Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Man sent a rude email about ex across the country

A property surveyor inadvertently copied his ex into his conversation with a male friend – after he had referred to her as an ‘f***ing t***’. Now the exchange, which took place last Wednesday, has been passed to office inboxes across the country. The surveyor meant to send his ex-girlfriend’s email address to the friend but instead sent the message – and all previous exchanges – to her. Realizing his mistake immediately, he wrote back to his friend: ‘F*** – I CCd her in!’ To make matters worse, he still lives with the woman in question. In a later email, he wrote: ‘I’m in so so so much trouble; we didn’t get on before so this will be the final nail in the coffin.’ It began when the property surveyor, received an email from his friend, a City insurance worker, who wanted to organize a game of football on the weekend. The friend added: ‘Bumped into your ex-girlfriend the other weekend... she is a looker to say the least!’ In another message, the friend checked if he could ask the woman out. The property consultant replied: ‘Wouldn’t care in the slightest. To be honest she is f***ing t***. I don’t dislike many people but she is one. He then made the cc blunder, after which the friend wrote: ‘Oh my god!!! You are going to be in serious trouble!!’

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