Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Women gets shot in her G-spot

All in the name of better sex.
Some women are having collagen injected into that highly sensitive, hidden body part.
The shot is supposed to make women want sex. Again and again.
Clearwater gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Hayes offers the shot at the Visionary Center for Women on Florida's west coast .
She's had the injection herself and says it's worth it.
With a huge grin, Dr. Hayes leaned forward on her desk and clasped her hands, almost as if she was letting us in on a big secret saying, "Afterwards, it totally did what I wanted it to do, kicked it up a notch! I wasn't sure if I could kick it up a notch, but it did."
Warning: The shot costs $1,800.
How does it work?
The shot works through an injection of collagen that goes directly into the G-spot and enlarges it, making it extremely sensitive during orgasm.
It doesn't hurt, according to Dr. Hayes, because she places Lidocaine on the spot to numb it.
The results can last up to four months, and the patient can engage in sexual activity within four hours of getting the shot. There is no downtime.
But, there's a catch.
You have to know where your G-spot is in order for the shot to work.
Dr. Hayes tells all of her patients that this isn't a cure-all or a fix.
It's an enhancement.
In fact, she will not give the shot to a woman who doesn't know where the G-spot is.
So start looking.

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