Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Kate Moss is widely regarded as one of the best dressed women on the planet.
But while the slightest change in her style is usually copied by millions of women around the world, the supermodel's latest look is unlikely to prove so influential.
What are the odds that is what she wanted it to do?

To The Disgusting Shitter

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Manufacturer Recalls Hollow Point Bullets


Are you into the weird and unusual?

Pot luck ... another toilet-theme restaurant in Taiwan offers food in Western-style toilets or Asian-style "squat pots"
Hitler's Cross restaurant on the outskirts of Mumbai, India, is named after Adolf Hitler and is promoted with posters showing the German leader and Nazi swastikas. Of course, the restaurant has infuriated the country's small Jewish community
Belgian chefs eat at a table suspended by crane 50m above Brussels traffic
Having a skin-full ... health regulations mean staff at the restaurant must remain clothed and diners must bring something to sit on
Warning, may contain nuts ... the "Clothing Optional Dinner" at a New York City restaurant is a monthly special for a group of nudists who wanted something a bit more elegant than the wilderness getaways and beach resorts they generally frequent.
Chilled atmosphere ... Chinese diners sit inside a restaurant made of ice in Harbin, northeast China's Heilongjiang province.
Cold service ... the restaurant, a part of the ongoing Sun Island Snow Carving and Ice Sculpture Exposition, seats about 100 people, and the temperature in it is about minus four degree Celsius

Hospital Food

A hospital-theme restaurant in Latvia is serving food resembling body parts with surgical utensils. Decked out in a sterile, modern medical environment and boasting scantily clad nurses, the Hospitalis in Riga serves hearty Latvian dishes and a macabre cake topped with realistic-looking body parts such as fingers, noses and tongues.
Served on gurneys and operating tables, the restaurant provides diners with cutlery such as syringes, tweezers and scalpels to devour their meals.
Owned by a group of local doctors, Hospitalis also has a trendy cocktail bar where bartenders in white lab coats mix drinks into beakers and test tubes.

Guests are treated to disturbing dinner entertainment including morbid tunes on violins, while deranged patients are escorted through the restaurant in straight jackets and wheelchairs.

How many Mexicans can you fit in one van?

20 Mexicans gets out of a van in Phoenix.

Mexican Bailout

I Want Sex

Otto Baxter likes chatting up women and going on dates.
But unlike most, Mr Baxter, who has Down’s syndrome, has persuaded his mother to help him lose his virginity – even if it means paying for a prostitute.
Mr Baxter, of The Causeway, in Steventon, near Didcot, has been looking for a girlfriend for about three years, but his mother believes his condition is a barrier to finding love.
The 21-year-old said: "I’m on a mission to find a girlfriend. My reason is I want to have sex. I’m looking for girlfriends everywhere."

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Aniston,
Jennifer Aniston admitted in 2007 that she did, in fact, have rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum. She denies doing it for cosmetic purposes and we almost believe her since her nose seemed perfectly fine and not really in need of any renovations to begin with.
December 17, 2008
Kenny Rogers,
Lots of stars lean on plastic surgery in the hopes of finding the fountain of youth. A self proclaimed "Bionic Man" who has had work all over, Kenny Rogers says he regrets changing his looks so drastically, missing the "warmth" in his eyes. Don't forget Kenny, sometimes you need to know when to walk away, know when to run.
December 13, 2007
Priscilla Presley,
Priscilla Presley was such a beautiful young girl that she landed the most eligible bachelor in history - Elvis Presley. For a long time, she seemed to age gracefully - if she had work done, it was tasteful. But in 2003, Priscilla went to see "Doctor" Daniel Serrano, who had a new beauty secret he claimed was better than Botox. His secret? Injecting Hollywood elite like Priscilla, with a low-grade silicone similar to the one used to lubricate auto parts in his homeland of Argentina. YIKES! Oh, did we mention that Serrano wasn't actually a doctor after all? Serrano went to prison and Priscilla was left to go through corrective procedures.
March 14, 2008

