a sheriff.
Eddie Newlands, 37, from Perth, was sent to jail for 10 months on Thursday after conning a 91-year-old woman out of £5,500 of her savings.
Perth Sheriff Court heard he had been "significantly assaulted" twice in custody by inmates angry at his crime.
Sheriff Margaret Gimblett said she had no sympathy and described what he had done to the 91-year-old woman as "despicable."
You deserve anything you receive while in prison
Sheriff Margaret Gimblett
Picture and More

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Big Brother Watching

Blinding Big Brother
Only about a million or so more.
But how can we get around the satellites?