Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family outraged after police shot their pet dog

Police officers taser, shot and kill a little boy's 7-pound Chihuahua.
A Blue Ash family is outraged after returning home to find their dog named "Jack" had been shot and killed by a police officer.
When the Bullocks returned home from a family member's funeral on Friday, they found blood and three bullets on their front porch – along with a note to call the Blue Ash Police Department about their dog.
The Bullocks were shocked to learn that Jack had gotten out of the backyard and two officers who tried to catch him, ended up shooting and killing him right on the family's front porch.
"He was cornered on the porch and scared," said Sharon Bullock. "The officer bent down bare-handed to pick up Jack, and Jack bit him." They're wondering why the officers didn't call the SPCA to catch the dog.

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