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man acting like dog gets arrested on drug charges
A Texas man who was arrested on drug charges, after construction workers witnessed him on his hands and knees, eating mud and growling like a dog, was still being monitored Friday at the DeSoto Detention Center.
Authorities suspect phencyclidine, or PCP, contributed to Terence Loyd's delusions. A small bottle of the hallucinogenic drug, a half-pound of marijuana and quarter-ounce of crack cocaine were seized during Lloyd's arrest Thursday afternoon, DeSoto sheriff's Lt. Horace Womack said.
"He was covered in mud when he was brought in. "In fact, he had ingested so much mud that he was throwing up mud," Womack said Friday morning.
Loyd, 32, of Lufkin, Texas, was in a cell where jailers could keep an eye on him, Womack said. "We've not been able to communicate with him much."
A female who had accompanied Loyd from Texas to a Mansfield housing complex, where Loyd was visiting relatives, told authorities that Lloyd had been acting strange most of the day. She said he had been wandering around the complex and eating dog food.
Teen mom sends picture of surprise baby to ex
Rachael Yanetta was rushed into hospital with stomach pains and gave birth to a baby daughter.
Even the night before she gave birth, the 19-year-old had no idea she was heavily pregnant and simply thought she was just "piling on weight".
She then took a picture of the tot and sent it to ex-boyfriend Matthew Burns, 18.
When he responded with a text asking "Who’s baby is this?" she replied "It’s our daughter."
Shocked mum, dad and their new daughter are all doing well.
Rachael said: "I’m still in complete shock.
"Surprise isn’t the word, the whole family’s stunned."
Mystery Crime Fighter sends Anonymous Tip Offs
A mystery sleuth has helped police tackle a range of crimes by sending them over 200 tip offs.
The letters, always typed in black on white paper, have been sent over the past year and have given police enough information to carry out drug warrants, catch road tax dodgers and non TV licence-payers.
The tip-offs all look exactly the same and all center on criminal activity in the quiet Somerset town of Highbridge.
Avon and Somerset Police Chiefs are desperate to find out who the budding private detective is and have promised to protect their identity if they come forward.
There are a number of theories as to their identity, with some suggesting they could be a retired policeman or even a crime novel enthusiast.
Inmate Murdered After Put in Cell With Killer
A 23-year-old inmate beaten to death at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary had been put in a cell with convicted killer he had testified against.
Prison spokesman Jerry Massie says Paul Duran Jr. fought with one cellmate and then was put in a cell with Jessie James Dalton.
Duran was found beaten to death about 15 minutes later.
Massie says the two were not supposed to be put in the same cell and prison officials are trying to determine how it happened.
Duran pleaded guilty to a robbery charge and testified against Dalton who was convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole.
Massie says investigators will present their findings to a district attorney who will decide if criminal charges will be filed.
Mother of Children Tossed Off Bridge Says Father 'Kept Laughing'
The Vietnamese mother of four young children tossed to their deaths from an Alabama coastal bridge testified Monday that her common-law husband laughed when he told her that the children — then reported missing — would never be found.
Luong is accused of throwing the children from the bridge after an argument with his wife.
Phan, whose testimony in Vietnamese was interpreted by a translator, said Luong at first told her he had left the children with a woman in Bayou La Batre. By 7 p.m. when they didn't return, she went to police and began a frantic house-to-house search.
Days later, when his story came under scrutiny and he was taken into custody, Luong had officers bring Phan to his jail cell to tell her: "They are all dead," according to her testimony.
"No way that we can find the children," she said he told her. "He kept laughing." She fell to her knees and cried, police testified.
Woman Shoots Sleeping Daughter
A Savannah woman was charged with aggravated assault Monday after shooting and wounding her 11-year-old daughter as she slept in bed, police said.
Mary Elizabeth Frazier, 35, was being held in the Chatham County jail. Her daughter, Diamond Frazier, was being treated at a local hospital. Police said the girl was in critical but stable condition Monday afternoon.
Savannah-Chatham County Police spokeswoman Judy Pal said investigators do not believe the shooting was an accident, though she declined to give a suspected motive.
"We believe that she purposely shot her daughter," Pal said. "We have information from family members and from doctors that she has a a history of mental illness."
A neighbor called police early Monday saying she thought a burglar had been shot inside the woman's home, she said.
"I don't know if she called because she heard the gunshot or because the mother was screaming," Pal said. "But it turns out it was actually her daughter that was shot while the girl was sleeping."
Police confirmed that Frazier's 16-year-old son, Devon Frazier, died in 2007 when he drowned while swimming in the Ogeechee River.
Teen Tries to Kill Mother After She Finds His Stash
A 15-year-old Colorado Springs boy has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother after she discovered his stash of marijuana.
Police say the boy hit, kicked and choked the woman at their home Sunday afternoon until she lost consciousness. Family members took her to Memorial Hospital, where she was treated and later released.
Officers arrested the boy on suspicion of attempted second-degree murder at his home on Dream Weaver Drive. He was taken to the Spring Creek Detention Center.
No names were released.