Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woman cheats on term paper, then complains

A woman who ordered a custom-written term paper from a Minnesota company says she complained to the Better Business Bureau when it didn't arrive on time. Despite that fact that submitting a purchased paper as her own work would constitute academic cheating, the Colorado woman complained to the Minnesota BBB about Essaywritingcompany.com. "I ordered it, and they were supposed to have it back to me within four days," the woman said "I constantly e-mailed. Nobody replied to me." Numerous complaints have been made against the company, which has resolved most of those registered with the Minnesota BBB. However, BBB President and Chief Executive Officer Dana Badgerow calls Essaywritingcompany.com owner Jordan Kavoosi an "entrepreneur who is skating on the thin edge of legality, and for sure he's plunged into what we think is unethical behavior."

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