Thursday, June 11, 2009

The dog who swallowed 12 fishing hooks

X-ray images have been released of a dog that wolfed down 12 razor sharp fishing hooks after pulling them from his owner's tackle bag. The hooks had not caught on the dog's throat but had passed safely through to his stomach
Brian Sales, 57, had placed the equipment on a shelf in his garage 6ft out of the lurcher's reach, before going to work.
However, while he was out Toby managed to pull everything on to the floor with his teeth and get to the containers where the hooks were ready with bait.
When Mr Sales returned he realized what must have happened and rushed Toby for urgent medical attention.
Mr Sales, said he was astonished when he saw the hooks on the X-ray screen.
"After they discovered the hooks they stayed with him until they safely passed through. They did a brilliant job and I've got no doubt they saved his life.
"I've now made sure all the bait is now locked away in a freezer where even Toby can't get to it."
Toby, who is a rescue dog, was found after his previous owner left him for dead after throwing him out of a moving car.


Tattoo Jim said...

That is one lucky dog...

The Man said...

He's been lucky more then once. He was thrown out a car window. But what are the chances that all 12 fishing hooks went in curved part first and stayed that way all the way through.