Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why do girls go to the restroom by 2's?

Funny Priest Joke

A Priest checks into a hotel and says to the hotel clerk "I hope the porn channel in my room is disabled?" She says "No sir, it's just regular porn. You sick bastard."

Do You Know.......

Or Better: Do You Know How To SWIM?

Medical warning for my readers!

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Robber Forces Store Manager To Undress

Police were looking for a thief in Deland Florida who robbed his victim then forced him at gunpoint to undress. Police believe it was a tactic to make sure the victim didn't follow him.
The suspect held up the Romeo and Juliet clothing store on South Spring Garden Avenue Tuesday.
The robber took the cash, a phone and ordered the manager to undress and go into the bathroom.
"I knew he needed money, but what else did he want?" said the manager.
The victim wasn't hurt, but had to go to a neighboring business to dial 911 because the suspect took the phone.


Being Yourself

TimO said...
The Big Question: Why does 'being yourself / individuality' always mean looking like everyone else that shops or works in a 'Hot Topic' mall store??????

Bloody Toothbrush Prank


BudLight Ad


Anyone up for the Challenge.....

Aaron is a wheelchair athlete who performs extreme tricks.